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10 Skater Girls to Follow on Instagram

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These women are way more than chicks doing tricks – they’re skilled artists, savvy businesspeople, and socially-conscious influencers too. Instagram has become the place to spread the stoke about skating, share an empowering message, and even start a business. Follow these 10 accounts who are redefining what it means to #skatelikeagirl:

1. @sierra_prescott

Sierra is arguably the BEST skater to follow on Insta, male or female! Her mix of artful, authentic, and awe-inspiring photos are bright, cheery, and classic. The old-school vibe in her feed usually features her tall socks, bold colors, and hands high in pure joy. Sierra skates anything you throw her way – longboards, shortboards, or penny boards. This is what skating’s all about!

2. @paulinaeriksson

There’s a reason Paulina was one of our first Board Blazers team riders – her Instagram is filled with beautiful places, beautiful skating, and yes, beautiful people. Follow Paulina around the world, from Spain to Stockholm, and she’ll show you what it means to be a boss and #skatelikeagirl. With consistent, perfectly-edited photos, Paulina’s Instagram is the feed you wish you had.

Paulina Eriksson Board Blazers

(Photo credit: @paulinaeriksson)

3. @elise_crigar

Whether on land or on water, watching Elise ride is pure joy. A self-described “artist, skateboarder, and designer,” Elise is always inspiring, passionate, and positive. Her designer’s eye influences her feed, which features classic shots, beautiful locations, and some of her custom graphics. Living it up, chasing her dreams, and inspiring others – all in a day’s work for Elise!

4. @pacifictribeskateboards

This one’s for the guys. Pacific Tribe builds stunning wooden boards, but they’re nothing compared to the stunning women who ride them featured on this account. Company owner/builder/photographer Mark Swan is a master craftsman and has an eye for attracting attractive people to showcase his creations. Beautiful women on beautiful boards is a beautiful combination.

5. @nataliepluto

Natalie has long been a top YouTuber, known for her always-entertaining longboard freestyle instructional videos. But she’s becoming Insta-famous now too, thanks to some of the most crazy #longboarddancing clips you’ve ever seen. The epic edit she posted from Venice Beach in October 2018 has remained one of the most popular #longboarddancing clips of all time. Natalie isn’t just pushing the envelope of longboard freestyle – she is the envelope!

Natalie Pluto Board Blazers

 (Photo credit: @nataliepluto)

6. @louisemaurisset

Louise is blowing up Instagram, for good reason! Originally from France and now skating in Dana Point, CA, Louise radiates joy, energy, and happiness. Her new lifestyle brand Surf Locos has a similarly positive outlook too, donating a portion of their sales to ocean conservation programs to keep the good vibes going. It’s hard not to smile watching Louise shred!

(Photo credit: @louisemaurisset)

7. @elizabethskate

This is one of the prettiest pages on Instagram. All of Elizabeth’s photos are perfectly matched with a gorgeous aesthetic, showing off her skills, the boardwalk, and promising #beachvibes all year. Don’t miss her story too, where she shares a peek into her life behind all the skating, sun, and sand. It’s hard work making skating look this easy!

8. @leticiabufoni

You can’t talk about #skatergirls without mentioning Leticia Bufoni. Arguably the most famous female skateboarder of all time, Leticia’s channel is fun, fresh, and freewheeling. Yes, Leticia is mainstream, but watching her win skate contests, travel the world, and build her brand is inspiring. It’s wild to watch how far professional skating can take you, and watching Leticia crush it is the definition of #goals.  

Skater Girl Influencer

(Photo credit: Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels)

9. @grlswirl

Ok, we know this isn’t a person. But this “women-run community, business & sisterhood” is more than a skate crew, it’s a movement. There are girlswirl groups across the county, and this chapter in Venice Beach, California is the OG. Grlswirl’s mission is “to empower women through skate.” Clearly, they’re accomplishing that goal. Give them a follow, go to a group skate near you, and get on board!

10. @longboardgirlscrew

Like Girlswirl, Longboard Girls Crew is a passionate group of real women committed to real change. Since starting in Madrid in 2010, these women have organized Girls Meets, built a business, and brought attention to female longboarders across more than 180 countries. Watch the TEDx talk given by the group’s founder, Valeria Kechichian, and join them to “ride the shift” at Skate on!

Bonus: @boardblazers

We’re way more than just The Original LED Underglow Board Lights®. For guys and girls, young and old, we’re a community of all things skate. Not Insta-famous (yet), but want to featured by our account? Grab a set of lights, post some pics with #boardblazers, and you can be our next skate star!

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