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3 Steps to Doing an Amazing Noseslide

First things first--before you can do an amazing noseslide, you should feel comfortable with:

  1. Ollies (4+ inches high)

  2. FS 180’s

  3. Nose stalls

If you don’t know the ollie, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn the noseslide. You can still slappy noseslide, but the ollie will really help.

Pre-Noseslide Practice

To practice the skills you'll need to know, start off with finding a small curb or ledge (2-5 inches high), and try some nose stalls. Nose stalls will help you learn transferring your weight on to the ledge.

To do this, approach the curb straight on for the nose stall (90-degrees to the ledge). If you don’t need to ollie, put your front foot on the nose of the board. Place your back foot on the tail, transfer your weight from your board to the nose, and hold it. Once your wheels lock into the ledge, release it by transferring your weight back to the board.

Practice this 15-20 times, and then you'll be ready to go!

Ready to Noseslide!



Step 1. Now, it’s time to go for the noseslide. Your foot placement is going to be similar to the FS 180.

Your front foot may be positioned at a bit of an angle. Your front foot should be near your front bolts. The toes on your back foot should be on the board so that they can produce a powerful pop.

Step 2. Roll slowly towards the ledge. Initiate a 90 ollie with your weight equally distributed over each of your feet.

Do not land too hard or slam your wheels into the ledge. Instead, lightly rub your wheels against the side of the ledge.

Step 3. Keep your weight on your toes. As you begin to slide, your heel will be slightly off the board. Put a majority of your weight just behind the center line of your skateboard. (See the video above for further explanation!)

As your board starts to slow down, start turning out. Your board should slide off the ledge and you won’t need to pop out. Land on the bolts and ride away!

And remember, keep practicing! Even if it seems tough, your noseslide will become more effortless as your confidence increases.


About the Author: This article was written by Go Skate Skateboard School. They provide skateboard lessons throughout the US and Canada.



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