Spare time is becoming more and more precious. Our lives are busier than ever before: the mounting pressure of work, financial worries, and the need to keep up with friends and social occasions can all make us feel overwhelmed. A study found that 60% of us feel like we are struggling to enjoy our lives.

It has, therefore, never been more important to find hobbies that can give us time away from that stress and enrich our lives with adventure and fun. But with so many potential hobbies vying for our attention where do we begin? Well, here are four tips for those of you ready to try adventurous new hobbies.


1. Park your fear at the door

Trying something new is easy when we are children. We see beyond the concern to the enjoyment, and we throw ourselves into new things with gusto. But as we get older, we tend to focus on the fear instead of the adventure. Let's take something fantastic like skateboarding or even surfing, for example. Surfing is, without question, one of the most exhilarating things you can do, the feeling of catching your first wave is something that will never leave you. And it is much safer than you might think. Statistics show that injuries occur only 2.2 out of every 1000 surfing days on average. And statistically, skateboarding can be even safer when you have the right safety gear and observe the rules of the road. So, leave your fear to one side and embrace the adventure of these incredible new hobbies. If you stick with it, you'll experience a feeling of euphoria that will help you feel better about yourself and bring your life back into balance.


2. It is never too late to start

It may not come as a surprise, but statistics show the age group who spends the most time actively participating in hobbies and leisure activities are adults age 65 and over. But it is also a reminder that it is never too late to start a new hobby, even an adventurous one. So stop making excuses and summon up the courage. You will not regret it.


3. Do your research

Before you dive into a new and adventurous hobby, make sure you do your research. Will it suit you? Is there somewhere close by that you can get tuition and coaching? And what costs are associated with equipment, clothing, and anything else you might need? Do your homework, and you will enjoy it all the more.


4. Stick with it

Starting an adventurous new hobby can be a challenge for all sorts of reasons. We are not going to be fantastic at it the very first time we try it. And sometimes when we are learning new skills or techniques, it can take time for them to become second nature. But by just getting started, you have done the hardest part. The most significant challenge is to stick with it through the learning phase and give yourself a chance to succeed.

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