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Set Your Skateboard On Fire

Once, not too long ago, the Board Blazers Crew dreamt of designing and shipping a themed skateboard to Braille Skateboarding's "You Make It, We Skate It" challenge. Our immediate idea--what about a skateboard on fire?

Well. Fake fire, anyway. Safety first, and all that.

For a bunch of different boring business-related reasons, we put the project on the back burner. But if anyone out there is looking for ways to add some cool effects to their boards, well--here are three ways to do just that.


Method 1: Material Flapping In The Wind + Lights

Take an orange-colored material--your best bet is sheer fabric, tissue paper, or plastic bags--and cut it into roughly flame-shaped strips.

Securely attach it to your skateboard with tape, glue, or any other adhesive that floats your boat. (Check out This to That for glue advice.)

For extra points, add some lights shining through. (Board Blazers, anyone?)

Check out the video below, but skip ahead to 2:17 to see what the thing you're making actually looks like.

Heads-up: most flapping-material-based videos require some kind of fan, but since it's literally on a skateboard, you'll get your flapping as you ride around. No fan necessary! Unless you want to go above and beyond.



Method 2: Spray Foam + Spray Paint + Lights

For this method, you'd take a TON of lights (or Board Blazers) and attach them to a skateboard--ideally in a way that still leaves the skateboard, you know, rideable.
Once that's done, you'll take different sized plastic bottles/containers and place them over the lights, gluing those down in kind. Cover the whole thing with spray foam, then immediately cover the spray foam in different colors of spray paint for a super cool ember-like effect. 
Paint suggestions: Black, red, orange. Light suggestion: in my opinion, this would be AWESOME with color-changing lights!
Skip to 6:18 to see what it looks like when all's said and done.



Method 3: Dry Ice + Lights + Custom Container

This one is the most complicated, and the least skating-friendly, but I'm leaving it open for those skate engineers out there who are looking for a summer project.
Basically, if you build a container with a slot in the top, fill the container with dry ice, and have lights shine through the fog, you'll get an incredibly realistic fire effect.
Watch the video for more instructions--and if you build this one, PLEASE email us at Send pics and video. We want to be your friend.


Which one sparks ideas for you? Let us know in the comments!

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