5 Awkward College Moments Where A Skateboard Would Really Come In Handy

by Dressler Parsons March 21, 2016

College is a breeding ground for awkward moments. Emailing the wrong professor? Check. Totally forgetting someone's name after you've met multiple times? Check. Trying to act cool in front of someone and accidentally walking into a bench/pole/door? Triple check.

Luckily, some of these awkward moments can be salvaged...with a skateboard. Don't believe me? Read on.


1. Being late to class because all the bike racks are full

So maybe you left on time to get to your calculus class—but you definitely didn’t expect that every single bike rack at the building’s entrance would be jam-packed. By the time you find an open bike rack, you’re interrupting the professor’s lecture with a ridiculously loud and squeaky door, and everybody is swiveling their heads to see the latecomer. Ick.

A skateboard solves the problem tenfold. Not only can you bring it with you to the classroom, bypassing crowded bike racks, but carrying a skateboard significantly ups your “cool points” (I’m sure somebody’s keeping a tally).


2. Trying to bike in a crowd

Anyone who’s ridden a bike on a college campus has experienced the weird struggle of crowd-biking—when you inadvertently end up in a mob of people, so you can’t go faster than walking speed, but there’s also not enough room for you to effortlessly hop off your bike and walk it. End result? You, on a bike, gently wobbling as you try to stay upright.

Not so with a skateboard! With no two-wheeled balance to keep, you’re free to maneuver as quickly (or slowly) as the crowd dictates.


3. When you’re looking for an excuse to talk to your crush

There you are—sitting at a table in the dining hall. There’s your crush—sitting at a different table that’s near-ish you, but not so near that it would make sense to walk up and talk to them without some sort of invitation. And while you rack your brain for ways to start a conversation, you don’t realize you’re staring until you’re caught.

Your skateboard can save the day! If you set it on the floor and absentmindedly push it in their direction, you immediately have an excuse to hop over, retrieve it, apologize, and then introduce yourself like a normal person.Come on, you can do it—I believe in you.


4. When you’ve got too many textbooks and no selfless assistants to carry them for you

So you went to the bookstore to buy yourself some required reading material. Good for you! Except...you’ve got a class on the other side of campus, and you didn’t really realize that three textbooks would get so heavy after the first thirty steps. What’s an average-armed college student to do?

With a skateboard, you have an immediate wheeled assistant. With something to secure your books and add a leash (any kind of cord will do), you’ll save your back and allow the entire college campus to bask in your cleverness.


5. Running into your ex

It’s happened to everyone. You’re walking along, enjoying the shining sun and the chirping birds, when all of a sudden—your ex??! Without a skateboard, you could be trapped in an awkward conversation for an indeterminable amount of time. Say it ain’t so!

But with the help of a skateboard, you can whiz right by, the breeze in your hair—maybe pulling a trick or two to really show them what they’re missing.


Lesson learned? Even though a skateboard can't get you out of EVERY tricky situation, it can definitely be your knight in shining armor in a few choice moments.

Readers--anything else you'd add? When has a skateboard helped you out?

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