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Top 7 Electric Skateboard Accessories


March 18 , 2021

(Updated Feb. 27, 2023)


Discover the best electric skateboard accessories to maximize your ride

Electric Skateboards are fantastic; they make you feel like Aladdin on a magic carpet since a motor and not your foot propel the board. However, If you want to optimize the skating experience and make it more enjoyable, you'll need to purchase some essential accessories.





Triple Eight T8 Racer Helmet


  • EPS foam liner keeps you safe while traveling at high speeds
  • Lightweight and comfortable


Top Pick

Board Blazers Underglow Lights


  • Unique underglow helps light up your board at night
  • Inexpensive & looks great


Editor's Choice

GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera


  • Most popular action camera for electric skateboard rides
  • Comes with skater specific features for filming


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Top Electric Skateboard Kits

Triple Eight T8 Racer 2.0 - Electric Skateboard Helmet

The first on this list is the Triple Eight electric skateboard helmet, a fantastic accessory that's built to keep your head safe whenever you fall at high speed.


The helmet comes with an EPS foam liner with velvet lining which makes it more comfortable to wear irrespective of how long you wish to skate. In case you're worried about not getting enough airflow, it's got efficient air vents that supply you with sufficient oxygen while you ride.




electric skateboard helmet


This accessory is relatively light, weighing precisely 2.23 pounds with a dimension of 14.4 x 9.5 x 9.4 inches - length, width, height. It's compact, easy to carry around, and will present zero neck problems while in use.


One remarkable property that this electric skateboard helmet possesses is the shatter-resistant flip-up visor which is an essential feature since you're bound to fall off your board once in a while.


The flip-up visor is built with a durable material that prevents it from shattering upon impact with the ground. Its mildly tinted surface helps with your vision by filtering the sun's blinding light, enabling you to skate uninterrupted.


In case you're running out of breath, and the vents aren't filling your lungs with sufficient air, you can flip the visor open and triple your oxygen intake.


The Triple Eight Helmet is also suitable for high-speed downhill racing since the manufacturers combined aerodynamic styling and Dual Certification protection, making it a must-have accessory for any enthusiastic skater.







Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Underglow Lights

Here's an accessory that's bound to get heads turning yourway whenever you cruise past your neighborhood or school - Board Blazers. Although these LED Underglowlights don't possess a particular life-saving feature, they're an excellentitem to make your ride more stylish.





board blazers skateboard accessory


Attaching Board Blazers on your electric skateboard will not affect your riding experience as a single Underglow light weighs precisely 3 Ounces. Additionally, it has a dimension of 4.4 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches, meaning it's small and doesn't touch the ground.


This accessory is available in eight colors - green, white, red, blue, orange, and a few others - and is powered by long-lasting mini CR2032 button cell batteries which last up to 30-hours maximum.


Additionally, these cells are easily-replaceable; no need for a screwdriver or any unique tool whatsoever.


One significant feature of these Underglow Skateboard Lights is the new and improved adhesive that sticks the accessory to your board - no need to drill holes for screws. Once attached the base, all you need to do is twist the light to turn it on, and do the reverse to switch it off.


Although these LED Underglow lights aren't for your protection, they do make your cruise more enjoyable and also give your electric board a Cyberpunk touch.











Hero7 Black Action Camera - GoPro

Naturally, if you want to show off your insane skating skills to your friends, you need to have it on video, and what better way is there to shoot action footage other than with a GoPro?




best electric skateboard accessory

Fortunately, we've got the GoPro Hero7 - one of the most popular action cameras amongst athletes - and it comes with a plethora of features that are perfect for capturing noteworthy moments.


Recording a video while skating doesn't always come out as expected due to the excessive shaking. Luckily, the Hero7 is designed with this problem in mind as its HyperSmooth Video Stabilization enables you to capture moments flawlessly.


As for video and picture quality, the Hero7 Black does its job with a 12MP camera accompanied by SuperPhoto, Improved HDR, and RAW Photo Capture in All Modes. Additionally, the videos are shot in stunning 4k60 quality that's as fantastic as the moment you're preserving.


This relatively essential accessory also comes with voice control, which enables you to direct the device with commands like "take a photo", or "start recording".


The Hero7 Black GoPro's Video Stabilization feature is an invaluable addition that cannot be overemphasized. It enables you to record events steadily Videos whether you're skating, running or going downhill at high speed.












Max Pro Deck Guard - Bash Guard

If keeping your electric skateboard safe and dent-free is your top priority, then consider purchasing these Bash guards for your deck.




electric skateboard bash guard

They are made primarily out of rubber that's resistant to water, corrosion, heat, and massive impacts, making them the perfect protector for your board.



You might consider these Bash guards to be irrelevant if you barely do tricks on your skateboard. However, specific scenarios might make you wish you had them. 


For instance, imagine you're cruising down a tight corner - probably practising - and you run into an obstacle because you weren't quick enough to "kick-turn" your board. There's a high possibility that the impact will leave your board with an ugly and uncomfortable dent. 


Fortunately, this rubber Bash Guard will protect both the nose and tailor your board from scratch and impacts that might crack the edge.


Each deck Guard is approximately 11.8 inches long, a sufficient length to protect a substantial area of your skateboard. Additionally, the accessory is easy to install as it slides onto the deck like a protective shoe. 


While there are Bash guards that are very weighty, the Max-Pro Skateboard Deck Guard weighs a negligible 0.33 pounds, which will not affect your ride whatsoever. 


One impressive factor about this particular item is that it suits any board size, whether it's a penny board, longboard, classic skateboard, etc. It'll slide right onto your board irrespective of the length and shape. 











Skatertrainer Electric Skateboard Stand

After decorating your board with classy grip tape, sci-fi Underglow lights, Bash guards, and other accessories, the next step would be to give it an ideal "parking spot". Fortunately, the best option for this task is SKATERTRAINER's ST-Stand. 




electric skateboard stand

The primary duty of this skateboard accessory is to create the ideal spot to keep and display your electric skateboard, instead of throwing it under the table. 


This Skateboard Stand can handle boards of different shapes - popsicle, straight, old school, curved, etc. - in both the vertical and horizontal position. It's also built to work with electric skateboards, longboards, and almost any board imaginable. 


It's worth noting that this skateboard stand is made out of sturdy plastic and weighs up to 0.09 Kilograms, which is sufficient to hold your board in place without falling. All you need to do is slide your electric skateboard into the stand, and watch it rest securely. 


One benefit that this floor-based skateboard stand presents is that you don't need to drill holes in the wall to use it - unlike other brands. The broad base and two extended ends enable the device to balance your board without any adhesive or nail.


SKATETRAINER put a lot of thought into this product's design, making it foldable and easy to carry during travels. 


*Note: Although this skateboard stand can handle the majority of today's boards, it is not designed to hold penny boards and longboards in a vertical upright position. 











GoRide Electric Skateboard Backpack

Whether you're taking your electric skateboard to school, work, or travel, this handy backpack will hold your ride correctly, irrespective of its size and length. 




electric skateboard accessory

GoRide electric skateboard backpack enables you to transport your board - whether regular or electric - even if it's 10 - 40 inches long. It has a dimension of 20 x 12 x 6 inches and can handle the weight of an electric skateboard that weighs up to 20 pounds - very sturdy. 


The GoRide backpack is the perfect item for skaters who need to carry several gears along with a laptop, spare batteries, water bottle, camera, and many other accessories. It's got more than enough space to handle all the tools you need to make your time with your skateboard worthwhile. 


Unlike previous models of the GoRide Electric Skateboard Backpack, this version has a unique design that one can consider fashionable and suitable for all ages - teens and adults. It also has an extra foam padding, making it comfortable carry your board and all your gear.


In terms of comfort, the backpack comes with adjustable shoulder straps, hip belt, and sternum straps used for holding the board, attaching the bag to your body, and allowing for even weight distribution. 


If you worry about your precious electric skateboard falling off the bag while you're in motion, know that the bag has a padded velcro middle flap, and double straps shield your board and prevent it from falling. 


Irrespective of the type of board that you own - classic or electric skateboards - this backpack will handle the task correctly. It's even got multiple compartments for holding your gear and other essential items. 











serfas Thunderbolt USB Taillight - Electric Skateboard Light

The last on our list is the Serfas Thunderbolt which functions as a headlight & taillight because of its super-bright LEDs. If you're looking for a way to give your board a futuristic look, this is the perfect accessory for you. 




electric skateboard accessory

Unlike underglow skateboard lights, Serfas Thunderbolt USB Taillight can be attached to the trucks of your skateboard to serve as headlights, taillights, or both. The average time to charge this device via Bluetooth is 3.5 hours.


Besides its too bright micro LEDs, this accessory is water-resistant and comes with numerous brightness and flashing options. This addition is essential if you plan to cruise with your board at night.


A common feature of most skateboard lights is the liberty to mount them anywhere on your board. Fortunately, the same applies to this product which comes with two Silicone Straps, making it easy for you to mount the thunderbolt on different parts of the board.


As expected, this product will have no negative impact on your riding experience since it has a dimension of 8 x 4.75 x 1.75 inches and weighs 0.01 Ounces. In other words, it's compact and lightweight enough not to cause drag.


Despite its numerous impressive features, some users claim that the lights don't last for a long time, and there's no warning to indicate a low battery. However, this problem only occurs when you run the lights at full power (2 hours).


Several lighting modes enable you to use these LEDs for up to 10 hours; however, each power option varies in brightness. It's recommended that you keep the power output moderate to avoid going invisible at night.

















Our Final Thoughts


Immediately after selecting an electric skateboard that suits your taste and riding style, the next step would be to get accessories that improve your riding experience.


Fortunately, this guide has reduced the hassle of searching by providing you with its top seven skateboard accessories - from reliable vendors - that are guaranteed to take your riding experience to the next level.


Now that you've taken time to read our honest reviews, pick an item and fill up your cart.




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