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Best Skateboard Lights - Stay Safe With These Picks

Riding at night can be fun but having the best skateboard lights is essential to having a good time. Discover your options for lights for your skateboard below:

  • Best Skateboard Lights for Electric Skateboards - Shred Lights

Why Do You Need Lights for Your Skateboard?

Even though skateboarders don’t go as fast as cyclists, they still travel three times faster than pedestrians (on average). This goes double for electric skateboards!

So if you’re not careful, falling off can cause some serious injuries, particularly to your head, wrists, arms, and knees. Even a simple spill can land you straight in your local hospital’s emergency room.

skateboarder falling off

According to the most recent skateboarding statistics, there were an estimated 90,000 reported cases of injuries in 2017. This number grew to 124,000 in 2018, and then again to 148,000 the 2019. And while there’s no available data that shows exactly when accidents happen, riding your board at night or in the dark greatly increases the risk of getting hurt.

This is precisely what having good skateboard lights can help prevent.

The primary function of these skateboard accessories is to alert everyone in the vicinity that you are present. Passing cars, bikers, and even people will know to steer clear when they see those flashing LED beams.

Good lights will also illuminate the road and path ahead of you. Ever been thrown off your skateboard because of a big crack or pothole in the road? A good flashlight will show you exactly where those are so you can safely skate around them.

Different Types of Skateboard Lights

To be honest, there really aren’t that many skateboard light brands out there (yet). Below we’ll run through some of the best options.


1. ShredLights

The first brand on our list is ShredLights.

Since being founded in 2016, they’ve offered a wide range of products, which includes High Beams, red tail lights, lighting fixtures for your backpack and helmet, and of course, different mounting equipment.

shred lights skateboard lights

Consumers can even enjoy added saving through their various bundle packages.

A quick run-through of their website will show innovation and customer satisfaction as integral components of their business. After experiencing the challenges of riding at night themselves, ShredLights is determined to create an everyday solution for the “next generation of action sports and daily commuting”.

2. Skateboard Rear Lights

One more affordable option is to buy a skateboard tail light. Skateboard tail lights provide 90% of the benefit of skateboard lights and cost 1/2 the price!

Skateboard tail lights help with one main concern of skaters at night: being hit by a car. 80% of skateboarding accidents that end in a hospital trip involve being hit by a car. Needless to say, the right tail light can help prevent this.

skateboard tail light for night riding
This skateboard tail light can be seen from 150 feet away giving you peace of mind when you're skating at night. With 2 different colors and 5 different modes, there's an option for every type of riding.
The best part? No patented mounting system needed! Just wrap these lights around the trucks of any board and you'll good to go. Take them off after your ride to recharge and fuel up for the next ride!

Due to the affordability and ease of use, these skateboard rear lights are perfect for any skateboarder looking to go out at night. These also make a great gift from parents to kids who are worried as they skate after dark.

3. Underglow Lights

Another quality option to consider is Board Blazers, a brand with more than 10 years of experience.

Rather than sell many different accessories, they decided to just specialize in one - LED Underglow Board Lights - a trend that’s still growing in the skateboard industry.

Unlike their competitors, though, Board Blazers uses adhesive tape to mount the light, instead of the typical bolt-and-screw approach. This might sound faulty, but we found it to be quite sturdy, not to mention, user-friendly. Whether you’re handy with tools or not, installing these is fairly straightforward. It won’t eat up much of your time, either.

Furthermore, Board Blazers LED Underglow Lights come in eight distinct colors, namely, Crazy Color Changing, Radical Red, Lightning Lime, Blazing Blue, Outrageous Orange, Boss Black Light, Popping Pink, and Wild White. Users can select whichever one will best match their style or personality.

We would certainly recommend this brand to newbie skateboarders because of its price and user-friendliness. These are perfect as gifts, too, for anyone looking to make a lasting impression when shredding at night.

4. Vont Bike Lights

Although not originally made for skateboards, Vont Bike Lights are still widely considered as a viable alternative.

bike lights

Its powerful 120-lumens front capacity can illuminate objects up to one thousand feet away. Perfect for riding at night or along poorly-lit areas. The 15-lumens rear lights are really helpful as well to alert oncoming vehicles that you are in the area.

Besides its incomparable lighting strength, Vont Bike Lights are also extremely sturdy, capable of withstanding snow, rain, and being submerged underwater. Would you believe it can even live through a 10-foot drop or getting run over by a truck? The lifetime warranty included is proof that the company stands behind the integrity of its product.

These lights are designed to wrap around your trucks. There are several drawbacks to this approach though

  • These lights sit lower than other skateboard lights. That means the light won't spread as far and you won't be able to see potholes as well
  • The lights don't stay on that well
  • The lights aren't that bright

Overall though, this type of light is ok if you're on a budget. I would NOT recommend this lights if you're on an electric skateboard though.

5. I-Wonder Skateboard Lights

Flexibility is always going to be a quality that consumers heavily prioritize. And that’s exactly what the I-Wonder Skateboard Lights offer.

i wonder skateboard light
This accessory can be either set on top or under most boards, and even onto your helmet. All it uses is a simple mechanism that you screw into place. This gives users the freedom to move, remove, and re-install them, depending on the given need.

In terms of lighting ability, the I-Wonder Skateboard Lights are also quite formidable. When opened, these can produce an extraordinarily wide 210-inches beam, which shines a light from all angles.

However, we have found multiple issues with quality in terms of these lights. We’ve talked to other riders who all report that the light falls off because the mount isn’t that well made.

We also purchased a set ourself - unfortunately it is true. We can’t fully recommend these lights because of their poor quality.


Other Ways to Stand Out at Night

Besides lights directly designed for skateboards, there are some other ways to stay safe at night.

1. Head Lamp

As its name suggests, helmet lights are specialized pieces of equipment that can be attached to your head area. Headlamps are especially useful for skaters because of their vantage point. The different perspective compared to skateboard lights allows riders to more easily see the path ahead.

skateboard helmet light

Among several choices, the one that caught our attention most would probably be the Greerride Rechargeable Head Lamp. Besides being reasonably priced, this fixture is exceedingly effective as well, supplying up to 100-lumens of brightness and casting light on any obstructions ahead.

This is leaps-and-bounds better than its competitors currently on the market.

Another strong point we saw with the Greerride Rechargeable Head Lamp is its ease of use. The two rubber straps are easily attachable on almost any helmet. Plus, you won’t experience any trouble removing it since the light fixture snaps on and off from the mounting deck.

Of course, you’ll only need to dislodge this when charging. Thankfully, the Greerride Rechargeable Head Lamp each comes with its own lithium-ion battery pack with an absurd 22-hour life capacity per full charge.

The USB cord is functional, too, allowing users to plug it in whether at home or traveling in the car.

All in all, there are so many things to love about the Greerride Rechargeable Head Lamp. Its perfect combination of affordability, versatility, and efficiency is every skateboarder’s dream come true.


2. Helmet Lights

Those without any openings on their helmet might want to consider one with built-in lights already. This way, you don’t just save a ton of money, but also the hassle of disassembling it after every ride.

skateboard helemt light

The Smart4u Smart Helmet is a reliable option that comes with an adjustable strap, 12 strategically-positioned air vents, and an LED tail-light. Thanks to its integrated sensor, vehicles from as far as 180-meter away will know you are around. The device is designed to automatically light up each time it notices a significant deceleration in speed.

We know several people are apprehensive about spending so much on a helmet that might not even fit properly - and rightfully so. Luckily, the Smart4u Smart Helmet contains a multi-position adjustment knob for maximum relaxation.

Its size is wide enough, too, measuring roughly 24-inches to seamlessly fit virtually any rider.

Given these features, we highly recommend the Smart4u Smart Helmet to anyone who values high-performance and comfort when riding. It might cost you a wee bit more, however, our team still believes it’s well worth the investment.

3. Reflective Vests

Your head shouldn’t be the only body part that lights up when moving around at night.

Wearing a reflective vest will also go a long way in drawing attention to yourself, significantly reducing the risk of accidents occurring. You see, this piece of clothing is lined with a specialized material that illuminates immediately when hit by light.


skateboarding at night safety

Typically, reflective vests are worn by traffic cops and construction workers. But because more and more people are utilizing skateboards, bicycles, and scooters when commuting, they are an ideal target market as well.

Of all the brands we came across, the WAYPOR Safety Vest and Belt very easily comes to mind.

Unlike others, the WAYPOR Safety Vest and Belt is manufactured from elastic nylon material, making it easy to adjust and extremely comfortable to wear. This will practically fit on almost any body type. Plus, you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing anything, thanks to its lightweight quality.

Having a wider reflective strip is another unique feature of it. At 2-inches, it’s designed to make you more visible, whether in the daytime or at night. All you need to do is wear it around your body, fasten the buckles, and begin riding.

Ultimately, since it costs well under ten dollars, WAYPOR Safety Vest and Belt is your perfect example of a low-risk-high-reward investment. It offers so much more value than what its price tag reflects - pun intended - keeping you safe and secure when on the road.


4. GoPro Mount

Needless to say, a GoPro camera is one of the coolest accessories to buy if you’re ready to ride at night. There’s nothing quite like the combo you’ll see from a good head lamp and skateboard light all filmed by a GoPro.


electric skateboarding light

Of course, having a dependable mounting system is crucial, too. And one model we’d like to discuss today is the one manufactured by Lupholue.

The Lupholue GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap is a handy device that won’t impede your riding when going full speed. It is strategically positioned to offer little to no wind resistance.

Installing it is really simple, too. The Lupholue GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap uses a J-Hook mechanism on its base for quick and easy removal and attachment. It’s even compatible with other accessories like a head lamp, pairing perfectly with your newly bought skateboard lights.



What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Skateboard Lights

Right now, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything we discussed so far. After all, there are indeed a lot of add-ons when skateboarding, not to mention several brands to choose from.

In order to relieve you from some of that stress, our team has put together the top 4 factors to consider when choosing the best electric skateboard lights. This should help you make a well-informed decision without missing out on any of the key components.

1. Brightness

As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of a skateboard light is to keep people alert around poorly-lit areas at night. Given this information, how bright a particular model is really plays a key role in your decision-making process. It must be strong enough to effectively illuminate an area, but not too much that the light becomes an obstruction itself.

skateboarding at night

When contemplating on this, try to think about the areas you usually ride your skateboard. How dark are its surroundings, and more importantly, how vivid must the lights be?

You can also opt for skateboard lights that flicker, or at least offer an option for it. This way, they don’t need to be so glaring. Yet it still catches everyone’s attention.


2. Durability

If you’re an intense rider like most people we know, expect your board to crash to the ground - a lot. That’s just the nature of this activity, and something we need to prepare for.

Having the best electric skateboard light means it’s durable and won’t give out after a few spills.


  • What material is the casing made out of?
  • What is the company's warranty?
  • What is the waterproof rating?

We would also advise you to read up on reviews. Durability can sometimes be subjective, which is why it’s always best to fall back on other people’s experiences. Let’s learn from them, so we won't make the same mistakes they did.


3. Waterproof

When doing any sort of outdoor activity, one thing we always need to prepare for is the weather. A sudden downpour of rain, snow, and hail can severely damage your skateboard lights if they’re not waterproof, flushing all the money you spent down the drain with.

waterproof skateboarding rain

Even if it costs slightly more, we recommend sticking to models that are resistant to water. This information is usually already highlighted on the box. But to be sure, inspect it thoroughly before use. If the housing is well-covered, particularly around the bulbs and openings, then there’s a greater chance that it’s waterproof.

4. Easy to Install

We’ve said this quite a number of times during the article. If a particular kind of skateboard lights is too complicated to install, chances are you won’t be using it often. Just imagine having to spend twenty minutes removing and reinstalling it after each use. Doesn’t it sound so tedious?

So before making a final decision, check how easy it is to install your skateboard lights. 

Does it use an adhesive, bolts and screws, or a totally different kind of mechanism? Consider also if you’re handy around tools. If not, then choosing skateboard lights which utilize tape is perfectly fine.

In the end, it’s all about finding a solution that works best for you. So when reviewing this factor, put your convenience at the forefront - and you’ll be just fine.


Choosing the best kind of electric skateboard light doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. It’s all about knowing what its primary purpose is, identifying the important factors, and prioritizing your well-being. If you follow those three easy steps, you should undoubtedly enjoy whichever purchase you make.

We also hope that through our article today, you were able to see the importance of safety when riding your skateboard, particularly at night. With so many possible risks around, owning and using a skateboard light religiously can do a lot to keep you safe. Or at least reduce the likelihood of getting hurt.

It’s a small price to pay, really, for peace of mind and added protection.
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