The skater style is the one that takes a large chunk of what is considered today as streetwear. Picture the 70s in America where the skaters were recognizable thanks to their ripped jeans and totally destroyed Converse paired with oversize sweatshirts and t-shirts and hats with visor.


Clothing for Convenience?

For skaters, being skilled in doing their own skate tricks is essential and to do so they must imperatively wear clothes that are comfortable to ensure freedom of movement. Although it may happen that skaters wear more tight-fitting clothing, these are always made with materials that allow them total freedom of movement.

The right shoes

This also applies to shoes: skaters prefer sneakers that have a good grip on the ground. Despite the increasing number of street style brands around, it is advisable to stay on the classic brands to get a more authentic look.

The sneakers par excellence used by skaters are Converse and Vans. Especially the latter is now defined as the brand of street style and skater style.

Summer options

Baggy jeans - or more generally wide pants - are associated with skaters’ style, but they are not always the best choice. During warmer seasons it is preferable to choose shorter trousers (cargo shorts), maybe in camouflage style.

Try to find those that have a loose fit and a lot of pockets.

1. They're very comfortable.

2. You can store stuff in your pockets not in your backpack


Winter options


As for the winter season, on the other hand, the choice really becomes very wide because in the last few years jeans and baggy pants have returned to fashion even for girls, like boyfriend jeans. In addition, wide-leg jeans are now in fashion even if they are washed out, torn or worn out. This makes them even more comfortable being a garment that you don't have to worry about too much. For men, even cargo pants prove to be an excellent alternative to baggy jeans.


Flannel shirts


A bit vintage inspiration but perfect to match the skater style are the flannel shirts. They can be found cheaply in vintage stores but are now also available in major clothing chains around the world, generally always at affordable prices.


Whether worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt, or on a pair of skinny jeans (but elasticized!), even closed up to the last button, they give the outfit that extra touch of '90s inspiration to our skater style, which today turns out to be more current than ever. You just have to try it!


Skater T-shirts


When you look at a skate style you will see that the main thing is its edgy and loose fit tones. The latest trends do match those retro styles with a more baggy fit (like oversized t-shirts and skinny trousers or vice versa). The difference is that the skater style is entirely inspired by the 90s. All the clothes are loosely fitted. This, therefore, applies to t-shirts also. With a monochrome black or white t-shirt, you can't really go wrong because those are neutral colors, which go well with everything. But don’t give it too much thought; skaters do wear all the colors. It is a vibrant culture.


Skate clothing as a fashion

Many of us have clothes attributable to the skater style in our wardrobe. But what do we mean when we talk about skater style? This style is preferable first of all, obviously, to skaters. Skate clothing is a fashion since the late 1990s. In the early 2000s, when Avril Lavigne released the song “Sk8r Boi” she became one of the pioneers of the skater style.


Indeed, at the 2016 Paris Fashion Week, Dior showed off its fall/winter collection by decorating the runway as if it was a skate track. With their various clothes inspired by style but, of course, revisited in a haute couture style, they became the first big fashion house to present skate style to the masses.

Rightly (or not, for fans of the genre) the skater style is no longer confined to skate ramps and is today a real fashion, even if this makes the skaters who practice this discipline look a little twisted. So you don't necessarily need to know how to skate or to own one to be able to wear this style well.

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