Prime Day 2019 - A Skateboarder's Guide

by April Cylwik July 08, 2019

It’s the best time of the summer, skate fam! No, we’re not talking fireworks, hotdogs, and 4th of July festivities. Not even beach camping, or late nights out on the lake. Fellow skaters, it’s almost time for PRIME DAY! Unless you’ve been living in a cave (hopefully not), you’re likely familiar with the 36-hour-long event (it starts Monday, July 15 at 12 am) that mean big deals and even bigger savings. Whether this is new news or old hat to you, we’re going to lay out everything you need to know to ROCK Prime Day 2019!

Amazon’s once-yearly sale is akin to Black Friday. Items will be deeply discounted until they are no longer in stock or until the sale is over. However, as the name indicates, Prime Day is only for Amazon Prime members. This hurdle is easily tackled by signing up for the free 30-day trial. Just make sure you unsubscribe before auto-billing begins on the 31st day. Or don’t cancel because we’re pretty confident you’ll make good use of all the perks over time. At $119/year (and only $59/year for students with a valid ID!), it costs you far less than one coffee per week, and you’ll receive innumerable benefits from free shipping to exclusive TV programming to one-click ordering. A note on one-click ordering: turn it on and make sure it’s working before Prime Day officially begins. You want to make sure you’re able to swoop from deal to deal hassle-free. Don’t get stuck mucking around at checkout! And if you’re so inclined, consider setting up an account at You’ll have the exact same shopping experience; the only difference is that a charity of your choice will receive a percentage of the sale when you purchase in this manner. What feels better than scoring a crazy deal? Helping others while you save money, that’s what!

In years prior, we’ve done a bunch of crazy shopping (also known as "research") to be able to predict in advance what the very best deals for skaters will be in 2019. Almost everything will be on sale, but these are the items that are topping our lists and have a history of deep discounts!


Deals on Boards

There will be plenty of deals to be had on actual skateboards this year. If you’ve been thinking of investing in your first one, or just itching to buy another, this is the time! These deals will run the gamut from ultra-short boards (you can nab a Penny board in just about any color combo you can dream up!) to 46” dancing longboards and everything in between. If you’re looking for a basic board that will stand the test of time, check out the Retrospec Alameda. This board comes fully assembled and street-ready. It’s already a screaming deal at under $40, but it’s sure to dive deeper on Prime Day!

If longboards are more your jam, we hear you! We dig the lines and the ride on the Quest Super Cruiser 44.” With a beautiful clean design and another lower price point (under $60 regular price!), you’ll be happy you tried Quest. If longboard dancing is your style, give the Rimable Dancing Longboard a try. It’s colorful space-age design, and extended length will have you boardwalk ready in no time. At just $80, it’s still a great deal on a quality board. And if you’re not quite ready to buy a full-size board just yet, take the leap and pick up a People’s Republic wooden fingerboard. It’ll get you almost as much fun on wheels as a real board… almost ;)


Safety Gear

We know it’s essential to be safe out there when you’re skating. After all, we share the road with cars and bicycles, and we share sidewalks and skateparks with other skaters and pedestrians. Keep yourself and others safe (and stylish) with the best gear. For sunny summer skate sessions, you can’t beat the Triple 8 Sweat Saver Helmet that comes with a built-in washable liner, so your aroma doesn't repel others when you take it off after a good shred – you’re welcome. It comes in a variety of colors, but the black and red model has us adding this one to our Prime Day wishlist. While we’re repping safety gear, you may as well make mom happy and pick up some JBM knee/elbow pads & wrist guards to protect yourself. If you’re worried they’ll ruin your mojo, use this as a reason to step up your skate trick game and try that next-level stunt you’ve been dreaming about.


Skate Gear

Now that you’re safe, you might as well be prepared and stylin, right? A Skateboard backpack is essential for when you ride, and if you don’t have one or you need another (there’s always a good reason, right?) we always recommend a Dakine. This classic model comes in 14 colors and features a padded laptop sleeve and insulated cooler pouch. If you take care of it, you could have this backpack for years!

If night shreds are part of your jam, you need a set (or two!) of Board Blazers! These LED lights are powered with a simple button battery and attach to the underside of your board near the trucks. They’ll illuminate your night skate and make you feel like you’re surfing the streets on puddles of light. With color options that range from Lightning Lime to Crazy Color Changing, you won’t be disappointed. Plus prices are always slashed for Prime Day!

If you want to pump up the extreme factor in your skating, consider investing in a personal ramp or rail. While these pieces can be an investment, Prime Day will bring them to a more affordable price point, and there’s never been a better time to take the plunge. The Ramptech 2’ tall and 4’ wide quarter-pipe ramp will fit easily in a driveway and allow you to skip the skatepark a few nights a week. Why wait your turn when you can have your own setup? It’s easy to place in position and relatively simple to store. While you’re at it, grab the X factor 54” grind rail and practice your board slides until they’re perfect! You’ll have your own skatepark with no waiting in line and no pressure for perfection. Worth it!

Prime day is less than a week away! Make sure you’re prepared with your Prime membership, one-click ordering, and a list of everything you want. Or just use this handy list to help you purchase. We’re here for you, man. Now get out there and seize the deals, skate fam!

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