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Pro Tech Na$ty Releases Preview of Upcoming Thrasher Video

Tech Throws Down with Board Blazers in New Video

Board Blazers Team Rider Tech Na$ty and videographer Aaron Lopez have dropped their latest edit featuring Board Blazers, a preview of their upcoming full-length video for Thrasher Magazine. 

"We've been working on this for over a year" said Tech, fresh off recent skate trips to Vegas and Mexico. "Once we got that light, we went off." The full-length feature video showcasing the pro's career, titled "Wake Bake Go Skate," is in progress and slated to be released to Thrasher in a few months. Filmed in Orange County, CA, Tech rides B-Dubz Wheels and his pro model board from Fiesta Skateboards. 

Still, the duo's not done. With bigger things ahead, "this is just warm up footage" he said. We'll see.

Follow Tech on Instagram @wakebakegoskate. Special thanks to Alvaro Urzua, Fiesta Skateboards, and Desmond Martin from B-Dubz Wheels for supporting this project. 

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