Art is probably not the first word you associate with skateboarding; it’s perhaps not even in your top TEN skateboarding words. And while art and skateboarding can seem like polar opposite ends of the spectrum (think stuffy old museums vs. wild and eclectic skate parks), the intersection of art and skateboarding is incredibly rich and vibrant. Street art, like graffiti, has been on the upswing in popularity for its accessibility and relevance to mainstream people. And skateboard photography is gaining traction in more upscale art galleries. But in the coming weeks here at Board Blazers, we are going to focus on the most widely-available avenue to self-expression in skateboarding: the skateboard deck.

In case you’re scratching your head right now, the deck of a skateboard is the flat, typically wooden part of the skateboard that you stand on. And while the top of the deck is often covered in grip tape (see our article on how to clean it here!), the bottom is a huge opportunity for self-expression! Most skateboard decks come branded by their production company, but skaters rarely leave those designs intact. There are infinite ways to customize your skateboard deck ranging from stickers to carvings and paintings, to all out works of art. We’ve got our favorite boards – who doesn’t? But we’ve been dying to see what the rest of the world is cruising on. Which brings us to our latest project…

#DECKPIC Yeah, you see what we did there ;) Ladies and gents we want to see your decks. We know this is where the heart and soul of your skate personality lies. Maybe it’s scraped and scarred from hours of grinding. Maybe it’s painted and pristine because cruising is more your style. Hopefully, it’s rocking your Board Blazers either way! If you follow us on Instagram (@BoardBlazers), and we hope you do, we want you to tag your #deckpic photos so we can see your art and skate style in a whole new way! Just toss the #deckpic hashtag in when you post or story, and we’ll be following along looking for you!

Try following the #deckpic hashtag yourself and see what other members of the Board Blazers skate crew are rolling on! We’ll spend the next weeks reposting what we love, so make sure you #deckpic for a chance to be featured. And let’s take just a minute to say that we like reality over here. We love all things skateboarding, and that includes every board, not only those who have custom or tricked out decks. Whatever board inspires you, whatever board gives you life and freedom through skating – that’s the board we want to see, whether it’s handcrafted or straight out of the box. But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to trick out your deck, or add that newest skate sticker then don’t wait any longer, for sure!

We’ll be showing you some sick vintage and handcrafted decks as well as famous skater’s decks right alongside your #deckpic tags! Whether you're riding a longboard, Pennyboard, or anything in between, it's as easy as flipping your board, snapping a pic and adding #deckpic to your post. We are stoked to see our skate crew’s boards!! Follow us on Instagram @BoardBlazers and show us your #deckpic!

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