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Stocking Stuffers For Your Skater

by Dormidontov Valentyn December 04, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Time to enjoy hot cocoa, look at twinkling lights and NOT STRESS about what to buy your skateboarder because... We’re here today to eliminate your holiday gift giving woes!

That's right, Board Blazers' guide to stocking stuffers for skateboarders is here to save the day. Below you’ll find our favorite gifts to fill out your skater’s stocking (or Thrasher sock, as the case may be). All of our recommendations are ~$20 or below, and we can't wait to share all of our must-haves with you!


Subscription to A Skateboarding Magazine 
Give the gift of an insider look at skating every month! There are several magazines to choose from including Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag, Transworld Skateboarding, and LowCard Mag. For a no-nonsense guide to choosing the right one, check out our article detailing How to Choose a Skating Magazine.


Adidas Skate Shirt 
What skater doesn’t love gear? We’re diggin’ this Adidas shirt. We recommend sizing up for your skater if they are in between sizes. It’s always nice to have some extra room while you’re trying to land that 360flip.


Board Blazers
We just have to plug our all-time favorite gift for skaters in any season: Board Blazers! Skaters can instantly customize their ride in eight blazing colors. Designed for tricks or cruising in style and safety, Board Blazers are the original ground effects light for your skateboard. We’re biased, but we think your skater will love them.


Fingerboard Starter Set
What’s a skater to do when it rains or snows? Play with their fingerboard, of course! This is a fun way to bring the interest in skateboarding indoors. Your skater will love practicing their board slide on the stair rail without wrecking the house. This fingerboard is a great starter, plus it’s perfectly stocking-sized.


Thrasher Skate Socks
This one is a classic. Your skater will LOVE these without a doubt. There are so many styles to choose from, but the classic black and white version and the flaming “lit” design are our two top picks. If your skater has subtler style, try this more understated pack of 2 pairs.


Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
Skateboarding without tunes is just boring. Instead of blasting music all over the neighborhood, invest in a solid pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for your skater. These are highly reviewed and you can’t beat the price point. Skating will be a lot more rad with these in tow!


Apple iPhone7 Skateboard Phone Case & Samsung Galaxy S7 Skateboard Phone Case
Apple or Android, we’ve got you covered. A personal expression of style isn't just limited to clothing anymore. A phone case is a statement-maker, so make sure your skater isn’t left out. They’ll be stoked to find this in their stocking, we guarantee it.



All-In-One Skateboard Tool
It may surprise you to know that skateboards need regular maintenance. Wheels need replacing, trucks need tightening/loosening, and so do bearings. Make it easy on your skater with this all in one tool that’s easy to take with them on those long cruises. You’ll worry a lot less knowing that they have the tools to take care of their board when they’re far from home!


Skateboard Trick Trainers
This one is so sick it had us wanting to order it right away! This rubber wheel accessory stops your wheels from moving, enabling you to learn (or re-learn) tricks with less bumping and bruising. Who doesn’t love that? Knowing the wheels are stationary can even bring skateboarding indoors. Raining outside, but still want to practice that kickflip? No sweat. Pop these babies on and practice in the garage or even in your bedroom! No rolling – guaranteed.


100 Sticker Multi-Pack
Skate stickers – no skater would be without them! But it can be hard to choose a sticker for your skater with so much personal preference involved in the choice. We got ya covered! Pick up this multipack of ONE HUNDRED skate stickers, and we’re sure your skater will find quite a few to love. The price for the quantity makes this a top pick for us.


Skateboard Wax
The ultimate in versatility, skateboard wax helps smooth out surfaces for grinding. It fills gaps and cracks to reduce friction and increase the fun! We dig this colorful set of skating waxes for any skater on the go.


Grip Tape
Skateboard grip tape is a grainy, sandpaper-like sheet with an extremely sticky underside that sticks to the deck’s surface to provide grip and traction. Grip tape is a must if you want to stay on your board, so do it in style! There are many styles out there, but this classic look is our favorite.


Wall-Mount Skateboard Hook
Tired of tripping over a skateboard in the night? Sick of them rolling around the garage? Give yourself and your skater the gift that keeps on giving: a place to store the board with no muss and no fuss. This carbon fiber wall mounted hook will last for ages and save you space (not to mention reducing night time tripping injuries).

With so many gifting ideas, all that's left for you is to get out there and start ordering! Didn't see exactly what you were looking for here? If you’re looking for even more gift ideas for your skater, check out our Best Gifts for Skateboarders article.

There you’ll find a smattering at each price point of our absolute favorite skating items, everything from parking blocks to GoPros to ramps. And if your skateboarder is just getting started in the sport, we've got a whole article to help you buy the best skateboard online.

Think we’re missing a killer product? Comment below or message us on Instagram @BoardBlazers. We always want to know the newest and the best in skating gear. Happy Holidays from Board Blazers, and may the gifting odds be ever in your favor!



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