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Learn to Skateboard - Top 5 Tips & Tricks

You see them zooming down the street popping ollies, kickflips, noseslides, and 360 flips at the skateparks: skateboarders, lovers of street surfing, and you want to be one of them! It’s easy enough to buy your board (for recommendations check out our article here!) and gear, but once you’re standing in the street holding your new skateboard and wondering where to start, it can feel overwhelming, to say the least. No matter why you want to learn to skate, whether its to keep up with your friends, or connect with your kid, we’re here today to give you some stellar resources to help you along your journey to becoming King of The Road.

Just Do It

Nike was a little tongue in cheek when they first threw out this iconic slogan, but do you know what? It’s absolutely true. Nothing can make you learn quite like starting at the beginning when you're clueless. If you haven’t read our post about the History of Skate: From Surf To Street, that’s an excellent place to gain some inspiration. The first people to attach wheels to 2x4s didn’t have anyone to teach them, yet the entire sport of skateboarding has evolved from that moment until now. It’s unnerving to plant both feet securely on a wobbly piece of wheeled wood, but if you just get out and try it, you might find it comes to you quicker than you expected! Like most things worth doing, you’ll get bumped and bruised along the way, but we’re betting you’ll get the hang of it pretty darn quickly. If you’d like even more tips and tricks for learning solo, read our article, How To Learn To Skateboard By Yourself.


Step By Step

If just hopping onto your board and hoping for the best sounds like a deal-breaker for you, we’ve got you covered. Our article, How To Get Kids To Absolutely Love Skateboarding includes quite a few topics that will help you break it down even more! The first and most important thing you can do for yourself is to keep yourself safe with the right gear. A helmet (this one!) and pads (these!) will keep your noggin and joints in good working order after you eat it – although we hope you don’t! After you’re all set to go, get out and practice, practice, practice until you’re perfect, perfect, perfect! Find a buddy to help you along and give yourself time to grow. Before you know it, you’ll be shredding with the best of them.


If you’re not on the YouTube train, you are missing out. YouTube has become a nearly bottomless pit of resources for everything under the sun, skateboarding included! If you type, “learn to skateboard” into the search bar, you will receive no fewer than 550k results! If you’d like to watch someone before you try it, look no further. There are entire channels dedicated to teaching you to skate, as well as tutorials from some of your favorite pro skaters. Set aside an hour or two and watch a few instructional videos from various channels. Once you connect with a particular skater, subscribe to their channel and get watching! Who doesn’t love a private instructor for free?! Here’s an excellent skateboarding instructional video from one of our favorite channels, Go Skate. Subscribe and shred, skaters!


Braille Skateboarding

If YouTube is too intimidating, time-consuming, or just isn’t your jam, head over to Braille Skateboarding. Their team has put together tons of free tutorials, and if that’s not in-depth enough for you, they offer their amazing “Skateboarding Made Simple” plan. While this plan requires you to spend a bit of money (you get what you pay for!), it promises to have you skating and performing tricks within a shockingly short amount of time. This is a sure fire way to guarantee your proficiency at skateboarding, even if it means shelling out a little bit of dough. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the San Leandro, CA area, Braille can offer you private lessons! Which brings us to our final tip…

Hire a Professional

While we’d look at this as a last resort (there are so many FREE resources available to you!), sometimes it feels best to learn a new skill one-on-one with an experienced and capable teacher. We detailed the whole process for you in our post, How To Find A Great Skateboard Teacher, but if that doesnt give you enough of a start, hit up your local skate shop. The staff members are usually super friendly and since they learned to skate once themselves, they are full of ideas on how to help you along. Most shops have a list of private teachers in the area that come highly recommended. If you end up paying for lessons, you will want to make sure that your teacher is vetted and has super reviews – no one wants to pay $50 and have their time wasted. Check out your instructor on Yelp before booking a lesson.

Anyone and everyone can learn to skateboard, and that includes you! Learning to skateboard not only keeps you active and outdoors, but it also gives you freedom in a way that is unique to other sports. Pro skater Ryan Sheckler said it best, “No one can tell me what to do on my skateboard. I can do whatever I want.” So get out there! Whether by yourself, with the help of YouTube or a private teacher, don’t wait another day to get started skating. We promise you won't regret it.

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Top 7 Skateboard YouTube Accounts to Follow

Hold on to your longboards, skateboards, penny boards and scooters, friends – it’s a big day here on the Board Blazers blog! If you have eyes in your head and wheels under your feet, you need what we’ve got. Today we bring you a full rundown of the BEST YOUTUBE ACCOUNTS FOR SKATERS! If you’re not yet staying up way too late watching skating how-to’s, longboard dancing, and freestyle jams, then you will be soon. High quality, informative and fun skate vids aren’t just for the pros anymore. Below we’ll introduce you to our favorite YouTube skaters and longboarders, and tell you why they’re going to blow your mind. Read on, bros!

Ronnie Sarmiento

Our top pick had to go to our ultra-sick and super-nice longboarder friend, Ronnie, who shreds all four seasons in Washington DC. He has an easy-to-navigate channel and uploads videos regularly (win!), so the content is always fresh! He has a bunch of honest product reviews, and his “How to & tips” playlist will help you finally land that 360 boneless on your longboard. His Vlog and Grab Bag series will give you a laugh if all you're looking for is some fun entertainment. With regular, helpful content and sick editing skills, you'll want to make sure you subscribe, so you don't miss out. Vid of the moment:


Fabian Doerig

We can’t stay stateside for this list with all of the fantastic vloggers around the world! Hailing from Switzerland, Fabian has a City Trips series that gives us hardcore skate travel envy. For your viewing pleasure, he has an entire playlist devoted to single tricks (pro tip: slow the videos down to get an extra good look at exactly how to land that cab heelflip noseslide to backside!). Bonus points to Fabian for having some ultra-legit footage come from his quadcopter; it's worth tuning in just for this, guys. The cherry on top of the cake here is his series featuring Clement Zannini, a one-legged skater (Yep, you read that right) who shreds like you WON’T BELIEVE. Go check Fabian out right now. Vid of the moment:



Sara Dietschy 

Here we take a bit of a hard right turn. Sara’s channel isn’t exclusively skate related. While she LOVES skating (gets around NYC on her many boards) and does feature regular skate videos, she posts about style, travel, humor and many other topics as well. Her photography skills are legit incredible, and it's worth tuning in just for her shots in and around NYC alone. If you’re a gear junkie, you won’t want to miss her tech reviews. If it's technology you can use to skate, you can bet Sara has an unboxing and review video that you’ll want to see. She’s a phenomenal artist, creative, and young entrepreneur. If you’re trying to build your own skate empire, hers is a must-subscribe channel. Vid of the moment:


Natalie Pluto

One of the queens of longboarding as far as we’re concerned, Natalie's channel is rock solid. While she’s super sweet and friendly, she’s also in possession of some rock-solid skate skills. She features a whole series on travel skating, which is a bucket list item for just about every skater we know. Her Q&A sessions are relatable and raw, which we love. And what skating YouTube channel is complete without some freestyle jams? Natalie has plenty of them. Don’t miss out - subscribe to her channel. Vid of the moment:


Nick Jones

We here at Board Blazers have long admired Nick and his radness. His longboard dancing videos will have you mesmerized, and if you need any help mimicking his moves, he’s got a whole series of Trick Tips to help you out. He has incredible skills and loves to share them – even starting a Challenge series, which is a must see. And if you’re looking for ultra-real and unfiltered content, hit up his Day In The Life series, you’ll love it. Vid of the moment:


Hans Wouters

Headed to Europe again with this next YouTube king, Hans. Hailing from Belgium, his is an ultra robust channel. Looking to break into longboarding? His How I Started series is perfect for you. Don't miss his L.O.N.G.B.O.A.R.D. video expanding on the iconic S.K.A.T.E. game! His Story Time will have you rolling, and don’t worry; he’s heavy on freestyle content too. Plus the settings for his vids are often gorgeous European cities – it makes watching a feast for the eyes. Vid of the moment:


Lotfi Lamaali

Dude’s got STYLE. From his content to his photography, Lotfi is refreshingly original. He inspires us to be like him: coming up with something totally fresh and utterly unique. His videos are super short and easy to watch with crazy cool settings like the subway! With his dope rhythm skills, make sure you don't miss his longboard dancing vids. Vid of the moment:


If you didn’t have a clue about skaters/longboarders on YouTube, we bet you do now! And with hours and hours (days, actually!) of amazing content, what are you still doing here? Get to watching and subscribing!

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