"People Stop and Stare as I glide around Campus at Night"

Next time, you're out skating, look down at your board.

You'll see black griptape covering the top of your board. Nobody sees the design underneath.  A skateboard that looks exactly like all of the others on the road.

That's fine if you want to be like every other skater. Just slink into the shadows and blend in.


Board Blazers are for skaters who want to stand out.

Skaters who want to make their board differentfrom all of the others. Discover what makes Board Blazers skaters different.

What are Board Blazers?

Find your favorite color or the perfect one to match your skateboard design.

With 8 different colors, from Color Changing to Red or Blue lights, you'll find the best option for your board. 

Fast and Easy to Install

1. Attach the adhesive to your Board

2. Press the light onto the adhesive

3. Twist to turn on 

and off

Fits All types of Boards




Safe at the skatepark

From ollies to rail grinds and big air, Board Blazers attach near your trucks so they're protected during all kinds of tricks

 500+ customer reviews

Love the look of board blazers on my board!

"These lights are easy to install and give off an amazing amount of light for such small lights. Make any skateboard light up! Absolutely worth it!"

Great for cruising and hold up during tricks

"Honestly love the look of Board Blazers on my skateboard.Perfect for cruising at night and I've even taken them to the skatepark where I get constant questions asking where I got them from. Everybody is jealous."

Order today

1 Set of Board Blazers

Today's Price:$19.99

(free shipping + handling)

Each set contains 4 lights.

Choose from 8 different colors

Recommended for skateboards and scooters

2 Sets of Board Blazers

Today's Price:$35.00

(free shipping + handling)

You Save: $4.98

Choose any 2 sets

Mix/match colors on your board

Discount automatically applied

Recommended forlongboards and electric skateboards to completely light up the board

Today's Price:$44.99

(free shipping + handling)

You Save: $14.98!

Includes 3 Sets: 1 of each of our signature colors: Crazy Color-Changing, Lightning Lime, & Wild White.

Recommended For:Skate clubs, groups, and friends!


Extra/Replacement Batteries
$ 7.99$ 3.99
Extra/Replacement Adhesive
$ 7.99$ 3.99

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