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Brand Ambassador Program

We want to find passionate skaters to join our brand ambassador program. Interested? Fill out the application below to apply:

Brand Ambassadors receive:

  1. Free/heavily discounted Board Blazers products
  2.  An unique referral code to earn up to 10% on all purchases that use your link 
  3. Promotion to our audience

The only requirement for the program is that you must post at least 3 pieces of content that show Board Blazers in some way and tag us. The content could be pictures, video, or even an article. The content does not have to be exclusive to Board Blazers.

Example 1: You post an image of your longboard at night with Board Blazers on it to Instagram.

Example 2: You're filming a review video of a new electric skateboard and mention Board Blazers as a good accessory.

Example 3: You post a short video of you riding down the street at night with Board Blazers to Instagram or Tiktok

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