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transform any skateboard with these LED lights

Parents across the nation are raving about this unique gift!

LED lights that attach underneath your skateboard

Fits skateboards, longboards, and scooters

Unique gift for kids who love going outside


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Great Gift

Kids love their Board Blazers!

Step 1: Choose Your Color

With 8 different colors to choose from, find the favorite color for your child!

Color Changing is eye-catching but Blazing Blue and Popping Pink are especially popular among kids of all ages.

Step 2: Attach to your board

Board Blazers fit skateboards, longboards, scooters, and even roller skates! 

It doesn't matter what you're riding - put on Board Blazers and light up the night!

Step 3: Start riding

Board Blazers help your board stand out when it starts getting dark.

As you watch your kids ride around the neighborhood, listen for the sound of their laughter and look for the big smiles on their face when they see how their skateboard/scooter looks.

Kids love the look of Board Blazers!

Make Any Skateboard or Scooter Light Up

Great Way to Get Your Kids Outside 

Take away the screens and get your kids playing outside. They'll fall in love with the look of their boards - until you've have to beg them to come back in!

Increase Visibility at Night

Board Blazers are bright enough to easily illuminate the board. They help make children more visible to parents and to cars when it gets dark.

Attach the Lights to Anything 

From skateboards to rollerskates to even bookshelves and bikes, kids love the extra flair that Board Blazers gives them.

Fun For the Whole Family

Join your kids with your own set of Board Blazers or watch from the sidewalk as they play! Board Blazers are for all ages.

See what people are saying!

Bright, Easy to Install, and Well Worth the Price!

“I bought these so we could keep track of my 5 year old son at night while he boards at a local path here in Tulsa. He sometimes goes past the limit we imposed on him and these lights help us to clearly keep track of him when he wanders past that boundary.

They are bright enough that we can see him well into the distance and always shine brightly. After seeing the attention my younger son received from the Board Blazers, two of my older boys also decided they wanted a pair!"

Bought these for my son's skateboard and he absolutely LOVES them!! Big hit! Fabulous!

"My son absolutely loves these LED lights to add to his skateboards. He has bought them a few times to put on different boards. 

Why spend the extra money on a light up board when you can just buy the LED Lights?"

The Best Gift from Santa Last Christmas!

“We got these from "Santa" for my daughters razor scooter in Red! She absolutely loved them and they are REALLY bright. 

They illuminate the ground and her sides perfectly and they come with double sided tape that is really strong to hold.

Every time I see her using her scooter in the neighborhood, I can't help but smile. She loves them!

Board Blazers is Perfect for Kids and Parents!

What kid doesn't love things that light up?

Through hundreds of amazing reviews (from parents all over the world), we've found that adults LOVE Board Blazers almost as much as the kids do!

When was the last time you found an unique gift that your kids will love

Get them outdoors and enjoy the smile on their faces as they see their skateboard with Board Blazers on it - it'll look brand new!

Choose your set today!

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