5 Reasons This toy

Might literally be

The Perfect Gift
For Kids

You know when you’ve found the perfect gift for your kids. Their eyes light up as they unwrap it and discover what the present is.

But finding the perfect gift is hard. This year, take a step back from scouring the 10 different magazines to find the hottest toy of the season.

1. This Toy Gets Your Kids TO PLAY Outside

Exhausted from constantly having your kids in the house? We understand. Put these lights on their scooter and they’ll be so entranced your kids will be begging you to play outside

Watch them skate up and down your neighborhood street while you sit on the doorstep.

2. This Toy Increases SAFETY As It Gets Dark

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier. But you still want your kids to play outside for some of the day! Twist these lights on and you’ll be able to see them all the way down the street. 

With 4 separate lights, Board Blazers illuminate any skateboard or scooter. Watch your kids play throughout the neighborhood.

3. It’s Unique & Unexpected

There are lots of good gifts for kids. But we’re not looking for ‘perfectly acceptable’. We’re looking for something different.

And this may be the thing that really separates Board Blazers from the pack: it’s completely unique. There are NO other products like these lights. Board Blazers are not sold in stores and can only be found online.

4. This Toy is The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

These lights are small, unique, and affordable. Fill up the stocking with these unique lights and watch the look of surprise on their face! Board Blazers make the perfect gift from Santa for kids.

5. Kids & Parents Love it

With over 1,182+ reviews from parents across the nation, it’s overwhelming. Kids LOVE the look of Board Blazers. 

I mean, what kid doesn’t love things that light up? Parents love how they can see their kids playing throughout the neighborhood - even as it gets dark.

Listen to what Sarah M. (from Rockford, Illinois) says about Board Blazers:

"It was The Best Gift from Santa Last Christmas!"

“We got these from "Santa" for my sons Micro scooter in Green! He absolutely loved them and they are REALLY bright.

They illuminate the ground and his sides perfectly and they come with double sided tape that is really strong to hold.

Every time I see him using his scooter in the neighborhood, I can't help but smile. He loves them!

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2 sets of Board Blazers


Board Blazers gift box

1 set of Board Blazers

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive in each pack?

You'll receive 4 LED lights, 4 pieces of adhesive, a Board Blazers Sticker, and a personal note from the Board Blazers owner! If you have a longboard, electric skateboard, or bigger board, we HIGHLY recommend getting 2 sets to light up your entire board!

How big is each light?

Each light is about 1 inch across. 4 lights are enough for a small skateboard or scooter. 2 sets (8 lights)are recommended for larger boards.

Do Board Blazers work on scooters or roller skates?

Yes! Board Blazers fit perfectly underneath scooters and most roller skates.

Will I get wheel bite if I install these on my board?

Nope! There are a number of different places you can put Board Blazers to avoid wheel bite. If you're concerned, you can put the lights in a light from the nose to the tail of your skateboard or longboard. That will keep them away from the wheels and safe while you're riding.

100% HAppiness Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you're unsatisfied with your set of Board Blazers, you can keep the set and we'll refund you or send you a completely new set free of charge! Simply email us at contactus@boardblazers.com and we'll take care of you.