Board Blazers LED Snowboard Light Kit
Board Blazers LED Snowboard Light KitBoard Blazers LED Snowboard Light KitBoard Blazers LED Snowboard Light KitBoard Blazers LED Snowboard Light Kit
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Transform your snowboard

Add Board Blazers to any snowboard to stand out as you're boarding through the night with a choice of multiple neon bright colors. Simply stick, turn on and ride and you'll be gliding through through the nightwith your transformed snowboard.

For parents, rest easy knowing that Board Blazers help illuminate the entire snowboard preventing crashes at night and improving safety!. On birthdays and holidays, Board Blazers make the perfect unique giftfor snowboarders everywhere.

Improve Night time visibility

  • See your snowboard gliding through the snow
  • Easy to stick onto any snowboard
  • Installs in seconds - just peel, stick, and turn on
  • Amazing gift for skateboarders and kids
  • 2 Custom LED Strips (1 meter in length each)
  • 2 waterproof power supplies
  • Adhesive to attach both strips to your board
  • Instruction manual

Neon Bright Colors

Waterproof & Rugged

Easy installation

carve through darkness

Stand out as you glide down the slopes

"carving through the snow at night Feels INCREDIBLE"

hundreds of Snowboarders are turning to these lights for their night time style

vivid colors

With  different colors to choose from, you can find the perfect color to match your personal style.

Multiple configurations

Whether you want to accentuate the front or sides of your board, anything is possible with this LED Snowboard Kit.

Glide Down in style

Want to stand out on the slopes? Attach these lights to your board and fly past other boarders on the mountain in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive in each pack?

You'll receive 2 LED strips which are each 1 meter long, 2 adhesive patches, and 2 power supplies. The power supplies measure 1 inch x 3 inches. Most people place the power supplies in between their boots on the board.

Will this interfere with my  riding?

Absolutely not! The LED kit sits on top of your snowboard keeping your edges clear for carving.

Can these be easily removed?

Yes! The LED lights can be easily stuck on and removed using the included adhesive patch.

try them risk free

From hard ice to piles of snow on top of their board, we know the rough conditions most snowboarders encounter. Your Snowboard Light Kit is fully guaranteed for 1 year after purchase. Any defects and we'll send you a full replacement set!

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