Skateboard Longboard Underglow LED Lights

  • Style & Safety:Instantly blaze any board with these skateboard lights! Board Blazers® are LED lights for skateboards, longboards, scooters, and roller skates!
  • Batteries Included: Easily-replaceable mini button cell batteries last 30 hours. Each set includes 4 high-quality, self-adhesive, twist on/off, super-bright lights of the same color. Installs in seconds; no bulky battery pack, wires, or screws.
  • Best Gift for Skateboarders:Every year, thousands of skaters receive Board Blazers as a gift for Christmas, their birthday, or any other occasion.
  • 360° Guarantee: Return for any reason, forever! Skateboard not included.
  • Need replacement parts? Replacement Batteries and Replacement Adhesive also available. 
Crazy Color-Changing
Radical Red
Lightning Lime
Poppin' Pink
Wild White
Blazing Blue
Outrageous Orange
Boss Black Light

Choose from 8 Blazing Colors!

Board Blazers Skateboard Lights

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