7 Top Skateboard Accessories

Buying a basic skateboard without skateboard accessories is like buying plain vanilla ice cream without any toppings. If you are looking to improve your riding experience as well as show off to your friends, you may want to consider getting some skateboard accessories. Here are 7 of the coolest ways to trick out your board:

1. Stickers

This is very simple to do and provides unlimited options. Stickers come in all shapes and sizes. They help to showcase individuality. Your deck will surely stand out of the crowd if are able to find or create some unique stickers. Remember stickers are not restricted to the skateboard and you can even personalize your helmet or bike with them. StickerMule is a website that allows you to make custom stickers.

Board Blazers Skate Stickers

Board Blazers Skate Stickers

2. Helmet

Yes, a helmet is definitely a skateboard accessory! One of the best ways to stand out is to customize your skateboard helmet. Stickers are the most common option, but you can also get more creative. Stick-on helmet mohawks are increasingly popular for kids, while the type of helmet you choose can also reflect your style. Or, make your helmet unique by painting graffiti on it.

3. Wheels

Although often taken for granted, the process of choosing the right set of wheels for your ride is crucial for better performance. Skateboard accessories such as wheels can vary in diameter and material hardness. It is a good idea to know from the start what kind of rider you are. Do you want speed, tricks, or just peaceful cruises around the college campus? The size of your wheels affects your board’s top speed, acceleration, and ability to turn. Choosing bigger wheels will give you more speed because each turn brings a longer distance due to the perimeter of the wheels. On the other hand, smaller wheels will allow you to accelerate faster and do all kind of tricks. One of the best skateboard accessories is an extra set of wheels that will complement the ones you already have. Our favorite? Babydubz chrome wheels.

BabyDubz Skate Wheels

Photocred: BabyDubz Skate Wheels

4. Deck Protection

The deck of a skateboard is subject chipping, cracking, and even breaking. However careful you may be, it will eventually meet a harder surface, often against a curb. The front and back of the deck are the first areas where your deck will begin to wear off. Using a nose guard and tail guard, commonly made from plastic or rubber, will dramatically extend the life of your deck and keep it in top shape. Try these guards from SoCal Skate Shop.

5. Backpack

Specially designed skate backpacks are a common way to carry your board. Distinguished by buckling carrying straps, a skate backpack not only keeps your gear together in one spot, but also can help it from getting stolen. By looping a padlock around the truck and a strap, you can protect against theft.  Skate backpacks can cost hundreds of dollars, but some quality models can be found for much less, like this top-rated one on Amazon for under 40 bucks!

6. Sunglasses

Besides making you look cool, sunglasses will dramatically improve safety while riding with the sun in front of you. Another benefit of wearing sunglasses is that you no longer have to worry about those small flying insects getting in your eyes when cruising at high speeds. This classic skateboard accessory will keep you on the edge of looking trendy as well as protecting your eyes. Of course, Ray-Bans never go out of style.

Photocred: Chictopia.com

7. Board Blazers

Of course, we have to mention Board Blazers skateboard lights! Last but not least, you will need something to help you ride better at night. Although the traffic is lighter, night time riding can be much more dangerous because it is hard for drivers to see you. Board Blazers allow you to ride in style and safety. Sadly, the majority of skateboard accidents happen on the street, not at skateparks. Board Blazers LED Underglow enhance the look of your ride without limiting its performance, and are compatible with all boards, bikes, and scooters. Get yours today!

Board Blazers Tempe Town Lake

What’s your favorite skate accessory? Did we miss anything especially unique? Comment below and let us know!


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