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7 Top Skateboard Accessories

7 Top Skateboard Accessories

Buying a basic skateboard without skateboard accessories is like buying plain vanilla ice cream without any toppings.

Sure your skateboard deck may have a cool design on it. But just wait until you're at the skatepark and see everybody else's boards all decked out. You'll feel like your skateboard is naked!

The solution, my friend, is to pick up some of the top skateboard accessories. Most of these are less than $20 and are perfect accessories for any aspiring skateboarder.

1. Skate Stickers

The classic and unforgettable. What skateboarder can go without any stickers on their board? As you know skate stickers can come in all shapes and sizes and help show your individuality.

Grab a couple of stickers from local skate shops and put them on the bottom of your board. Many of the most popular skateboard accessories (like Board Blazers!) come with FREE stickers to put on the bottom of your board.

Skate stickers are definitely one of the must-have accessories for every skater.

Board Blazers Skate Stickers skateboard accessories

Board Blazers Skate Stickers

2. Skateboard Helmet

Classified as a mix between protective equipment and a skateboard accessory, a skateboarding helmet is definitely an essential skateboard accessory!

Worried about the look of your skateboard helmet? One of the best ways to stand out is to customize your skateboard helmet. Stickers are the most common option, but you can also get more creative.

skateboard accessories for boys

Stick-on helmet mohawks are increasingly popular for kids as a way to make them stand out against the crowd.

3. Board Blazers

Every night, thousands of skaters hop on their board and start skating with their set of Board Blazers attached to their board.

Board Blazers produce an underglow effect that looks absolutely amazing while you're riding. The effect can be most clearly seen at night which is when it's most needed.

best skateboard gifts for kids

Although traffic is lighter around dark, night time riding can be much more dangerous because it is hard for drivers to see you. Having Board Blazers lights attached makes you more visible to cars and pedestrians and helps light the road in front of you.

Worried about doing tricks at the skatepark with them attached? Board Blazers are the only skateboard underglow lights that are safe while doing tricks!

Board Blazers can be attached right underneath the tricks so you can do rail grinds, rock and rolls, and more skateboard tricks without damaging them!

4. Skateboard Wheels

One of the most forgotten skateboard accessories is the choice of skateboard wheels. Although often taken for granted, the process of choosing the right set of wheels for your ride is crucial for better performance and style.

Skateboard wheels vary in diameter and hardness which affects how they perform different surfaces.

The best way to choose skateboard wheels is to determine what type of rider you are.

Do you want speed, tricks, or just peaceful cruises around the college campus? The size of your wheels affects your board’s top speed, acceleration, and ability to turn.

Quick note: Want to know our favorite extra pair of wheels? Our top pick for skateboard accessories is the FreeDARE chrome wheels.
Skate Wheels Skate Accessories for Tricks

Choosing bigger and softer wheels allows you to go faster and you'll feel less vibration as you're skating on your board. These type of skateboard wheels are great for sidewalk or asphalt roads.

In comparison, smaller wheels are typically harder allowing to accelerate faster and giving you a better feel for the board underneath you. Many skaters who love to go to skate parks and do tricks prefer to have smaller and harder wheels.

5. Skateboard Deck Protector

Applicable to skateboards, longboards, electric skateboards and more, if you're commonly riding on streets, going fast, and (maybe) even losing control, this skateboard accessory is for you.

When you hit a curb at speed, you can chip, crack, or even break the deck of your skateboard. Without a protector in place, this could be the end for your skateboard or longboard.

Using a nose guard and tail guard, commonly made from plastic or rubber, will dramatically extend the life of your deck and keep it in top shape.

6. Backpack

While carrying your skateboard in your hands is fine for short distances, you may want to upgrade to something specifically designed for skateboarders as you start spending more money on skateboard accessories.

Skateboarding backpacks are a great way to carry your board from place to place. With enough space to store everything you need in the backpack, these skate backpacks also have carrying straps for your board on the back.

Our top pick at Board Blazers? The Dakine Wander Pack. Coming in right under $50, this skateboarding backpack is one of the top skateboarding accessories for kids.

skateboard backpack for kids

Simply insert your skateboard, tighten the straps, and you're good to go! Many students use skateboarding backpacks to take their board with them while they're in school. This allows them to easily hit the skatepark the second classes end.

Little known fact: By looping a padlock around the truck and a strap, you can protect against theft.

Here's where it gets tricky: some skateboarding backpacks can cost hundreds of dollars making them one of the most expensive skateboard gifts on our list.

7. Skateboard Tail Light

If you ever skateboard at night, you need this light on your board. This light allows you to be seen by cars up to 150 feet away

With 2 different colors and 5 different modes, there's an option for every occassion. Add in the fact that it's USB rechargeable and water resistant, what's not to like?

skateboard light for night riding

Remember to stay safe while skating at night. While taking a ride at night is one of my favorite things to do, I always remember to wear reflective clothing and turn on this skateboard light before I start riding.

What’s your favorite skate accessory? Did we miss anything especially unique? Comment below and let us know! 


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