LED Underglow Skateboard, Hoverboard & Scooter Lighting

Do Tricks or Cruise in Style and Safety.

Instantly customize your ride with the original fully-customizable LED underglow skateboard lights! Designed for tricks or cruising in style and safety, Board Blazers cast bright, vivid, colorful ground effects beams from your board. Super lightweight and concealed until you twist them on, Board Blazers are the classic way to light up your board without detracting from performance. Combine different color lights to instantly personalize your ride, show your team spirit, or represent your school while blazing through the night. Available in 8 blazing colors; fully customizable color combos and layouts put you in control. Simply stick on the lights and go – no board disassembly or screws required, and no wires or heavy batteries to slow you down. Compatible with all types of skateboards, longboards, self-balancing scooters and kick scooters. Each package includes 4 lights of the same color, specialized adhesive pads, and long-lasting, easily-replaceable mini button cell batteries. Twist on/off activation. Makes the perfect gift!

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