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Underglow skateboard lights
Underglow skateboard lights


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skateboard lights

Perfect for the Skatepark

Looking for a way to electrify your skatepark experience? Drop into the bowl with Board Blazers attached to your board. With their small size, the lights are protected by the trucks, That means you can do jumps, grinds, tricks, or big air

skateboard lights for night riding

Skate After Dark

With the streets empty as it gets late, some skaters are having their best skate sessions after dark. Attach Board Blazers to see your light up your board, see your carving lines and increase visibility.

skateboard gifts

The Perfect Gift for Skaters

Every year, thousands of parents choose Board Blazers as the perfect gifts for kids who love to play outside. With Board Blazers attached, parents can see their kids skating throughout the neighborhood. Rest easy knowing that these lights increase visibility and kids love the look!

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From professional skaters to Youtube stars, Board Blazers are the ultimate skateboard accessory for night rides.

Skate through the night with style.

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