LED Underglow Skateboard, Hoverboard & Scooter Lighting

Do Tricks or Cruise in Style and Safety.

Instantly blaze your board with the original fully-customizable LED underglow skateboard lights! Designed for tricks or cruising in style and safety, Board Blazers® cast super-bright, colorful ground effects beams. Works with all types of skateboards, longboards, self-balancing scooters, and kick scooters. Ultra-lightweight and concealed until you twist them on, Board Blazers are the classic way to light up your board and hold up to grinds, slides, flips, and big air.

Board Blazers are the top choice of kids and pro skaters around the world. Return for any reason, forever with our 360° guarantee! Plus, our Skate 2 Donate campaign gives to Pipeline Worldwide for every set sold.

Available in 8 blazing colors. Combine multiple color combos to instantly personalize your board, show your team spirit, or represent your school. Simply attach the lights where you want and go – no board disassembly or screws required, and no wires or heavy batteries to slow your roll. Our new custom-designed, industrial grade adhesive made in the USA locks down the lights the without damaging your deck. Makes a perfect gift!

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