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How to Skate in Style


The skater style is the one that takes a large chunk of what is considered today as streetwear. Picture the 70s in America where the skaters were recognizable thanks to their ripped jeans and totally destroyed Converse paired with oversize sweatshirts and t-shirts and hats with visor.


Clothing for Convenience?

For skaters, being skilled in doing their own skate tricks is essential and to do so they must imperatively wear clothes that are comfortable to ensure freedom of movement. Although it may happen that skaters wear more tight-fitting clothing, these are always made with materials that allow them total freedom of movement.

The right shoes

This also applies to shoes: skaters prefer sneakers that have a good grip on the ground. Despite the increasing number of street style brands around, it is advisable to stay on the classic brands to get a more authentic look.

The sneakers par excellence used by skaters are Converse and Vans. Especially the latter is now defined as the brand of street style and skater style.

Summer options

Baggy jeans - or more generally wide pants - are associated with skaters’ style, but they are not always the best choice. During warmer seasons it is preferable to choose shorter trousers (cargo shorts), maybe in camouflage style.

Try to find those that have a loose fit and a lot of pockets.

1. They're very comfortable.

2. You can store stuff in your pockets not in your backpack


Winter options


As for the winter season, on the other hand, the choice really becomes very wide because in the last few years jeans and baggy pants have returned to fashion even for girls, like boyfriend jeans. In addition, wide-leg jeans are now in fashion even if they are washed out, torn or worn out. This makes them even more comfortable being a garment that you don't have to worry about too much. For men, even cargo pants prove to be an excellent alternative to baggy jeans.


Flannel shirts


A bit vintage inspiration but perfect to match the skater style are the flannel shirts. They can be found cheaply in vintage stores but are now also available in major clothing chains around the world, generally always at affordable prices.


Whether worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt, or on a pair of skinny jeans (but elasticized!), even closed up to the last button, they give the outfit that extra touch of '90s inspiration to our skater style, which today turns out to be more current than ever. You just have to try it!


Skater T-shirts


When you look at a skate style you will see that the main thing is its edgy and loose fit tones. The latest trends do match those retro styles with a more baggy fit (like oversized t-shirts and skinny trousers or vice versa). The difference is that the skater style is entirely inspired by the 90s. All the clothes are loosely fitted. This, therefore, applies to t-shirts also. With a monochrome black or white t-shirt, you can't really go wrong because those are neutral colors, which go well with everything. But don’t give it too much thought; skaters do wear all the colors. It is a vibrant culture.


Skate clothing as a fashion

Many of us have clothes attributable to the skater style in our wardrobe. But what do we mean when we talk about skater style? This style is preferable first of all, obviously, to skaters. Skate clothing is a fashion since the late 1990s. In the early 2000s, when Avril Lavigne released the song “Sk8r Boi” she became one of the pioneers of the skater style.


Indeed, at the 2016 Paris Fashion Week, Dior showed off its fall/winter collection by decorating the runway as if it was a skate track. With their various clothes inspired by style but, of course, revisited in a haute couture style, they became the first big fashion house to present skate style to the masses.

Rightly (or not, for fans of the genre) the skater style is no longer confined to skate ramps and is today a real fashion, even if this makes the skaters who practice this discipline look a little twisted. So you don't necessarily need to know how to skate or to own one to be able to wear this style well.

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10 Ultimate Skateboarding Apps

If you’re a skater, you’ve probably got a smartphone, and the typical apps installed: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat… all the usual apps for skating are great. But to get the very most out of each skate session, we’re bringing you the best ten skateboarding apps you’ve never heard of! From games to tracking apps, to education to skate spot locators, it’s all here! All of these apps are available for both apple and android devices; some are free, and others charge a minimal fee. Let’s get going!


First things first – you’ve got to know where you’re headed to shred. Everyone has their favorite spots, but this app uses crowdsourcing to share the skate knowledge with everyone! As a user, you can view and add geo-tagged skating locations – everything from skate parks to a rad curb you love can be shared with all of the apps users. Skatespots is super helpful especially when you’re traveling, or have moved to a new place. Instant skater knowledge at your fingertips! For best results, use the map feature to zoom in to your desired area, hit “reload” and watch the locations populate in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to add your favorite spots to the app so that other users can find and enjoy them too!


Shreddit: Skateboarding

Another way to find a sick skate locale is to use Shreddit, the skaters' version of Facebook. While it’s not as intuitive when it comes to locating potential skate spots (if that’s your only use for an app, go with Skatespots), but it gets the job done. Plus it’s a killer online gathering community for all things skateboarding. You can follow skater friends and celebrities, plus watch skateboarding tutorials and lessons if you’re trying to master that next trick. This app covers a board spectrum of needs for every skateboarder, plus it’s just fun to hang with your online crew.

Riders Skateboarding

If you’re looking to learn or perfect you trick skateboarding game, this is a must-have app. Covering a broad swath of extreme sports (skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, etc.), make sure you download the app specifically for skateboarding when you’re getting started. You’ll be able to view instructional narrated video lessons, watch user clips of others performing the trick, and eventually upload your video once you have something to share. And if you’re new to skate speak, hit up the dictionary function – it’ll keep you up to date on all the must-know lingo, bro.

Skatematic Skateboard Videos

While we’re on the subject of videos, check out this app that has anything and everything related to skateboarding in video format. It lets you watch any of the videos from You’ll never again be without your inspiration from Thrasher, Transworld, Huf, and many more! It’s like Hellaclips in app form; unlimited access to any skateboarding video at any time. Sick.


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With Electric skateboarding quickly growing in popularity, the Ride app has burst onto the scene at the perfect time. Allowing you to connect your Eskateboard to your mobile device wirelessly, you can now track you ride! Taking down every detail from route to speed, Ride will give you all the data you could ever need and more. You can share your rides with other users and track your progress over time. It’s an incredible tool for growth in the sport, but also fun when you just want to kick it and fly down the pavement.

Skate Dice

If trick skating is more your jam, enter SkateDice. The four spinners (think slot machine style) will randomly select tricks for you to perform. If you think you’ve mastered it all – think again! SkateDice will keep you on your toes with new trick combos as often as you tap your finger. The four spinners represent stance, frontside/backside, spin, and kickflip/heelflip. Each combo of four is challenging and fun to attempt. If you’re looking for a rad Saturday at the skatepark, look no further! And if you’re into the game of S.K.A.T.E., adding this to your game would be…a game changer (see what we did there?)! Try rolling different combos and see who gets to S.K.A.T.E. first!


Often people assume that you need expensive and complicated software to edit photos and videos – not true! Quick is an example of an easy to learn, easy to use, and low-cost video editor that no skater should be without. It can take raw GoPro footage and turn it into professional looking content in minutes. If you want to level up your Instagram or YouTube game, you NEED this. While it might not have every single option that the expensive software would, it does have all the tools you need to make your vids look rad, and you can do it all from your mobile device!


Similar to Quik, Colorstory is like photoshop light for your mobile phone. The worst picture can come out looking magazine-quality in seconds. All of the standard photo editing features are here and more. The one-touch curve editor alone is outstanding. Plus it comes preloaded with piles of amazing filters, and the ability to choose their intensity. Ever sat on Instagram trying to make your shot look sick and thought of a tool you’d love to have? It’s in this app, we promise. No pro photography skills needed – snap a pick, and a few clicks later it’s looking like skateboarding gold.

Skate Nerd

So you're into gaming? While this app won’t have you digitally skateboarding in dream locations (but keep reading, we’ve got you covered there!), you will grow your nerd quotient for skate knowledge! Like the Jeopardy of skateboarding, this app has trivia from the entirety of skateboard history. If you’re new to the sport and looking to learn, or an old pro who thinks he knows it all, try it out and test your skills. How many levels can you master?


Touchgrind Skate 2

We have to have a mobile skateboarding game, and this is far and away the very best. The game is fingerboard based, and you control the board by tapping and sliding your fingers across the screen. You can skate in a variety of dream locations and compete against yourself, the computer, and other users. And don’t worry about the hokey computer game music – you can play your own iTunes, Pandora station or Spotify playlist while you digitally shred.

Skate Space

Ok, we get it: the English translation is terrible in this game. But really, who cares? If you can look past the grammar, this is the most expansive and customizable skate simulator available. You can design your own skate park, make a custom character, and pick the perfect trick list. Then, share your creations with friends and skate them together in real-time. Yeah, the stamina meter is dumb. But this game is still the best reflection of the personality, free spirit, and endless possibility that defines skating in the real world. 

While there are tons of apps for skateboarders out there, these are our top pics for quality and usefulness. We hope they take you to places you’ve never been and help you master the trick you’ve been after for ages. So what are you waiting for? Download an app and get out there!

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10 Skater Girls to Follow on Instagram

Skater Girls Blog Header

These women are way more than chicks doing tricks – they’re skilled artists, savvy businesspeople, and socially-conscious influencers too. Instagram has become the place to spread the stoke about skating, share an empowering message, and even start a business. Follow these 10 accounts who are redefining what it means to #skatelikeagirl:

1. @sierra_prescott

Sierra is arguably the BEST skater to follow on Insta, male or female! Her mix of artful, authentic, and awe-inspiring photos are bright, cheery, and classic. The old-school vibe in her feed usually features her tall socks, bold colors, and hands high in pure joy. Sierra skates anything you throw her way – longboards, shortboards, or penny boards. This is what skating’s all about!

2. @paulinaeriksson

There’s a reason Paulina was one of our first Board Blazers team riders – her Instagram is filled with beautiful places, beautiful skating, and yes, beautiful people. Follow Paulina around the world, from Spain to Stockholm, and she’ll show you what it means to be a boss and #skatelikeagirl. With consistent, perfectly-edited photos, Paulina’s Instagram is the feed you wish you had.

Paulina Eriksson Board Blazers

(Photo credit: @paulinaeriksson)

3. @elise_crigar

Whether on land or on water, watching Elise ride is pure joy. A self-described “artist, skateboarder, and designer,” Elise is always inspiring, passionate, and positive. Her designer’s eye influences her feed, which features classic shots, beautiful locations, and some of her custom graphics. Living it up, chasing her dreams, and inspiring others – all in a day’s work for Elise!

4. @pacifictribeskateboards

This one’s for the guys. Pacific Tribe builds stunning wooden boards, but they’re nothing compared to the stunning women who ride them featured on this account. Company owner/builder/photographer Mark Swan is a master craftsman and has an eye for attracting attractive people to showcase his creations. Beautiful women on beautiful boards is a beautiful combination.

5. @nataliepluto

Natalie has long been a top YouTuber, known for her always-entertaining longboard freestyle instructional videos. But she’s becoming Insta-famous now too, thanks to some of the most crazy #longboarddancing clips you’ve ever seen. The epic edit she posted from Venice Beach in October 2018 has remained one of the most popular #longboarddancing clips of all time. Natalie isn’t just pushing the envelope of longboard freestyle – she is the envelope!

Natalie Pluto Board Blazers

 (Photo credit: @nataliepluto)

6. @louisemaurisset

Louise is blowing up Instagram, for good reason! Originally from France and now skating in Dana Point, CA, Louise radiates joy, energy, and happiness. Her new lifestyle brand Surf Locos has a similarly positive outlook too, donating a portion of their sales to ocean conservation programs to keep the good vibes going. It’s hard not to smile watching Louise shred!

(Photo credit: @louisemaurisset)

7. @elizabethskate

This is one of the prettiest pages on Instagram. All of Elizabeth’s photos are perfectly matched with a gorgeous aesthetic, showing off her skills, the boardwalk, and promising #beachvibes all year. Don’t miss her story too, where she shares a peek into her life behind all the skating, sun, and sand. It’s hard work making skating look this easy!

8. @leticiabufoni

You can’t talk about #skatergirls without mentioning Leticia Bufoni. Arguably the most famous female skateboarder of all time, Leticia’s channel is fun, fresh, and freewheeling. Yes, Leticia is mainstream, but watching her win skate contests, travel the world, and build her brand is inspiring. It’s wild to watch how far professional skating can take you, and watching Leticia crush it is the definition of #goals.  

Skater Girl Influencer

(Photo credit: Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels)

9. @grlswirl

Ok, we know this isn’t a person. But this “women-run community, business & sisterhood” is more than a skate crew, it’s a movement. There are girlswirl groups across the county, and this chapter in Venice Beach, California is the OG. Grlswirl’s mission is “to empower women through skate.” Clearly, they’re accomplishing that goal. Give them a follow, go to a group skate near you, and get on board!

10. @longboardgirlscrew

Like Girlswirl, Longboard Girls Crew is a passionate group of real women committed to real change. Since starting in Madrid in 2010, these women have organized Girls Meets, built a business, and brought attention to female longboarders across more than 180 countries. Watch the TEDx talk given by the group’s founder, Valeria Kechichian, and join them to “ride the shift” at Skate on!

Bonus: @boardblazers

We’re way more than just The Original LED Underglow Board Lights®. For guys and girls, young and old, we’re a community of all things skate. Not Insta-famous (yet), but want to featured by our account? Grab a set of lights, post some pics with #boardblazers, and you can be our next skate star!

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What's The Best Age To Start Skating?

what's the best age to start skateboarding?

Because it feels irresponsible to do otherwise, let's start off with the Skateboarding Safety warning:

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

* Children under age 5 years old should never ride a skateboard.
* Children aged 6 to 10 years old need close supervision from an adult or trustworthy adolescent whenever they ride a skateboard.

When young children are involved in skateboarding accidents, they are often injured severely. Skateboarding is a special risk for young children because they have:

* A higher center of gravity, less development and poor balance. These factors make children more likely to fall and hurt their heads.
* Slower reactions and less coordination than adults. Children are less able to break their falls.
* Less skill and ability than they think. Children overestimate their skills and abilities and are inexperienced in judging speed, traffic and other risks.


All right. We good? Are all the lawyers gone?

Here's the thing--YES, skateboarding can be dangerous. But also, it's dangerous at any age. There's never a time in your life that you can get on a skateboard and be guaranteed to get off unscathed.

So instead of continuing to scare you, let's celebrate some young skaters that already exist.


A Short List Of Young, Bad-A** Skaters

Or at least skaters who got their start young. And when I say young, in most cases, I mean really really young.

1. Sky Brown

Sky Brown is from Miyazaki, Japan, and is already a pro skater at age 8. She's been tearing it up from (clearly) a super-young age, and is the youngest female skater ever to compete in the Vans US Open Pro Series

2. Brighton Zeuner

I've talked about Brighton Zeuner elsewhere on this blog because she is SO COOL! At age 11, she was the youngest female athlete to be invited to the X games, AND she took home the 2016 Vans Park Series World Championship!

3. Jagger Eaton

As reported by GrindTV (editor's note mine):

"I can't believe I've been competing at the X Games for 4 years now," [Editor's note: When he was 11!] Jagger told GrindTV. "I've done Big Air for two years, Street for two years and it never gets old. I enjoy this event every time I come and I'm so thankful that they keep inviting me because I never want to stop coming!"

4. Tyshawn Jones

This interview from young pro Tyshawn Jones has him reminiscing about when he was 12 or 13, skating in the Bronx and happened to run into someone that changed his life forever. Teaser quote:

"If you want something, you’ve got to really be on it, you’ve got to practice every day, you’ve got to make sure you’re good at it and don’t just do it to make it—you’ve got to actually love it.

5. Alex Midler

Now 16 years old, Alex first started skating when he was 3, and quickly fell in love with it. Today, he's sponsored by a ridiculous number of companies, including Redbull, GoPro, and Nike SB.

6. Asher Bradshaw

Asher Bradshaw was 10 years old when he landed a 900--for reference, this is a trick that Tony Hawk first landed when he was 31. ONLY twelve other skaters have landed this trick. Go Asher!!


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A Shorter List Of Old, Bad-A** Skaters

So yes--there are all the incredible youthful skaters. Amazing! But also, have you noticed that people tend to think of skateboarding as just for young people? 

Here are 4 examples of skaters arguably well-past the societally-prescribed "skating prime," but not letting that stop them in any way.

(Editor's note: Yes, I know that 50 is not "old." But it kind of is in professional-athlete years. Just roll with me here.)

1. Lance Mountain

If you're 42 and think you can't get asked to skate as part of a team, think again! Lance Mountain, a lifelong skater, was asked at age 42 to represent Flip. Today he's 53 and still shredding it! Click the link to browse through his illustrious career.

2. Steve Caballero

A self-described "professional skateboarder, artist, musician, hot rodder, motocross enthusiast and vintage motorcycle collector," Steve Caballero skates right past the you're-too-old-for-this noise at age 61. He was also part of the infamous Bones Brigade, and is credited with inventing a ton of tricks, including the "Caballerial."

3. The 'Sisters of Shred' - 50+ year old moms who skate

Okay, wow. Are you looking for something to seriously brighten your day? Then please watch and enjoy this short documentary on women over the age of 50 who are both continuing to skate and learning to skate. 

4. Neal Unger

I'll let you behind the curtain for a moment. If you Google "oldest skateboarder," Neal Unger dominates the search results--probably because of this well-filmed mini-documentary that shows his spiritual approach to skateboarding. Teaser quote: "As I gain more balance in life, I also gain more balance on my skateboard."


What's the best age to start skating? Whatever age works for you. Start slow, wear safety gear, and tune out the haters.

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