Best Skateboard Gifts for Kids

by Board Blazers April 21, 2021 5 min read

Most people find it challenging to shop for kids who are into skateboarding. I mean, besides a board, a helmet, and possibly some protective padding, what else could they possibly need, right?


 The truth is, there are a lot of options to choose from. From stands to sneakers, the sky’s the limit! All you need is a tiny spark to get your creativity flowing.

In today’s article, our team will be sharing the ten best gift ideas we came across. Together, let’s make your loved one’s birthday or bar mitzvah a tad bit more special with the following skateboard accessories.


1. Super Cool Sneakers

You can’t go wrong with a present as awesome as the Nike Kids’ SB Skateboarding Shoes.


Nike Kids’ SB Skateboarding Shoes

These sneakers are specially lined with a rubber sole and foam-padded collar for maximum comfort. Your niece or nephew can spend all day outdoors without feeling any aches on their feet. Its high-cut design helps protect the ankle from any potential injuries, too.

It also doesn’t hurt that the Nike Kids’ SB Skateboarding Shoes look good! We love its grey, black, white, and lime green color pattern. Whether it’s with shorts or jeans, these Nike’s are a natural fit!


2. LEGO City MiniFigure

Every aspiring skateboarder dreams of owning a smaller version of themselves. So while they haven’t made it big yet, the LEGO City MiniFigure will just have to do, at least for the time being.

This toy doesn’t do much besides being fun to play with. Kids can simply control this little guy and make him do all sorts of different tricks. Ollies, Rail Jumps, or even the Psycho White Boy - whatever stunt, he can probably master.

LEGO City MiniFigure


Hopefully, practicing with this LEGO City MiniFigure can inspire them to try it out on their own. And who knows? This could end up being a valuable collector’s item someday!


3. Skateboard Stand




Don’t you just hate it when your son or daughter leaves their board lying, especially around the stairs or kitchen? This makes a skateboard stand a perfect gift. Not just for them, but yourself included.

Among all possible choices, the Origami Skate Rack by Skater Trainers seems like the most viable option. It’s a free-standing accessory, so no drilling is required, and fits snuggly inside your closet. With this, storage is never an issue.

One thing to note, though, is that it’s suited only for trick skateboards, and not longboards or penny boards. Nevertheless, so as long as it fits, the Origami Skate Rack will undoubtedly teach your child the value of responsibility.

A win-win situation, if we do say so ourselves.


4. Board Blazers


Board Blazers Crazy Color


These multi-color LED Underglow Lights offer consumers a quick and easy way to customize their ride. They’re designed to provide skateboarders with enough visibility at night, so oncoming vehicles can be alerted that you are around.

Besides the obvious safety benefits, Board Blazers, as they are commonly known, can be easily attached to skateboards, longboards, or electric scooters using adhesive tape. Even pre-teens won’t have trouble installing it.

Each set comes with four LED Underglow Lights in various colors already. Additionally, it comes with batteries, too. This easily makes the Board Blazer one of the best skateboard gifts for kids you could give.


5. Vintage Skateboard T-Shirt

Never underestimate the power of wearing a really good-looking shirt, just like this one.

Skateboarding Vintage Retro Skateboarder T-Shirt

Since many of the young skateboarders we know are secretly fashionable - or at least trying to be - the Vintage Retro T-Shirt can do a lot in maintaining their confidence. And feeling good about themselves often leads to better performance when shredding out on the street.

Plus, it’s got the image of an activity they are fully invested in right now.

The Vintage Retro T-Shirt is made from high-quality materials, is machine washable, and helps keep them cool and fresh when outdoors. This comes in five distinct colors as well, so you can just choose which one is their favorite.

Oh, and did we mention this shirt comes in styles for boys, girls, and children. Can someone say, matchy-matchy?


6. Recovered Skateboard Wood Cellphone Case

The Recover Skateboard Cellphone Case isn’t your typical mobile phone holder.

Recover Skateboard Cellphone Case

For one, it’s made from refurbished wood and Polycarbonate, creating a wonderfully rustic housing for gadgets. Each case is also one-of-a-kind with no two items sharing the same granular patterns. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Another quality we love is its slim design.

The Recover Skateboard Cellphone Case fits perfectly inside your pocket and provides access to all the necessary controls.

This gift idea is perfect for children of all ages. Unfortunately, though, it’s only compatible with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. So please take note. Hopefully, the company releases variants for other cellphone models soon.

7. Shades or Sunglasses

Spending time outside, under the sun, can be irritating at times. That’s why owning a reliable pair of sunglasses or shades has become almost necessary. It protects your eyes, offering better vision when riding a skateboard.
Epoch x Lutzka Sports Sunglasses
The Epoch x Lutzka Sports Sunglasses provides these wonderful benefits, and a lot more.

Besides being extremely stylish, each one is 100-percent UVA and UVB resistant. This means they are capable of deflecting any harmful rays, away from your face.

Its green mirror lens is incredibly eye-catching, too, and can complement any outfit. This makes it an ideal gift for kids ten-years-old and above. They’ll have loads of fun, and look good doing so.


8. Polaroid Cube+ Lifestyle Camera


Polaroid Cube+ Lifestyle Camera


How cool would it look to have an action camera strapped to your child’s arm or helmet? They’d be able to capture every memory and facial expression, whether good or bad, when riding on their skateboard.

The Polaroid Cube+ Lifestyle Camera lets its users capture videos in high-definition. 1080p resolution, to be exact. This is perfect for vlogging, the production of short films, and basically, just goofing around with friends.

To prevent getting broken easily, you can pair the Polaroid Cube+ Lifestyle Camera with its plastic enclosure. This, essentially, makes it waterproof, free from scratches, and kept safe when accidentally dropped.

A present such as this will probably cost a lot of money. But if you’re fine with that, it should immediate put you in the gift-giving hall of fame!


9. Custom S.K.A.T.E. Dice

Add a twist to skateboarding with these Custom S.K.A.T.E. Dice.


Custom S.K.A.T.E. Dice

Instructions are pretty simple. All one needs is to roll the dice and execute whatever trick comes out. It’s a perfect game for groups of four people or more. They can implement a scoring system or vote who does what best. Whichever the case, it’s sure to bring loads of fun for everyone.

We also love that consumers can tailor-make the dice themselves. Each set comes with sticker sheets that include stances and a particular trick. Use those to fill in all faces, then design however they please.


10. A Good Old Cap

If all else fails, gifting a cap as trendy as this should be enough to put a smile on their face.


 ACIO Santa-Cruz Skateboards Cap

The ACIO Santa-Cruz Skateboards Cap is simple, practical, and comes in six unique shades. Its adjustable buckle closer likewise ensures that it fits comfortably and won’t suddenly fly off when skating in the park.

This balance of functionality and style is a big reason why we consider it one of the most underrated skateboard gifts for kids, possibly ever.



From clothes to gadgets, to skateboard lights - you can’t go through with any of the best gift ideas for kids we mentioned. Just be sure to consider the personality of your son, daughter, niece, or nephew. Ultimately, as long as it comes from you, we’re sure they will greatly appreciate it.


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