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The Most Essential Safety Gear

Skateboarding can be an easy, fun, and healthy activity. It can prove to be a very effective means of transportation in crowded cities or around college campuses, but like any other activity that involves high speed and balance, not wearing the right kind of protection can prove to be a bad idea.

As electric skateboards rise to prominence, the importance of safety gear is even more important. Heaven forbid something happen to you when you're riding one of the fastest electric skateboards!

You should remember though: everyone falls at some point so it's important to be prepared. Here’s a list of the most essential skateboard safety gear you’ll need (and might thank us for later).


Whether you are riding a motorcycle, bike, or any other vehicle that goes fast, a helmet is definitely the first accessory you should put on the shopping list. It’s the top priority for safety gear. As simple as it is, the helmet becomes a vital layer between your skull and the hard surface you are riding on. There is no excuse for letting your helmet accumulate dust at home. Forget about the stereotype that wearing a helmet makes you look like an astronaut. (Yet, I always thought being an astronaut was cool). A quick search on the Internet can render countless stories where the only notable consequence of a skating accident was a broken helmet. Imagine if those people decided against wearing helmets on those particular days. Of course, kids can be hard-headed sometimes (helmet pun!), so we’ve also compiled a list of the best ways to get your kids to wear a helmet.


Skate Shoes

Although you might not consider shoes part of the safety gear for skateboarding, they are able to make the difference between a good and bad ride. Safety is not restricted to cushioning against falls. Most falls are caused by a loss of balance when turning or doing tricks. The main culprit for this is the sole of your shoes. In order to better control the movement of the skateboard underneath, you should be able to transmit movement commands from your body to the board. Skate shoes have flat soles that provide the maximum surface area to contact the board, offering improved control. Special shoes can be found in shops dedicated to skateboarding, but you should not be surprised to find regular pairs of shoes, especially those made by Vans and Converse, that work just as well. Plus, this video explains how to extend the life of your skate shoes:

Knee Pads

When falling off a skateboard, the knees and wrists are the most exposed parts of the body. Bruised knees aren’t battle scars, they’re a sign that you need knee pads. Wearing knee pads is not something just for kids or inexperienced skaters. Even seasoned riders will appreciate the information KidsHealth has compiled a lot of useful information regarding knee injuries. Putting the knee first is a normal response to limit the impact height, but it can cause very ugly injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to have protection on your knees.

Elbow and Wrist Guards

Elbows and wrists are some of the most commonly injured body parts when skating. Again, the greatest risk is joint injury. Wearing elbow pads and wrist guards can prevent or limit all kinds of skateboard-related injuries. The next time you’re hurtling toward the pavement, you’ll thank us. Not all pads have to look bulky though – here’s a list of the best skateboard pads to wear.

Skate Clothing

To prevent inventible road rash after a nasty fall, skaters often prefer long pants and long-sleeved shirts. This is an awesome way to make safety look cool. By combining the latest styles, most popular brands, and your own creativity, you can stand out while riding safely! Of course, make sure not to pick clothing that’s too restrictive, so that you have plenty of freedom of movement when riding. Baggy clothing is often popular with skaters, but be sure not to wear clothing that’s so loose that it drags on the ground or gets caught in your board.

At Board Blazers, we strive to make riding as safe and fun as possible. Leave us a comment below and be sure to check out our other blog posts for other ways you can maximize your skateboarding experience. Give us a quick like on our Facebook page at Safe skating!


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