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Meet David Elizondo: Why a College Freshman Chose to Skateboard

This month we sat down with David Elizondo, an avid skater and student at Arizona State University. He’s 19, from San Diego, California, and currently studies business at ASU. Although David has only been in college for one year, he has a ton of great advice for incoming freshman as well as other current students. Read what he has to say about skating from class to class.

Favorite Hobby: Snowboarding

David ElizondoFavorite Place to Eat: In-N-Out Burger

Favorite Movie: Inception

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m an avid adventurer and am always looking for new areas around San Diego and ASU to enjoy and explore. I just finished my freshman year at ASU and am looking forward to reconnecting with friends when I return in the fall.

2.) What activities are you involved with in school?

I’m currently a member of the outdoor adventure and business law clubs at ASU and am looking forward to participating in intramural soccer next semester.

3.) Do you think having a means of transportation is necessary for college students?

Being able to transport quickly is definitely necessary for college students, particularly at a large campus like ASU where walking from corner to corner can take over 15 minutes.

4.) What is your preferred means of transportation, especially around the college campus?

I love skating around campus and between classes because it’s quick, fun, and more secure. I can bring my board inside with me without having to worry about locking it up like a bike.

5.) Why do you enjoy skateboarding?

Skateboarding can be a relaxing cruise or a high-speed adrenaline rush. The variety ensures that it’s always exiting.

6.) When did you first learn to skateboard and what sparked this interest?

I really started skateboarding while looking for a summer activity to replace snowboarding and found it to be a fun alternative. You can skate nearly anywhere that has sidewalks for free and it gives you a ton of freedom since you can get around faster and easier.

David conquering the slopes

7.) What tips do you have for people learning to skateboard?

Be patient and don’t give up! The best way to improve is by pushing yourself to try new things and get comfortable on a board.

8.) For the students who only walk to class, what do you have to say to them?

Grab yourself a skateboard, a set of Board Blazers, and get moving!

9.) Tell the readers some of your favorite benefits of skating.

Riding a board is a great way to relieve stress and have fun with friends. You can ride nearly anywhere and once you have your equipment it doesn’t cost a cent!

10.) Why do you think Board Blazers LED lights could heighten your riding experience?

Besides the fact that they look awesome, having lights under my board just makes a lot of sense. It increases nighttime visibility.

11.) What’s up next with your Board Blazers?

Going out tonight and showing off to my friends!

Whether you’re college student or the parent of an incoming freshman, we hope David was able to shed some light on shredding around campus. Connect with David on Facebook and comment below if you have any questions for him.


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