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Top 5 Summer Skateboarding Camps in the United States

Summer skateboarding camps are the best way to experience the best skate parks across the county. Summer for many kids means endless skateboarding, meeting new friends, and learning new tricks. We hope you enjoy our list of the top five summer skateboarding camps you won’t want to miss!

1. Windells Summer Skateboard Camp

You’ve probably already heard of this camp as over 150 professional skateboarders have been in attendance. The camp takes place in Portland, Oregon near Mt. Hood. Both day and overnight camps are available. Day camps include three meals a day and professional coaching. Overnight camps include 24-hour supervision, three meals, professional coaching, comfortable cabins, and tons of other activities. Windells Summer Skateboard Camp attracts skateboarders from all across the world from New Zealand to South Korea.

2. Ohio Dreams Skateboarding Program

Ohio Dreams is located in Butler, Ohio. What sets this camp apart from other camps is that the instructors will spend incredible time guiding and coaching you. They will record your tricks and even give you feedback on how you can improve.

Their camp was designed by skaters themselves, so they know how to create an awesome experience. With their huge indoor and outdoor skate parks, we are sure you will have one of the best summers of your life. In addition, they also have a pool, trampoline, and camp fires.

3. Camp Woodward

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Camp Woodward’s skate program is not only located in Pennsylvania, but also held in California and Colorado. Their program primarily focuses on skills, balance, and style. A typical day consists of fun group instruction sessions, followed by individual attention on skateboard tricks. Instructors are spread out throughout the entire area, each with their own experience and skills to share and teach.

Daily coaching is not only educational, but also fun for kids.  Two and a half hours a day will be spent with some of the best skateboarding staff from around the country. They will be going through the entire complex, which includes 22 unique skating areas. Plus this camp has a pool, water slide, go-karts, and paintball!

Camp Woodward has become almost another home for many of the world’s best professional skateboarders. Check to see who will be at camp when you’re there!

4. Ramp Camp

Ramp Camp, found in New Hampshire, has the perfect combination of instruction and fun for kids. There will be time for kids to freely skate, play games, watch videos, and hang out. One on one lessons are available at any time during the camp, instructors generally make announcements to begin the day for campers to sign up for one.

At Ramp Camp, campers don’t focus on learning the most amount of tricks, but instead whether or not they are improving. Instructors at Ramp Camp are constantly making sure that the campers are improving and learning. They focus on the small things and technical skills to build a solid foundation.

5. Blue Camp by Berkeley

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This skateboarding camp, provided by University of California, Berkeley, offers a beginner’s camp as well as an elite camp. The beginner’s camp allows those that want to learn the basics of skateboarding to do exactly that. In the elite camp, skateboarders that have already matured will take on larger ramps, learn advanced tricks, and ways to minimize injury. Skaters will receive the needed skateboarding experience through this nationally recognized skateboard program. Campers will generally ride with skaters their own age and similar skill level. They will also have the opportunity to meet sponsored and professional skateboarders that will visit the camp and perform demos.

What’s your favorite? Comment below to let our readers know!


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