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5 Skateboarding Tricks You Can Learn In ONE DAY!

You read that right! Want to master a trick or two or FIVE in a day? We’re bringing you a full line up of just those sorts of moves. If you have a board and know how to push, get ready because you're about to be prepared to show off your skillz at the skate park (or at least to the kids down the block). If you’re looking for directions for how to ollie or kickflip within a day, we hate to burst your bubble, but those tricks take a while to master, and you shouldn’t expect them to come to you immediately. BUT! Skating is all about making progress, and these five tricks will make you feel like you’re progressing toward skating greatness – and you are!

We’re linking a bunch of videos here by Braille Skateboarding, which if you aren’t familiar with them, GO WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE. They’re a seriously impressive group of skaters whose sole purpose is to get more people to try and love skating. They are the hands-down best pick for skateboarding tutorials from beginner level right up through expert. Skaters and shredders, we are proud to present: ONE DAY SKATE TRICKS!

1. Flip Jump Mount

While you could argue that this isn't exactly a "trick," boy will you look baller if you mount your board like this in front of your homies. As Aaron mentions in the video, it might be best to practice this trick on grass or carpet first so that you can get the hang of the jumping part and add in the balancing step later. Start with your board, deck side up, placed over the tops of your feet. Make sure your feet are situated right beneath the trucks for optimal balance.

Speaking of trucks. Check out our ultimate guide on high and low trucks!

With confidence, take a big hop into the air, flipping your board onto its wheels and landing with your feet firmly planted on the grip tape. While you might not land this on the first try, we're willing to bet you can master it within 10 minutes. Believe us, we tried with a clutzy staffer in a grassy yard - if she can do it, you can! Once you've mastered the flip jump mount in the grass, try it on the sidewalk. It'll take a few more tries, and perhaps a bruise or two, but you'll definitely have this one in the bag within a day! We should also add that this looks majorly rad done at night with a set of Board Blazers

2. Nosebleed

The only prior skill you need for this trick is to know how to push your board along. If you can push, then you can learn to nosebleed, which will naturally grow into a noseslide, and how sick will that be?! You will first want to find the right kind of curb. As you can see in the clip above, a squared-off curb is what you're looking for when you choose your location. Skip any of the curbs with rolls and humps. Also, make sure you have plenty of space to roll directly at the curb. Once you've found an ideal spot, start by slowly pushing along headed straight toward the curb.

When you're just about to run directly into the curb (try this slowly a time or two, if you're nervous!), shift your weight quickly to your back leg and pop up the front wheels. You should only need to pop them an inch or two at most to give the nose of your board the room it needs to rock onto the top of the curb. Once you feel your board stop moving as it hits the curb, gently shift your weight onto your front foot and rock the board into the air. To finish, shift your weight back again and roll off and away from the curb with your rear foot now in the lead.

Honestly, the hardest part about learning this trick (and to be fair, most tricks!) is to have the confidence to pop the board like you mean it. And the second hardest part will be combining all of those steps into a fluid motion. But we definitely believe its simple enough to master in under an hour. Go try!

3. Caveman

The Caveman builds off of the skills you learned on the Flip Jump Mount, and it builds toward the skills you'll need for our fifth and final trick, so definitely don't skip this one! Since you are already confident about jumping onto the board, this is just a slight variation. You will want to start with the board in your hand (the same hand as your lead foot) and your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly drop your board directly in front of you, while you take a small hop into the air. The goal is for your feet to hit the board at the same time your board's wheels are hitting the ground. This is another move that works well when practiced first in a grassy area or on carpeting. This will allow you to focus on timing the drop of your board and your jump. Once you've got that mastered, move to the sidewalk and work on your balance as you stick the landing. With your skills from before, this is definitely a one-afternoon (or less!) trick!

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4. Ride Off Curb


Braille Skateboarding has an entire tutorial video about this one move, so definitely go give that a watch at some point! The first and most basic step for this trick is being able to roll along smoothly and confidently while holding up the front end of your board, meaning you're moving along the sidewalk with only the back two wheels on the ground. Give yourself a good amount of time to get that fully mastered before moving on. If you can lift your board high enough to ride over a crack, then you're ready. 

When you roll off a curb, you want to keep your board level as you and the board drop off the edge. By popping your front wheels up ever so slightly, you will resist the urge to follow gravity and force all of your weight down onto your front foot as you roll off. If you do this, you'll know right away, because the nose of your board will jut into the ground and your forward momentum will throw you off. If you pop up just enough, you should roll smoothly off the curve, be airborne for a split second, and then land solidly on all four wheels. Once you've landed this, then you just roll away like it's nothing. The major skills at play here are the ability to pop your board (like we mentioned earlier), the confidence to land on your board on all four wheels (similar to the Caveman move), and then the balance to stick the landing and roll away. If you've mastered the three previous tricks, this one won't be too much of a stretch for you! 

5. 5-Finger Boneless


Now there are tons of boneless moves out there. Boneless basically means that your hand is on the board while you are performing the trick. Boneless moves are great for beginners because you're always in contact with the board with either your feet or a hand - you have total control. 

For this particular boneless move, push forward as normal. Then, while rolling, reach down and grab the front middle of your board with your rear hand. Step off the board with your front foot, lift up the board with your rear hand while keeping your rear foot on the board. Then, release your hand, allowing your board to drop back to the ground, all while keeping your rear foot in contact with the board. You want to jump your front foot back on the board at the exact moment when all four wheels hit the ground. Then you sail away like it was nothing! This move is much less "scary" in that you don't ever fully lose contact with the board or the ground, but it can take a while to make the motion fluid enough that it looks smooth. With an afternoon to tackle it though, we have confidence that you'll master it! 

So, ready to get out and shred? We challenge you to commit just an hour or two to a few of these tricks. We bet you'll walk away with new skills, a new confidence, and fall in love just a little bit more with skateboarding. 
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Don't forget to hit us up on Instagram @BoardBlazers. Tag us in your progress videos! And with that, it's time to walk away from the screen, grab your board, and give these five tricks a try!

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