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7 Skateboard Brands About to Break Out!

In an industry as saturated as skateboarding, it can be hard to get your product or brand noticed. There are thousands (maybe millions!) of choices when you skate. From your selection of board and wheels to helmets accessories and clothing, it can be hard to set yourself apart from the crowd with gear that’s quality but also unique enough to express your individual style. We’re breaking down some up-and-coming skateboarding companies and brands that you’ll definitely want to watch. And why not pick up some gear while you’re at it?

First up is a company we’ve admired for some time. Not only do they produce the best skateboarding wheels around, but they also have an apparel line that puts all that mainstream skate junk to shame. With unique designs that go way beyond their logo (although that’s pretty rad too), BDubz has something for every skater. And seriously, don’t skip their wheels, we dare you not to fall in love with them on your first ride (try Gambler’s Blades – they look sick at night next to Board Blazers!). They’re the only company which secured a patent on their lightweight alloy skateboard rims, so you know it’s going to be legit. Hit up their website or give them a follow on Instagram @bdubzwheels – you won’t regret it!


Speaking of all things RAD, you’ve got to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of pro skater Sierra Prescott. This skater girl has everything going for her! Not only is she in possession of some mad skills when it comes to skateboarding, but she’s also a budding professional photographer, model, and last year she launched her brand, “Life is Rad” as a collaboration with Street Plant Brand. As longtime believers in the power of positivity and the love of all things skate, we can totally get behind the motto! Pick up some of her gear, which includes boards, stickers, and apparel before it’s gone! And if you aren’t already following her, head over to her Instagram page at @sierra_prescott – we dare you not to be inspired!

When we first heard about BoardUp, we could barely believe what they promised us: a FOLDABLE longboard that doesn’t sacrifice performance or style. For as long as skateboarding has existed, it’s been a challenge to travel with your board. And for almost just as long, inventors have been trying to come up with a way to make a more compact version of a skate deck. Just look at the popularity of Penny boards! But for those of us who prefer longboarding and cruising, we’ve resigned ourselves to our larger skate decks. No more!! BoardUp offers an incredible skateboard that folds in the middle to fit into a standard size backpack! Their 100% unique design is totally genius and is changing the game of longboarding. If you check out nothing else, make sure to give them a look – they’re revolutionizing an industry! Follow them on IG @goboardup for more.



If you’re looking for a little more girl power in your life, look no further than GirlShredClips on Instagram. Their goal is to share videos and photos of female skaters regardless of their level of experience. From newbies to old pros, they’re all about fostering the female skate community, and that’s a mission we fully support. Their account will bring you laughs, feels, and skate inspiration galore. If you’re a shredder chick, start tagging them in your vids, you might get some awesome exposure! For anyone who loves this sport and the community that surrounds it, @girlsshredclips is a must follow.


Raise your hand if you’d like to be better at skateboard tricks! Now that everyone’s hands are in the air, we’re here to bring you the solution: Skate Trainers. Nope, that’s not a fancy service that comes out and teaches you private lessons. Skate Trainers are rubber slips for your wheels that are small enough to fit into your pocket but deliver big time. Simply slip them over your wheels while trying to perfect your jumping motions, and you eliminate the board’s ability to slide away from you. Spend a while perfecting your major moves, then remove the Skate Trainers and focus on keeping your board underneath you. Believe us when we say they work! You can learn skate tricks in a fraction of the time it would typically take. Pick up a pair and then follow them @skatertrainer for more tips and tricks!


It’s the dream we all hope for: a group of friends gets together to skate, and after a while, they’re all so legendary that they start their own brand and inspire skaters all over the world! Our friends TXLongboarders are living that very dream. And while they were already excellent skaters when they began this journey, now they’re incredible skaters with a rad following and some killer merch. If you’re looking for some of the freshest longboarding videos around, then look no further. From hill bombs to garage night shreds, you could watch their content for hours – and you should! Give them a follow @txlongboarders and grab some of their dope gear!


Do you ever find it hard to stow your board safely? Sure, you can toss it on a shelf or into a corner, but it’s designed to be mobile, and if you’re like us, you find your board rolling around without you more than you would like. The Parking Block is here to solve all of your skateboard storage problems! It can safely store and display both vert and street boards, as well as most longboards. You’ll be glad to stop scratching and smudging your walls while still keeping your board safe and not tripping over it in the middle of the night (not that we’ve ever had that happen ;)). The molded plastic sits flat on the floor while its rubberized base safely supports your board in an upright position. And with the low price, there’s no reason not to give this a try! Learn more by following them

If you were looking for inspiration, we hope you’ve found it here! From motivational content to revolutionary design to helpful gadgets, there’s enough here to keep you busy for ages! So get out there and try out something new – let us know how it goes! Reach out on Instagram @boardblazers and let us know what you think of our picks!

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