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Alternatives to Boosted Board Lights

Launched in 2012, Boosted Boards is often the first board that comes to mind when you think of electric skateboards. Throughout the years, they developed multiple electric skateboards, an electric scooter and electric skateboard lights - Boosted Beams.

Alternatives to boosted board lights

After just 8 years on the market, though, Boosted Boards ultimately tanked in 2020. It was dealt a crushing blow by the tariff war between China and the United States of America. Just last year, reports surfaced that the company had to layoff a “significant portion” of its employees.

Naturally, they stopped manufacturing products, too, which includes their scooters, skateboards, and Boosted Beams. With regular software updates being rolled out, those lighting devices that have been sold stopped performing at optimum levels. Bugs began surfacing that affected the company’s credibility.

For the people who just want the answers, here's a brief summary.

This light is less than half the price of comparable options and is perfect for all electric skateboards. Simply wrap it around your trucks and you'll be seen as you skate down the street.

These lights are used by many electric skateboard riders and are known for their brightness and customer service. They are expensive though... so save up!

While these may not have the durability of a finished product like the tail light or Shred Lights, these are great for hobbyists who love to tinker and support other individuals in their endeavors.


Top 3 Alternatives to the Boosted Beams

A cult favorite, Boosted Beams were one of the best electric skateboard lights on the market. Unfortunately now, they’re nowhere to be found. Our team scoured the market to identify the top 3 alternatives to Boosted Beams. It may not be an exact match, but at least it offers a lot of the same benefits.

1. Shredlights SL-200 Combo Pack

alternatives to boosted boards

Without a doubt, the brand known to have the widest selection of skateboard accessories is Shredlights. It offers lighting solutions not only for longboards and shortboards, but also bikes, scooters, helmets, and backpacks. 

Among its countless offerings, the Shredlights SL-200 Combo Pack immediately comes to mind. And is perhaps the crown jewel of this collection.

The Shredlights SL-200 Combo Pack may be small in stature, yet performs double its size. This device is often placed on the front portion of your skateboard. It serves as headlights, providing up to 200-lumens of brightness. That’s more than good enough to ride through areas that are completely pitch black.

Installing it is relatively easy, too. The Shredlights SL-200 uses a special S-Lock system for quick and easy mounting and disassembly. 

Users can even keep the brackets on while replacing switching the lighting fixtures, which cuts your preparation time significantly.

Serious skateboarders know how important being visible is at night, especially around dimly-lit locations. The Shredlights SL-200 Combo Pack provides a careful balance of functionality and aesthetics. Truly a useful tool to have on any situation.

2. Board Blazers


boosted board lights alternatives


Coming in 8 distinct colors, Board Blazers is another popular lighting fixture used by thousands of skateboarders all over the world. 

Unlike other brands, it doesn’t require any mounting equipment. Instead, each pack comes with an adhesive material, almost like double-sided tape. Users need only cut a portion of it, attach to the underside of your board, peel of the protective lining, stick the light, and twist.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of steps required because each one is pretty simple to do. Collective, it also won’t take more than a few minutes.

Once you’re content with where everything is positioned, you can go ahead and begin riding. Board Blazers offer up enough visibility when skating through parks, sidewalk, or alley ways. As soon as oncoming motorists see those vividly flashing lights, they’ll know to slow down or at least approach with caution.

We would recommend this device to young skateboarders, who are only still just beginning to discover their passion. Board Blazers may not be able to light up too much of your surroundings, but they are certainly a fun and extremely valuable accessory to own. 

You may even choose to give them as gifts to people close to your heart.

3. Illume V2.5 E-Board Headlights by Etsy

Illume V2.5 E-Board Headlights

The final brand we found that’s a viable alternative to Boosted Board lights is the Illume V2.5 E-Board Headlights by Etsy. And while a few users found it difficult to use at the beginning, overall, its benefits still outweigh any potential issues.

Visually, this device makes the entire skateboard look like Wall-E. Contrary to Shredlights or Board Blazers, lights are affixed on top of the board, particularly on each edge. This gives you a better line of sight when moving around after dark.

The downside with this set up, though, is that some individuals feel awkward, not knowing where exactly to put their feet. There’s a slightly steeper learning curve required, but nothing that can’t be learned. 

And in the long run, we find it better suited for avoiding obstructions and keeping you away from accidents.

Given its price and relative user-friendliness, our team would recommend the Illume V2.5 E-Board Headlights by Etsy to beginner and novice skateboarders alike. It’s one of the most well-reviewed products on the market.

Best of all, every set sold comes with a lifetime warranty, which indicates how confident the manufacturers are in their product. And in case that isn’t enough yet, their customer service channels are impeccable, readily willing to answer questions, should you have any.



Nowadays, users will have at least three quality alternatives to choose from when riding at night. This way, they are surely made more visible at night and free from accidents.

Ultimately, every rider’s safety is our main priority. If you're looking for more choices of Longboard Lights, our friends at Switch Magazine have written more on the topic!

So should you need any sort of proper illumination, Shredlights, Board Blazers, and Illume V2.5 E-Board Headlights by Etsy surely won’t let you down.

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