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Best Light-Up Longboard Wheels

skateboard led wheels
Imagine yourself riding along a dark alleyway, doing every skateboard trick imaginable, with bright lights flashing. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Well, with light-up longboard wheels, that could all be possible.

These accessories are specially designed to provide additional visibility at night, with a touch of flamboyance, too. Because of those reasons - apart from many others that we’ll be discussing today - light-up wheels have become a popular accessory to own for skateboarders all over the world.

So whether you’re in it for the style or functionality, you might want to consider buying a set for yourself, too. These best light-up longboard wheels are awesome in more ways than one.


How to Use Light-Up Longboard Wheels

Before we even get into the different brands, let’s get one thing straight first. Light-up longboard wheels are not meant to replace your skateboard headlights. They’re not nearly as strong or capable enough to properly illuminate an area. Having these alone won’t give you a good enough line-of-sight to safely right around after dark.

Its main objective is only to alert everyone that you are around. When oncoming cars, bikers, and pedestrians see those flashing lights, they’ll know to steer clear, or at least be more cautious. This way, we significantly reduce the risk of accidents happening.

Light-up wheels are also used by millions as a way to personalize their board. Choosing from the different colors, designs, sizes, and shapes is often an accurate depiction of their character. More than anything, it’s a way to express themselves in the most vivid way possible.


How do Light Up Skateboard Wheels Work?

Unlike LED strips or underglow lights, light-up wheels are not battery-operated. Rather, inside its Polyurethane shell, there is a magnetic collar that, when spun around, causes the entire wheel to illuminate. Copper wires are used to connect everything together and make sure energy is passed on without any impediment.

Just like regular skateboard wheels, these light-it-up wonders come in various textures, too. There are the anti-rockers for moving at high speeds, all-terrains to glide across rugged surfaces, air-filled tires to maneuver around comfortably, and our personal favorite, the phosphorescent wheels, which is perfect for night-time riding.

Looking for help in picking out a new longboard. Check out our guide of the best longboard brands here!

5 Best Light-Up Longboard Wheels

Without further adieu, let’s take a dive and discover what are the top options currently on the market. We’ll be evaluating each one based on their best, worst, and most noteworthy qualities.


1. Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel with ABEC-9 Bearing


Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel with ABEC-9 Bearing


Considered by many as having the brightest LED lights in the industry, this offering from Sunset Skateboards is truly one-of-a-kind. It has the unique ability to transform any longboard from dull to dynamic. And you won’t even need batteries!

Made from high-quality Durometer Urethane, the Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheels are long-lasting and designed to ensure a smooth ride, no matter the territory. Inside each one, you’ll find ABEC-9 bearings already inserted for quick installation. It won’t take you more than ten minutes to get everything in order.

Another notable quality is its patented wheel-core technology. It utilizes kinetic energy to harness the power and automatically light everything up. And the best part is even after several years, its brightness won’t diminish. No wonder so many satisfied customers consider it as the most reliable light-up longboard wheels set currently available.

Note: if you’re going to buy LED skateboard wheels on Amazon - these are the ONLY legitimate brand. They have a patent on the light up skateboard wheel technology. So while you may see other sellers - these will be the most reliable brand!

Its unwavering luminosity will be a major asset when riding your board at night, not to mention add tons of style points. The Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheels are also, without a doubt, a dazzling spectacle to anyone who sees it. We love its three-tone color design, which is

ABEC-9 Bearing



2. Freedare Skateboard Wheels with Bearings

For newbies not looking to spend much, these light-up wheels are an excellent option. They won’t offer anything more than the basic features, but for someone who’s only beginning to fall in love with this sport, it’s more than enough.


 Freedare Skateboard Wheels


Just like many of the brands we’ll be discussing today, the Freedare Skateboard LED Light-Up Wheels are made from Polyurethane. This makes them pretty durable and capable of seamlessly moving across flat surfaces.

Unfortunately, they’re not exactly made for rocky terrains. So if you’re planning on shredding through the woods or any mountainous areas, we don’t advise using the Freedare Skateboard LED Light-Up Wheels. They are not designed for unevenness, and could cause you to sustain major injuries.

Other than that limitation, though, we saw only good things moving forward.

Users have raved about how easy the Freedare Skateboard LED Light-Up Wheels are to maintain.

So when you’re deciding on the best light-up longboard wheels for beginners, make sure to check this brand out. It’s perfect as a gift, too.


3. Ecofarwest LED Skateboard Wheels

Covered in a lustrous purple design, this product from Ecofarwest is one of the most stylish light-up longboard wheels we found. Even when not yet fully lit up, it’s an immediate eye-catcher, thanks to a neon-like outer covering.

Things only get better from there as the four small glow-in-the-dark LED lights found on each wheel automatically illuminate as you roll forward or backward. It’s certainly a spectacle you wouldn’t want to miss, especially after dark.


Ecofarwest LED Skateboard Wheels

Those new to skateboarding will also appreciate how it’s made from a specialized ABEC-9 Polyurethane for quick and easy changing of direction. Still, the Ecofarwest LED Skateboard Wheels maintain their sturdiness and are ideal to use on virtually any smooth surface.

This rubber even helps alleviate a lot of pressure from your feet, reducing pain and prolonging each session outdoors.

Hardcore skaters will likewise be glad to know the Ecofarwest LED Wheels are compatible with most types of skateboards, longboards, and cruisers. So interchanging it across several boards is very possible. They can select among its two available colors, too.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to love about these particular light-up wheels, specifically for individuals who value stylishness, dynamism, and functionality equally.


4. ZMR Outdoor Light-Up Longboard Wheels

The outside world is filled with many obstructions. So having an accessory like the ZMR Outdoor Light-Up Longboard Wheels will go a long way in performing better and changing speeds more efficiently. Especially for skateboarders who ride across different terrains.


ZMR Outdoor Light-Up Longboard Wheels

Based on all the comments we read, this particular brand is compatible with wooden, concrete, and tiles surfaces. This includes both indoor and outdoor skating parks, sidewalks, rinks, and even on asphalt. The urethane these wheels are made out of is durable, helping to alleviate pressure away from your feet.

Each set includes five magnetic cores, high-speed bearings, and four wheels. All this is pretty easy to put together, too. You’ll only need a wrench or mini-screwdriver. And when you do assemble everything, the entire system moves like clockwork, even when moving really fast.

Finally, interested buyers will be glad to know the ZMR Outdoor Light-Up Longboard Wheels set is available in six distinct colors. They can easily select the design that best matches their personality. Yet regardless of the one chosen, it can definitely complement any type of skateboard.

We would recommend the ZMR Outdoor Light-Up Longboard Wheels to passionate individuals who enjoy doing tricks outdoors. The traction on these are amazing, which makes it a lot easier to change directions and maneuver around.



After going through hundreds of different brands, our team is proud to present the five most appealing options. We hope this helped make the decision of what to buy a lot easier.

Ultimately, the best light-up longboard wheel isn’t just stylish and eye-catching, but functional as well. Its rubbed needs to be hard enough to provide durability, while also being easily maneuverable, especially when doing tricks.

So right before you check out your online shopping cart, let us leave you with one more piece of mind. Strike that balance of design and practicality, and take into account your personal needs. Because the top option is always what’s best for you.

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