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Best Online Skate Shops Revolutionizing the Skateboarding World

The digital era has transformed skate shopping, bringing the best skate gear, decks, shoes, and accessories right to our fingertips.

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With the rise of online skate shops, skaters around the world can access a vast selection of products, ensuring they find the best deal on exactly what they need to hit the streets or the park.

Here, we present the top 10 online skate shops that stand out for their quality, selection, and dedication to the skateboarding community.

Criteria for Selection

Our top shop picks are based on a comprehensive range of factors, including the diversity of skateboard gear, availability of skateboard decks, complete skateboards, and parts.

We also considered the presence of the best deals, representation of top brands, and the level of customer service. These criteria ensure that each shop offers something special for every skater.

Top 10 Online Skate Shops


Established: 1999

Unique Offerings: Offers a wide range of skateboards, apparel, and accessories from top brands. Free griptape with all deck purchases is a significant perk.

Community Aspect: Known for supporting skate events and sponsoring skaters, Tactics strengthens its community ties by giving back to the sport.

Customer Insight: Shoppers appreciate the free shipping on orders over $60 and the quality of customer service provided.


Established: Over three decades ago

Unique Offerings: CCS's custom decks and wide selection of skate brands stand out. Their membership program offers additional benefits, enhancing customer loyalty.

Community Aspect: CCS has a longstanding reputation in the skateboarding community, contributing to its growth through sponsorships and events.

Customer Insight: Customers value the free shipping on orders over $60 and the variety of products available.

Board Blazers

(ok, obviously we are biased...but at least we didn't put ourselves at #1 right?)

Established: 2014

Unique Offerings: Famed for making our signature skateboard underglow lights, merges style with safety, alongside a comprehensive catalog of skateboards and accessories.

Community Aspect: champions the skateboard culture through active community engagement, informative blog posts, and social media interaction, nurturing a vibrant skateboarding community.

Customer Insights: Shoppers commend for its quick shipping, exceptional customer service, and the unique selection of products that cater to all levels of skateboarding enthusiasts.

Skate Warehouse

Unique Offerings: A comprehensive collection of skateboards and gear from favorite brands like Nike SB and Vans. Known for its wide product range.

Community Aspect: Actively participates in the skate community by providing resources and support for skaters of all levels.

Customer Insight: The diversity of their product line and the availability of brands are highly regarded by their customers.

Warehouse Skateboards

Unique Offerings: Offers a great selection of decks, complete skateboards, and all essential parts. Free griptape with deck purchases adds value.

Community Aspect: Engages with the community through online tutorials and skateboarding tips, fostering a supportive environment for both new and experienced skaters.

Customer Insight: The free shipping on orders over $89 and the quality of their products are frequently praised by customers.


Unique Offerings: Extensive range of decks and complete skateboards from brands. The Zumiez Stash program allows customers to earn points and get rewards.

Community Aspect: Zumiez is involved in various skate events and competitions, offering a platform for skaters to showcase their skills.

Customer Insight: Shoppers enjoy the free shipping on orders over $39.95 and the benefits of the Zumiez Stash program.

SoCal Skateshop

Online Since: 2002

Unique Offerings: Reputable source for all top skate brands and hard-to-find products. Their selection caters to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Community Aspect: Deeply embedded in skate culture, offering support for local skate events and projects.

Customer Insight: Praised for its vast selection and the availability of rare and exclusive products.

Geek Skate Shop

Established: 2011 in the Philippines

Unique Offerings: High-quality decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and accessories. Focuses on quality and performance.

Community Aspect: Engages with the local skate scene, supporting events and local skaters.

Customer Insight: Valued for its contribution to the skate community in the Philippines and for offering high-quality skateboarding equipment.

Skate America

Overview: Skate America prides itself on its competitive prices and a wide range of skateboarding and lifestyle products.

Specialty: Known for their deals and supplying a wide selection of brands.


Unique Offerings: Wide selection of decks, wheels, bearings, trucks, completes, apparel, and accessories from top brands. Physical stores across the Netherlands enhance accessibility.

Community Aspect: Active involvement in the local and national skateboarding scenes, supporting events and local skaters.

Customer Insight: Customers appreciate the blend of online and physical store presence, offering convenience and a personal shopping experience.


Choosing the right online skate shop can significantly enhance your skateboarding experience. Each of the shops listed above offers something unique, from vast selections and exclusive deals to brands and exceptional customer service.

Whether you're in search of the latest skateboard decks, need to upgrade your bearings, or want to support top skate brands, these best online skate shop destinations have you covered. Explore these top picks and find the perfect shop for your skateboarding style and needs.


What should I look for in the best online skate shop?

When searching for the best online skate store, consider the variety and quality of products offered, including skateboard parts, accessories, and apparel. Look for stores that provide excellent customer service, user-friendly website navigation, competitive prices, and positive customer reviews. Additional factors include free shipping options, return policies, and exclusive deals or loyalty programs.

How do I know if an online skate shop is reputable?

A reputable online skate store typically has a history of positive customer reviews, can stock a wide selection of products from well-known brands, secure payment options, and clear communication regarding shipping and returns.

Can I find exclusive or limited edition skate products online?

Yes, many online skate shops offer exclusive or limited edition skateboard parts that may not be available elsewhere, often thanks to providing the best deal. These can include custom decks, special collaboration items, and limited run apparel. Check the shop's new arrivals or exclusive sections, and sign up for their newsletters or follow them on social media for updates on special releases.

Do online skate shops offer international shipping?

Many online skate shops do offer international shipping, but policies and rates can vary widely between stores. Check the shipping policy of the skate shop below for details on international delivery options, costs, and estimated delivery times. Be aware of any additional customs fees or import taxes that may apply to your order. Keep in mind that the skate shop below boasts the largest selection, ensuring you have plenty of options to choose from.

How can I get advice on choosing the right skateboard or accessories?

The best online skate shops often provide buying guides, blog posts, or customer service support to help you choose the right skateboard, hardware, parts, or accessories for your needs. Look for shops that offer detailed product descriptions, size charts, and the option to contact a knowledgeable staff member for personalized advice.

What is the return policy for most online skate shops?

Return policies can vary by store, but most online skate shops allow returns or exchanges within a certain timeframe, typically ranging from 14 to 30 days after purchase. Products must usually be in new, unused condition, with original packaging. Always check the shop's return policy before making a purchase to understand the process and any restocking fees that may apply.

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