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Best Penny Board Accessories

Updated Feb. 27, 2023

Compared to typical skateboards, penny boards are a lot more compact and typically manufactured from plastic. The word Penny Board is actually the brand name of the Penny Company. This variant was made popular by an Australian company more than a decade ago.

Aside from their ergonomic design, these boards are a lot easier to customize, too. Users are given the option either to buy them ready-made or build it from scratch. Avid skateboarders who have very specific needs usually opt for the latter.

In today’s article, we’ll be sharing some insights on the best penny board accessories for your short board. This should be an appropriate first step towards jump starting this process.


1. LED Wheels

At this point, you probably already know the significance of properly illuminating your board.

LED Wheels

LED wheels help achieve this purpose while being as non-invasive as possible. These lights are literally embedded into the tires, creating a functional and wonderfully mesmerizing solution to riding in the dark.

One brand to potentially target is Freedare Sport. They are a company based in Asia that specializes in manufacturing all types of skateboard accessories. And yes, this includes LED wheels.

Their 60-mm variant is made from polyurethane material, making it more secure and extra durable. It offers just the right amount of friction for going downhill or moving across smooth surfaces. An added benefit is that these wheels are of high quality, so you won’t ever have to hear that annoying screeching sound again.

Best of all, the Freedare Sport 60-mm Skateboard Wheels come in five unique colors that automatically light up when you move. No need for too much tinkering when installing it.

According to their website, this LED wheels set is primarily targeted towards pre-teens aged from eight to twelve years old, and we would agree. Its ease-of-use and overall design are perfect for beginners. Having these attached to your penny board will only make riding outside more enjoyable.

2. Board Blazers

Another fun way to personalize your penny board is by adding underglow lights. Besides adding uniqueness, these circular lighting fixtures help alert oncoming motorists and pedestrians that you are in the area. This greatly reduces the risk of accidents happening, especially around poorly-lit areas.

Board Blazers

Since underglow lights are fastened underneath the skateboard, they won’t offer much resistance when moving at high speeds. Some users have even said the added weight helps skateboarders balance better.

Board Blazers come in eight vivid colors; Radical Red, Lightning Lime, Blazing Blue, Outrageous Orange, Boss Black Light, Popping Pink, Wild White, and arguably the most popular, Crazy Color-Changing. Our personal favorite is the last. But any one of these would be worthwhile to own. It will just depend on your personal style preference.

Another noteworthy quality about this accessory is its user-friendliness. Instead of screws and bolts, it uses specialized adhesive to attach the light in place. This helps greatly reduce the time needed to install and remove it.

Without a doubt, Board Blazers are a must-have and easily one of the best penny board accessories to invest in. Their affordable price makes them a perfect gift, too, for skateboarders of all ages.

3. Penny Board Backpack

It’s hard to skate around when you’re carrying around your mobile phone, wallet, and house keys. So having a backpack will do wonders to solving this issue. This even doubles as a bag to carry your board in.

Penny board backpacks are great because it keeps your hands free when you need to carry your board and not ride it. This backpack, designed by us, has a great design with several pockets and straps to hold all of your belongings.

This backpack is extremely well-built with the use case of the most hard core penny boarders in mind. Unlike other brands, the seems won’t wear thin. So even after several years of us, the bag still looks brand new.

Inside it, you’ll find one big compartment, and a few smaller, ones to store your possessions.

However, what we love most about the Board Blazers backpack is its size to carry anything you might need. The bag can fit a large laptop, it has a spot to store your helmet, and can fit just about anything you'd want or need.

Given its price and overall value for money, penny board backpacks such as this have become a necessity for all skateboarders. Just sling it around your arm, and you won’t have to worry about traveling around ever again.

For more details, check out our Skateboard Backpack collection here!

4. Stickers for Your Penny Board

This might sound very juvenile, but stickers are another cheap alternative for personalizing your penny board. On the contrary, it will even make your skateboard look cooler and more unique distinctive.

On the market today, there are already several options to choose from. Each one differs in price, size, color, and design. They have varying levels of quality, too, depending on the material it’s produced from.

Our advice when deciding what stickers to buy is to first look at your own personality.

First, choose designs that reflect who you are. This can come in the form of text, brand logos, or images of objects. It doesn’t even have to be related to skateboarding. Some of the best arrangements I saw are a collection of random graphics. And the reason it’s so special is that it embodies those person’s identities.

When beginning to stick them, there’s really no step-by-step. Just do what feels natural and let your creativity run loose. Remember, since stickers aren’t exactly permanent, you’ll always have the option to move them around. So no pressure.

Stickers for Your Penny Board

With literally thousands of choices to choose from, we’d recommend mixing and matching different brands. This way, you aren’t limited to a single style.

5. Skateboard Tools

To tinker with your skateboard effectively, the right set of instruments is required. And among those available, the Bona Multi-Function Skate Tool easily comes to mind.

It offers users virtually ten functions in one, which includes a Phillips head-wrench screwdriver, an Allen wrench, and three different sizes of sockets. These are mainly used when adjusting nuts, bolts, wheels, and various hardware.

Skateboard Tools

When considering your options, it’s also important to think about portability. You don’t want to carry around a bag of tools you may - or may not - have any use for. That is not practical at all.

Instead, we suggest prioritizing a gizmo like the Bona Multi-Function Skate Tool. Weighing less than a 0.30-lbs, this is incredibly portable and will fit right inside your pocket. It’s constructed using high-grade materials, too, so its long-term durability will never be put into question.

Ultimately, a skate tool’s application isn’t only limited to skateboard repair, but all sorts of everyday tasks. It won’t cost much to own, yet provides an entire treasure trove for whatever you’ll need it for.


Half the fun of owning a penny board comes in customizing it. Turning something into your own always feel empowering, and we hope that these accessories help make the process easier, not to mention more enjoyable.

Another benefit we saw is that these are perfect for gifts as well. So if you know someone who is heavily invested in skateboarding, consider given them any of these best penny board accessories. There’s no doubt it will put a smile on their face.
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