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Best Skate Clothing Brands in 2024

Skate culture has always been synonymous with unique style and fashion. As we step into 2024, the skate clothing scene continues to evolve, offering a blend of retro vibes, modern trends, and unmatched quality.

This article explores the best skateboard clothing brands of 2024, highlighting their key features, pricing insights, and provides a buying guide along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Skate fashion isn't just about the aesthetics; it's a reflection of a lifestyle that values freedom, creativity, and self-expression. The brands leading the way in 2024 are more than just labels; they're symbols of the skateboarding ethos, each with their own story and connection to the skate community.

Top Skate Clothing Brands

From the streets of New York to the skate parks of California, these brands, including renowned clothing brand, have transcended their origins to become icons in both the skateboarding world and the broader realm of global fashion. This year's top picks are a mix of established names and emerging trendsetters, each bringing their unique flair to the skate fashion scene.

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta, a legendary name in the skateboarding world, has been influential since the 1970s. Known for their revolutionary approach to skateboarding gear and iconic graphics, they have played a pivotal role in shaping skate culture. Their apparel line reflects a deep connection to skateboarding's history and evolution.


  • Iconic Graphics and Designs: Known for their unique and recognizable graphics, particularly the 'Skull and Sword' logo.

  • High-Quality Skate Apparel: Offers a range of durable and comfortable skateboarding clothing, including tees, hoodies, and jackets.

  • Rich Skateboarding Heritage: Apparel reflects the brand's deep roots in skateboarding culture and history, including its own brand.

  • Innovative and Durable Gear: Focuses on innovation in their skateboards, which translates into their clothing line.

  • Collectible and Vintage Appeal: Many of their designs have a collectible value, appealing to both current skaters and nostalgic enthusiasts.

Pricing: Powell Peralta t-shirts are generally priced between $24.95 and $28.95, with some variations and discounts available at different retailers.


Vans, a household name in the skateboarding world, has long been celebrated for its deep roots in skate culture. Recognized primarily polar skate, for its iconic footwear, Vans also boasts an extensive range of apparel that captures the essence of skateboarding life.

Their clothing line mirrors the brand's commitment to the skate community, offering style, comfort, and functionality.


  • Iconic Skate Shoes: Renowned for durable, stylish skateboarding shoes.

  • Diverse Apparel Range: Includes tees, hoodies, hats, jackets, jeans, and socks.

  • Skate-Friendly Designs: Clothing designed for comfort and mobility during skateboarding.

  • Classic & Timeless Styles: Offers designs that have become staples in skate fashion.

  • Versatility: Suitable for skate parks and everyday wear.

Pricing: Vans t-shirts typically range in price from about $15.00 to $50.00, with variations based on style, design, and retailer.


Thrasher Magazine, more than just a publication, has evolved into one of the most influential skateboarding brands globally. Famed for its authentic approach to skate culture, Thrasher's clothing line has gained prominence, worn by celebrities and revered in fashion circles. The brand is synonymous with the hardcore spirit of skateboarding.


  • Skateboarding Magazine Legacy: Rooted in its popular skateboarding magazine.

  • Celebrity Endorsement: Worn by high-profile individuals, enhancing its appeal.

  • Quality Apparel: Focuses on high-quality fabrics and durable construction.

  • Iconic Logo Wear: Known for its distinctive Thrasher logo on tees and hoodies.

  • Skate Culture Influence: Designs reflect the core values and aesthetics of skateboarding.

Pricing: From these sources, the typical price for Thrasher t-shirts ranges from about $23.95 to $28.95, with slight variations based on design and color options.

Palace Skateboards

Palace Skateboards, originating from the streets of London, has carved out a niche in the skate fashion world with its innovative and bold designs. Founded by Levent Tanju and his skate team, Palace has an edgy, yet accessible approach to skatewear, blending skateboarding authenticity with a touch of urban chic.


  • London-Based Heritage: Strong roots in London's skate scene.

  • Unique Graphic Designs: Known for bold colors and intriguing graphics.

  • Pop Culture Influences: Incorporates a variety of retro and contemporary pop culture references.

  • Global Presence: Established its iconic status in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

  • Limited Edition Releases: Known for exclusive designs with limited availability.

Pricing: Palace Skateboards t-shirts typically range from about £46 (approximately $60) to £50 (approximately $65) on their official website, with more exclusive designs reaching up to $204 on other retailers.


Supreme, a brand that has become emblematic of the intersection between skate culture and high fashion, stands out for its innovative and trend-setting designs. The brand has mastered the art of creating apparel that resonates with skateboarders and fashion enthusiasts alike, making it a powerhouse in the skate clothing industry.


  • Blends Skate and Modern Trends: Offers a unique fusion of vintage and contemporary styles.

  • Limited Edition Collections: Known for its exclusive, short-run product releases.

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Pays meticulous attention to fabric and fit.

  • Fashion-Forward: Appeals to both skateboarders and those in fashion circles.

  • Biannual Collections: Releases new pieces twice a year, adding to its exclusivity.

Pricing: The pricing for Supreme t-shirts can be as low as $40 for some basic models, while special editions or collaborative designs can fetch prices well over $500, indicating a broad spectrum in pricing reflective of the brand's appeal and exclusivity.

Adidas Skateboarding

Adidas Skateboarding, an extension of the renowned Adidas brand, has established itself as a key player in the skate apparel industry. Since the late '90s, the brand has been dedicated to catering to the specific needs of skateboarders, offering footwear and apparel that combine performance, style, and the Adidas legacy of quality.


  • Skate-Specific Footwear: Offers shoes designed specifically for skateboarding.

  • Influential Team Riders: Collaborates with team riders for signature models.

  • Wide Apparel Range: Includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more.

  • Innovative Design: Focuses on combining style with functionality.

  • Durable and Comfortable: Prioritizes comfort and durability in all products.

Pricing: Adidas Skateboarding offers a variety of pricing options, making it accessible for a wide range of consumers. Adidas t-shirts ranges from as low as around $15.82 to about $40.00, with some variations based on design, collection, and whether the item is on sale. This indicates a moderate price range, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Nike SB (Skateboarding)

Nike SB, the skateboarding division of Nike, has made a significant impact on the skateboarding world since its inception in the early 2000s. Known for its innovative skate shoes and stylish apparel, Nike SB has become a favorite among skaters for its performance-oriented designs and modern aesthetics.


  • High-Performance Skate Shoes: Renowned for their durable and comfortable skate shoes, including popular models like the Nike SB Dunk.

  • Technical Apparel: Offers a range of skateboarding apparel designed for performance, including Dri-FIT tees, hoodies, and pants.

  • Innovative Design: Incorporates Nike's expertise in sports technology into skateboarding gear.

  • Stylish and Functional: Apparel and shoes are designed with both style and skateboarding functionality in mind.

  • Collaborations and Limited Editions: Known for exciting collaborations and limited-edition releases that blend skate culture with mainstream fashion.

Pricing: The typical price for Nike SB t-shirts ranges from about $19.97 to $54.95, with some variations based on design and whether the item is on sale. This indicates a moderate price range, catering to various budgets and preferences.


Volcom, a name synonymous with the board sports lifestyle, has made a significant impact in the skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding communities. Headquartered in California, Volcom is revered for its commitment to quality, innovation, and style, appealing to a wide spectrum of board sports enthusiasts.


  • Broad Sports Lifestyle Range: Offers clothing, footwear, accessories, skateboards, and snowboards.

  • Collaborations with Artists and Athletes: Known for unique collaborations.

  • High-Quality Materials: Uses superior materials for durability and performance.

  • Innovative Designs: Incorporates cutting-edge design in its products.

  • Versatile Apparel: Suitable for various board sports and casual wear.

Pricing: Volcom provides a wide range of pricing options, catering to different preferences and budgets. The typical price for Volcom t-shirts ranges from about $13.20 to $31.95, with some variations based on design, collection, and whether the item is on sale. This indicates a moderate price range, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Zoo York

Zoo York, an iconic skateboard brand, rooted in the gritty aesthetic of New York City street culture, has been a long-standing favorite in the skateboarding world. Embodying the spirit of NYC, Zoo York offers apparel and accessories that resonate with the urban skateboarder and those who are drawn to the streetwear style.


  • NYC Street Culture Inspired: Designs reflect the vibrancy of New York City life.

  • Classic and Urban Styles: Offers tees, hoodies, hats with classic urban designs.

  • Diverse Accessory Range: Includes wallets, keychains, and more.

  • Authentic Skateboarder Appeal: Appeals to both skateboarders and streetwear enthusiasts.

  • Accessible and Trendy: Balances trendiness with accessibility.

Pricing: Zoo York offers reasonably priced apparel, making it a popular choice for a wide range of consumers. The price for Zoo York t-shirts typically ranges from about $12.99 to $31.00, with some variations based on design and collection. The brand offers a range of prices that can cater to different budgets, making it accessible to a wide audience.


Element Men's Joint Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

Element Skateboards, established in 1992, has been a cornerstone in the skateboarding community for decades. Known for its commitment to nature, quality, and skateboarding culture, Element stands as a symbol of environmental awareness and innovation in the skate industry. Their approach combines a deep respect for skateboarding traditions with a progressive vision for the future.


  • Eco-Conscious Approach: Dedicated to sustainable practices and materials.

  • Skateboarding Heritage: Deeply rooted in skateboarding culture and values.

  • Versatile Product Line: Offers skateboards, apparel, and accessories.

  • Innovative Designs: Known for unique graphics and eco-friendly materials.

  • Community Engagement: Actively involved in promoting skateboarding and environmental awareness.

Pricing: Element provides a range of pricing options, appealing to eco-conscious consumers looking for quality skateboarding gear at reasonable prices. The price for Element t-shirts generally ranges from as low as $12.00 to as high as $78.00, with variations based on the design, collaboration, and whether the item is on sale or part of a special collection.

This indicates a broad spectrum in pricing, accommodating both budget-friendly options and higher-priced exclusive designs.

Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing skate clothing, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best fit for your style and needs. Here’s a guide to help you make informed decisions:

Style & Personal Taste

Skate clothing is not just functional; it's a statement of your personal style and a reflection of the skateboarding culture. When selecting skate apparel, consider how the designs, colors, and overall aesthetic align with your personal taste.

Whether you're drawn to bold, graphic prints or prefer more understated, classic styles, there's a skate brand out there that matches your preference. Remember, skate fashion is as much about expressing individuality as it is about comfort and functionality.

Fit & Comfort

Comfort and fit are paramount in skate clothing. This apparel should allow for ease of movement and not restrict your skateboarding. Look for clothing that fits well - not too tight to restrict movement, nor too loose to become cumbersome.

Consider trying different sizes if you're ordering online, and pay close attention to the sizing charts provided by the brands. Remember, the right fit can significantly enhance your skateboarding experience.

Quality & Durability

Durability is a key factor in skate clothing due to the rigorous nature of skateboarding. High-quality materials and construction can withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding.

Look for sturdy fabrics like thick cotton, and check for reinforced stitching in areas prone to stress. Investing in durable skate clothing can save you money in the long run, as these items will not need frequent replacement.

Brand Reputation & Community Feedback

The reputation of a skate clothing brand within the skateboarding community can be a strong indicator of its quality and authenticity. Research brands online, read reviews, and join skateboarding forums or social media groups to get feedback from other skaters.

Brands that are well-regarded by the skate community are likely to offer products that are both stylish and functional.

Functionality for Skateboarding

While style is important, the functionality of skate clothing should not be overlooked. Look for features that cater to skateboarding needs, such as flexible materials, breathable fabrics, and practical design elements like deep pockets or adjustable features.

Clothing that's designed with skateboarding in mind will not only look good but also enhance your performance and experience.

Pricing & Budget

Skate clothing comes in a range of prices, and it's important to consider your budget when making a purchase. While some brands may offer premium products at higher prices, there are also many affordable options that do not compromise on quality or style.

Determine what you're willing to spend and compare prices across different skate brands and retailers to find the best value for your money. Remember, the most expensive option isn't always the best, and value can often be found in mid-range pricing.


Where can I buy authentic skate clothing?

Authentic skate clothing can be purchased from official brand websites, authorized retailers, and reputable skate shops. Buying from these sources ensures that you're getting genuine products. Online marketplaces may also sell skate clothing, but it's important to verify the authenticity and reputation of the sellers.

How do I choose the right size in skate clothing?

Sizing can vary between brands. Always refer to the brand's specific sizing chart, which is typically available on their website. Consider reading customer reviews for insights on fit, and if in doubt, reach out to the brand's customer service for guidance.

Can skate clothing be worn casually?

Absolutely! Skate clothing is known for its style and comfort, making it a popular choice for everyday wear. The versatile designs blend well with various casual looks, making them suitable for a range of settings beyond skateboarding.

What is the return policy for skate clothing?

Return policies vary by brand and retailer. Typically, most offer a return period (e.g., 30 days) for unworn items with original tags and packaging. Check the specific policies on the retailer's or brand's website before purchasing.

How should I care for my skate clothing?

Proper care can extend the life of your skate clothing. Follow the care instructions on the label, which usually include washing and drying guidelines. Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures that can damage the fabric.

Are there skate clothing options for different weather conditions?

Yes, skate brands often offer a variety of clothing options for different weather conditions. This includes lightweight and breathable options for warmer climates, and thicker, insulated clothing for colder weather. Always check the product description to ensure the clothing meets your specific needs.

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