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The Coolest Grip Tape Designs

Sure, there are awesome skateboard decks--but have you ever looked at your grip tape and thought, "Man, I wish there were a rad design here"? 

Lucky for you, so have a ton of other people. Here are 8 of our favorite grip tape designs, with titles we added. And while you're looking and admiring, here's an online tutorial that explains how to make your own killer grip tape design. 

1. Alien Boards 

These gorgeous boards are simple, unique, and beautifully designed. Whether you're into blocky sea-turtles, a lovely line design, or a bird illustration, Mike "Coroflot" Serafin shows off his illustrating prowess with ease.

2. Dark and Dangerous 

For a darker spin on the world of grip tape design, these shadowy boards immediately caught my eye. With Travis Ingram's precise lines and interesting compositions, there's no way to go wrong. 

3. Give Me A Wave

This awesome longboard design gives new meaning to "sidewalk surfing." With sweet waves and still plenty of grip tape to give riders something to hang on to, this design is a winner for sure. 

4. Eye of the Tiger 

Talk about eye of the tiger! This incredibly realistic tiger design shows huge dedication--and maybe a particular dedication to life-on-the-edge, given that there isn't a whole lot of grip tape left. 

5. Music To My Feet 

Cue the inevitable record scratch noise--let's go back and look at this one again, please! What really makes this one are the highlights on the vinyl disks. It adds a touch of realism and turns every ride into sweet, sweet music. 

6. Swimming In Circles 

With a design this circular and lilting, it's almost easy to think that this is a painting, instead of grip tape on a longboard. But if you're riding this around a college campus, there's no need to fish for compliments--they'll come rolling your way effortlessly.

7. Line Me Up 

Yes, it looks a little bit like the iconic Joy Division shirt. But really, it's an energetic linear design that really highlights how something can be simple and striking at the same time.

8. Coloring Outside The Lines 

To close this article out, here are Ben Mercer's homemade colored grip tape designs. Love the patchwork look on these, and with colored grip tape, the possibilities are endless!

Readers--what are your favorite grip tape designs? Let us know in the comments!

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