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How to Buy a Custom Skateboard Online

You’re all set to buy a skateboard, but not just ANY skateboard. You could run down to a skate shop (heck you could run to Target) and pick up an out-of-the-box board, but this one needs to be unique. Whether you’re investing in a custom board for yourself (go you!) or for someone else, the process can be a little daunting. Are you going to build a board from scratch and assemble it yourself? How do you know you’re getting quality materials? Are you paying too much? Today we’re here to take the guesswork out of buying a custom board online because who doesn’t like shopping from the comfort of your couch?! You have a few options when it comes to buying a custom board, and we’ll outline them for you here. Let’s get started!

Let’s say all you’re looking for is a truly unique board – something nobody else has, and you’re not precious about the design. In this case, the best option might be to head to the home of all things unique and handmade, Etsy. This collection of artisans selling their wares can give you anything from a one of a kind live edge skateboard inlaid with turquoise to your name airbrushed onto a pinewood deck by a true artist. If what you want is unique and off the wall, head to Etsy, search “custom skateboard” and go crazy! Be aware that each seller is different, so know what you’re buying (and lead times) before you purchase. If you choose to go this route, you’ll be sure to have a one of a kind board!

For all other options, you should first be aware of all the customizable parts of a skateboard. You’ll need to choose a deck (the flat wood portion), trucks (effectively the axels that hold the wheels in place), wheels, bearings, additional hardware (risers, etc.), and grip tape (the sandpaper-like top of the board that gives your foot traction). The choices you make will determine the style, price, and usability of the board, so bear that in mind when you’re picking your materials.

By far the most accessible site we’ve found to create your own board is the uber-giant skate shop Zumiez. Here you can choose from 3 tiers of boards (best price, top brands, and premium decks) and customize the whole outfit from there. While the site is easy to use and backed by a large company, it should be noted that this is really just a semi-custom skateboard. You can choose from a myriad of choices, but there is no ability to upload a personal design or provide any sort of feedback outside of their predetermined parameters. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll come away with a great board, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever run into another skater that has your exact setup. But if what you’re looking for is total control over your board and the ability to oversee the design, you won’t find it here. What you do get is thousands of options, a killer selection of brands, the comfort of knowing your purchase is backed by a store that you can visit in person, and a board that is highly superior to anything an average skater can pull out of a box in a store. The pricing is straightforward, and the choices are easy and clear. If you want something different at a reasonable price point, Zumiez has you covered.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a genuinely bespoke board. You have a vision for this skateboard, and you want to make it a reality. Look no further than Warehouse Skateboards. Here you can choose every piece of your board from a selection of literally ANY skateboard parts available for sale online. Once you’ve assembled your parts, they have an excellent step by step video showing you how to put the whole board together yourself. You should note that while assembling a board is totally doable, that you will need to block out a chunk of time to put everything together, and if you’re nervous about that task, perhaps consider the Zumiez or Etsy options outlined above. But if you’re skilled at skateboard assembly or just game for a challenge, then give this option a go!

If you want to up the ante even more, consider checking out CCS (California Cheap Skates). Here you can order a 100% customizable skateboard deck. Got a graphic you created that you want on your skate deck? No problem just upload it. Looking for some rad grip tape? Can do. By creating the art for your skateboard deck, you ensure that no one ever shows up to shred with your gear. Plus, you get to express yourself and show off your design skills; it’s a win-win! Combine your custom CCS board with all the equipment available on Warehouse Skateboard’s website, and you’ll have a completely unique board designed entirely by you!

Whether you’re looking for an off the wall original crafted by an artisan, a unique piece designed and assembled entirely by you, or something in between, now you have all the info you need! So, don’t buy a random, off-the-shelf board, go out and create a custom work of art for yourself or a skater you love! Once you have your sick new board make sure to outfit it with the coolest accessories, Board Blazers LED lights, of course! Instagram that rad new board and tag us @BoardBlazers so we can see what you create!

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