Even if your skating spirit is unbreakable, your skateboard sure isn't. But whether your trucks are giving you trouble, or your latest nose grind left a crack in your deck, here's your skateboard maintenance survival guide. 

Skateboard Deck Tips

Decks get most of the attention in the skateboard world--deck shape, deck art, and so on. If you're having board trouble, this'll help you get back on the right track in no time.

If your deck is cracked or chipped:

  1. First, remove your grip tape with a putty scraper. You want a clean surface to work on.
  2. Use epoxy to close the crack, or fill your chip.
  3. Let the epoxied board dry for 24 hours.
  4. Smooth the crack or chip with sandpaper.
  5. Reapply your grip tape.

If your deck is unbalanced:

If your board is suddenly turning without you telling it to, it might be unbalanced. To fix, tighten and loosen your kingpin (and test the ride after each adjustment!) until your board feels like it’s back on the right track.

Your deck is probably warped if it just ISN’T BALANCING, and you feel like you’ve tried everything, but it’s still out of whack.

If your deck is warped:

  1. Remove your trucks and wheels from the deck.
  2. Immerse your deck in water overnight. This will make the wood more pliable and easy to bend back into shape.
  3. In the morning, place a flat, heavy object on top for 24 hours--think books, cement block, etc.

Skateboard Bearing Tips

Are your bearings stuck? Did a bearing pop out? Are you still trying to get your bearings? (Sorry, bad joke.) Anyway. These simple tips will fix most of your bearing woes:

  1. Remove the nuts that hold the wheels onto the board.
  2. Carefully push a screwdriver through the middle of the bearings.
  3. Apply bearing lubricant and pop them back in.
  4. Reattach your wheels.

Skateboard Truck Tips

Trucks not turning? Trucks too loose? Here are the truck removal steps you’re looking for:

  1. Take off the kingpin nut with your crescent wrench
  2. Pull off the washer.
  3. Pull off the white rubber bushing.
  4. Pull the hanger out of the pivot cup.
  5. Add a little bit of bar soap to the pivot cup and reassemble.


Whether your board needs a tiny tune-up or a larger fix, it's definitely within your capabilities. Apply these tips and you'll be rolling again in no time!

Skaters--any tips? How do you fix your board?

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