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Insta-Pic Your Trick

Show us your moves.

Board Blazers are a killer way to light up your tricks -- and we want to see how YOU do it. The rules are simple: 

  1. Attach Board Blazers to your skateboard, longboard, scooter, hoverboard, or rollerskates.
  2. Take a video or snap a pic of you doing your best trick with the lights.
  3. Upload it to Instagram with hashtag #boardblazers.
  4. The best trick, judged by pro skaters, wins $100 cash!

To enter:

1. Buy Your Blazers

2. Post Your Moves - #boardblazers


Pro skaters Tech Na$ty and Andrew Pott will decide which trick deserves $100.

Meet the Judges:

Tech Na$ty: Pro skater, goofy rider, international boarding icon, and the newest member of the Board Blazers skate squad. He grew up in Orange County, and now rides for Programme Skate and Delta Nine. You can find him on IG at @wakebakegoskate.

Andrew Pott: Originally from Belize, but born and raised in Inglewood, CA, Andrew Pott went pro in 2004; Shortys Skateboards picked him up after he placed 10th at the Tampa Am SPoT. Today, he skates for Lowland Kings, who also released his new pro board. Right now, he's working on releasing his pro model watch, so keep an eye out! He's on IG: @andrew_pott

If you want to wow them, pull out all the stops. Get creative with your camera. Think of a new way to film your best trick. This is your chance to go big!

Let's see your moves and win some cash!


Full contest rules available here.

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