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Hoverboards: 6 Games to Sharpen Your Skills

So you just bought a new hoverboard, and now you have to practice using it so that you can whizz around like a pro. It takes some time and practice to master riding a hoverboard. Even if you purchase a top of the line hoverboard, you still need to put in the time. But never fear, before you know it you'll be zipping around town, turning on a dime and looking like you've been doing it for years. Hoverboards are a great way to get around. Think of them as a souped-up skateboard for the 21st century.

One cool activity that will help new users to train and get to know their new hoverboard is playing games. That's right, there are many games that you and your friends can play while using your new toy, and these games are a great way to learn what you and your ride can accomplish together! Besides, it’s great for kids to get more time to play outdoors. Below are some fun games that you and your friends can enjoy. Games are a great way to get to know your hoverboard and have a ton of fun.

Hoverboard Tag

Tag is an old classic that kids have played down through the generations. A more modern take on this game involves you and your friends on hoverboards! The rules are the same as they always have been. One player is “it.” When you are "it" you have to catch another player and yell “tag!” The tagged person becomes “it,” and the cycle starts all over again. Tag is a game that never gets old. With hoverboards in the mix, it ramps up the fun by several notches. For extra fun, you can find a large clear space and play in the dark, so that only your hoverboard's lights reveal your path. Playing in the dark makes the game way more fun and exciting. You can play with two players or in teams.

Hoverboard Feats of Strength

Here's another old classic with a modern twist. You know this one, it's when you and your friends try to knock each other down by whatever means necessary! This game can be played a few ways. You and your friends can ride around just trying to knock each other off of your boards, which is fun, or you can make things very challenging by using one hoverboard. In this version, you stand on one side of the board, and your friend stands on the other. This way, no one has much control. Whoever can stay on the longest is the victor!


Hoverboard Races

Racing is fun no matter what, and hoverboard racing is no exception. It's even better if you can get a lot of friends together to make things wild. You could set up an obstacle course and see who can make it to the end first. You could even get really creative and set up a game that's inspired by Mario Kart - banana peels and all! Your imagination is your only limit.

Merry Go Round

Do you remember that dizzying game of merry go round that you used to play as a kid? Spending hours in the park spinning the merry go round as fast as you could and see who could last the longest without falling off or losing their lunch. You can get the same effect from spinning on your hoverboard. Just go in circles and see who has the staying power. A word to the wise, don't try this if you get dizzy easily. It's not for the faint of heart. 

Tug Of War

If you thought that this game of strength was challenging before, try it on a hoverboard. If you can learn hoverboard tug of war, then you are well on your way to mastering your new toy. It isn't easy to wrestle the rope from the other player with a hoverboard beneath your feet.

Synchronized Dance Routines

You and a few friends can even practice your own original hoverboard dance routines. Just choreograph your movements and practice until you have a great dance routine that will impress your family and friends.

As always, make sure you stay safe while you and your friends are out riding. Always wear proper safety gear and don't forget your Board Blazers to help you light the way!

These are just a few suggestions for some fun games and activities that are perfect for novice hoverboard users. The great thing about hoverboards is that you get to have fun while you are learning. It’s as easy as riding a bike. Now get out there and hover!

**Special thanks to Connor Flynn, a regular contributer to Gadget Review who brought us this awesome post!**

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The Game of S.K.A.T.E

An epic battle – skill after skill tested – the pressure is on. There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to get the blood flowing. The reality is that most people think of skateboarding as a solitary sport, and they couldn’t be more wrong. I mean, we love a little single shred session, but like most things in life, skateboarding is best when you're rolling with your crew. And when you’re hanging out in groups, there’s bound to be a little competition. Enter the game of S.K.A.T.E.

Yes, we did mean to write that in all-caps. The game of S.K.A.T.E. is much like the more commonly known game of H.O.R.S.E. that’s played on a basketball court. The difference here is that instead of ballin', we’re shredding the gnar! The rules are pretty simple:

Two skaters face off head to head and throw rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first. The first skater sets a trick, and if he/she lands it, then the opposing skater has one try to match it. If you miss the trick, you get a letter. If you land the trick, it’s your turn to set a trick now. Play goes back and forth like this until one or both players have all but the last letter, “E.” If you’re about to be eliminated, you have two tries to land the final trick – you know, because who doesn’t want to be nice like that? Once you’ve spelled out the full word, “S.K.A.T.E,” you lose.

There are a few select honors in the game as well. If you defeat your opponent without gaining a single letter, you can say that you “skunked” them, and we give you a virtual high five and lots of props for that. If you manage this, PLUS you didn’t allow them to set a single trick through the game, then you have even MORE crazy skills, and you can say you did a “perfect whitewash.” Nicely done, bro.

While this is a great game to play with any of your crew whenever you want, some skaters have taken S.K.A.T.E. to an even more extreme level, and we totally dig it. Everyone who is anyone in skateboarding knows of “The Berrics” indoor skate park in LA, owned by skateboarding pros Eric Koston and Steve Berra. In the game, “Battle At The Berrics,” they’ve taken S.K.A.T.E. to the extreme. Here, all tricks have to be performed on flat ground, but don’t get too comfortable. You are limited to skills that don’t allow your feet or hands to touch the ground at all! This rules out any bonelesses, no complys, and hand plants. They even get detailed about offensive versus defensive toe drags – talk about intense (see the official rules here!). Check out the latest championship video, Chris Joslin versus Sewa Kroetkov!

In case your crew rolls deep, there’s a version of S.K.A.T.E. that allows your team to play as one. It operates just like the individual game does, with members of each team forced to take turns setting and matching tricks. There can’t be heroes here – everyone must take a turn before the first skater can go again. If you haven’t tried team S.K.A.T.E, gather your crew and throw down!

If watching somebody else throw the gauntlet is more your style, we’ve got you covered. Some of our favorite YouTube skateboarders and longboarders got together to play a legit fantastic (and also hilarious) game of S.K.A.T.E. a while ago:


The game of S.K.A.T.E is crazy fun because you don’t have to be a pro to win big. Set a matchup with anyone of a similar skill level and you’ve got an excellent game. If you’re feeling a little shaky, play with your crew as a team for more solidarity. You can make a match in your driveway just as fun as one at a skate park because the location is secondary to your skills. To make it even more fun, try setting up a bracket within your crew; a single-elimination style winner-takes-all battle for glory! And if you don’t come out on top, that’s a great reason to try again tomorrow.

We want to hear from all of you! When you play S.K.A.T.E, are you solo, or on a team? Do you throw down at a skate park or in a parking lot? What is the clincher trick that you save for the perfect moment? Any killer strategies you’d like to share? Hit us up at @BoardBlazers on Instagram and tell us all about how you dominate the S.K.A.T.E! See you there, skate fam!


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Ultimate Skateboard Games: Classic Video Games

Welcome to our new, uber-comprehensive, and ultra-legit series! We're  taking you along on a journey of skateboarding games: from classic video games, to free online games, to the game of S.K.A.T.E. and much much more. We can't wait to get started by spending today telling you all about our favorite classic skateboarding video games. Most of these games require older (read: AWESOME) gaming systems, so we’ve linked those for you here: XBox, Xbox360, XBoxONE, PlayStation, PS2, PS3, PS4, N64, Gameboy Advance. Now, without further ado, Let’s get roillin’!

Did you know that skateboarding video games are almost as old as the very concept of gaming on screen? With the invention of Atari in the early 1970s came a whole industry devoted to creating photorealistic and lifelike adventures that could be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. By 1985 the first skateboard had appeared on a gaming screen, and since then, demand has been ever-growing. Today we’re outlining our favorite classic skateboarding video games starting with our number one favorite…

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (2001)

While this is the third game in the ever-popular Tony Hawk series, it’s arguably the most beloved skateboarding video game by both skaters and gamers alike. The ranking website, Metacritic, still has it ranked as one of the best video games EVER across every genre. The ease of gameplay is a huge draw.

It’s arcade-like at all levels, allowing you to execute incredible tricks (900, anyone?) with simple button combos. The game is at times absurd/totally awesome, allowing you to choose a Jedi Knight as your skater, for example. But with the ability to string endless tricks, grinds, and vertical jumps together, it makes for a seriously good time. Its fun graphics, fantastic soundtrack, and user-friendliness make this our number one top pick, for sure. 
*Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is available for PS2, PS3, Xbox, N64, & GameboyAdvance*

SKATE (2007)

SKATE aimed to take Tony Hawk’s simple skating world and make it more realistic. With the use of left and right joysticks, your thumbs would need to mimic the moves of your feet to accomplish each trick. No longer was skateboarding just a fun arcade game. SKATE took things to a new level, requiring more skill, and enveloping you in a free-form skateboarding world.

Unlike Tony Hawk’s games, these “levels,” aren’t task-specific. Entire landscapes exist just to allow your creativity to flow - how to skate them is entirely up to you. Want to master a 360 flip? Great! Want to cruise and check out the scenery? That’s fine too. SKATE earns our number two spot for creating a more realistic skateboarding video game that still pleases gamers and skaters to this day.

*SKATE is available for XBox360 and PS3*

Tony Hawk’s Underground (2003)

Here, epic storytelling comes to skateboarding video games. The premise of the game is crazy attractive: you’re a humble but skilled street skater with the chance to prove yourself and eventually go pro. What’s not to love? You can customize your skater to resemble yourself for the first time (who doesn't love a good sim?), and the settings for the levels range from parking garages to incredible fantasy sites like Area 51 – so cool!

The storyline and the personality of the game pull you in super quickly. So many people credit this game as the reason they started skating in the first place, and we don’t blame them! The graphics, music and story make you feel like you really COULD be a pro skater, so why not go outside and try?

*Tony Hawk's Underground is available for PS2, XBox, and GameboyAdvance*

THRASHER: Skate & Destroy (1999)

The oldest game of the bunch, Thrasher debuted in the previous MILLENIUM. But it is way worthy of a mention. Thrasher had a bit of bad luck with this game, hitting the market at almost the same time as the debut of the Tony Hawk series. Nevertheless, it has gained a cult following, and we get why! This game is complicated; tricks seem as challenging to learn in the game as they are in real life.

Your goal is to progress from a street skater to a pro who graces the cover of Thrasher magazine, but the gaming skills required to achieve that is intense. The game is scored based on how technically perfect your tricks appear (much like how Olympians are scored today), and the bigger the air, the bigger the points. While this game isn’t easy to play, it is ADDICTIVE, and the perfectionist in all of us longs to land that perfect 1080 kickflip.

*Thrasher: Skate and Destroy is available for Playstation*

OLLI OLLI (2014)

Fast forward to 2014: it has been ages since a decent skating game has hit the market and mobile devices are now so pervasive that people have all but stepped away from gaming systems. Enter, Olli Olli. This game is deceptively simple. Its constant scrolling background means your skater has no choice but to move forward at all times.

The repertoire of tricks is shockingly small compared to many of the other games, but it’s increasing levels of difficulty make it incredibly hard to master, even in its simplicity. OlliOlli was also a groundbreaker in that it was the first skateboarding game to have mass appeal AND function on both Android and IOS devices, meaning that skateboarding games were now as mobile as skateboards themselves!

*OlliOlli is available for Android and IOS, as well as PS4 and XBoxONE*

OLLI OLLI 2: Welcome to Olliwood (2015)

The original OlliOlli was groundbreaking, and the remake certainly did not disappoint. While the actual structure of the game didn’t change much between the two versions (still a 2D scrolling game that is deceptively punishing), the look of the new edition was genuinely incredible.

The backgrounds (many of which are pulled from famous movie sets) are incredibly done – truly artistic in their own right. The newer look and design of the game was enough to fully set it apart in players minds as a separate entity from the first version - a mammoth accomplishment. OlliOlli 2 will keep you coming back for more and more punishment, with hopefully more success as well.

*OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is available for Android and IOS, as well as PS4*

These are our top picks for classic skateboarding video games – we keep coming back for the thrills time and time again. Do you agree with these picks? Did we miss your favorite one? Let us know on Instagram @BoardBlazers!

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