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  • June 3, 2019

    10 Sick Skate Spots Without A Skatepark Nearby

    It's easy to rock at something with the best equipment, tons of time to practice, and every resource at your fingertips. But it can be frustrating to be so passionate about boarding and feel like you don't have a place...

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  • March 4, 2019

    Best Skateparks in the U.S.

    Skateboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports in 21st century America. The roots of skateboarding began in California back in the 1950s when young adults used to surf the streets on wooden boards (and there were certainly no...

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  • April 23, 2018

    What to Bring to the Skatepark

    (Updated Feb. 27, 2023) Nothing beats the wind in your hair as you cruise down the street on your board. But if your skate plans include anything other than a short cruise, you’re more than likely packing up a bag and...

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  • January 22, 2018

    The History of Skate: From Surf to Street

    Picture it: a shabby piece of plywood, roller skates, a few screws and a drill. A dash of Macguyvering later and voila! You have just invented the skateboard. Now, let's be honest, it's hard to determine just exactly when and...

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