Who says skaters can't enjoy Halloween? (Probably nobody. I've never heard anyone say skaters can't enjoy Halloween.)

Regardless, here are some skaters who clearly took their spooky festivities to the next level with this killer costume commitment. Look upon these 10 fantastic skating costumes, weep, and--if you're still looking for ideas--take some notes.

1. Skating Joker

Some guys just want to watch the world land some sick tricks, right? Even though the Joker isn't technically a character who skates, let's be real--you could totally imagine him suddenly hopping on a skateboard in the middle of The Dark Knight. Plus, that billowy purple jacket catches the air in a pretty rad way.

2. Bart Simpson


When is Bart Simpson ever seen without his skateboard? If you're stuck for Halloween ideas, you could try this deeply unnerving costume--or make your own, maybe-slightly-less-unnerving one.

3. These rad disco skaters 

We'd be amiss to leave out that whole other branch of skaters--those that get around on rollerskates. Disco lives (if you want it to)! Throw on your best flashy '80s garb and get skatin'.

4. Finger-skate IRL!

I gotta give this one a hand...and it also raises so many questions. How did they make this? How are they skating inside this giant body glove? How are they so cool? Can we be friends? Be a real-life finger-skater and create the same aura of mystery wherever you go.

5. A Whole New World

Want a flying carpet in real life? Glue some carpet to your skateboard, and you're golden! Now all you need is a princess and a genie, and three wishes.

6. Marty McFly 

Holy hoverboard! YouTuber RyanLeerReeL is responsible for this incredibly cool Marty McFly costume. With some black leggings and fake legs, you too can pull off this hovering illusion.

7. R2-D2 and BB-8 

Another great costume idea for rollerskaters--show R2-D2 and BB-8 some love with these clever getups! You don't HAVE to speak in beeps all night, but your costume could be an opportunity to avoid chatting with that guy who always wants to play devil's advocate.

8. This awesome nun

Skating nun. Simple, elegant, and incredibly badass. (Photo credit: Ed Pilolla)

9. Skating Chewbacca! 

This looks incredibly warm. But also, super cool. When you're pressed for time, commit quick; put on a full-body Chewbacca suit and head to your nearest skatepark for a Halloween treat nobody will expect.

10. This guy

I haven't found any existing costumes of Steve Buscemi's 30 Rock character. But I humbly suggest to you, skaters of the internet, that you give it a shot this Halloween. Whether you actually are or very-much-are-not a fellow kid, this skating costume is a winner.


Which one is your favorite? Comment below!



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