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    AEBoard Solo Electric Drive Kit Soul Mates - Electric Skateboard Converter Kit
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    AEBoard SOLO ELECTRIC DRIVE KIT: Unleash Your Skateboard's Potential 🔥 Upgrade Your Ride: Transform your skateboard into an electric powerhouse w...

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    AEBoard Wanderer Electric Land Skateboard Electric Surfskate S7 Truck
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    AEboard Wanderer Electric Land Skateboard: Surf the Streets 🔥 Street Surfing Excellence: Designed exclusively for street terrains, the AEboard Wa...

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    AEBoard Vortex Electric Land Skateboard S6 Truck
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    AEboard Vortex Electric Land Skateboard S6 Truck: Street Skating Revolutionized 🔥 Street Skating Specialist: Designed exclusively for street terr...

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    AEBoard Land Skateboard Electric Surfskate C4
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    AEboard Land Skateboard Electric Surfskate C4: Street Surfing Revolutionized 🛹 Street Surfing Excellence: Designed exclusively for street terrain...

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    AEBoard G5 Electric Skateboard and Longboard
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    AEboard Electric Skateboard G5: Glide Through the Streets 🔥 Street Riding Excellence: Designed specifically for urban environments, the AEboa...

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Cheap Electric Skateboards: Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable Thrills


Electric skateboarding is revolutionizing urban transport and leisure, offering an exhilarating blend of speed, convenience, and fun. However, the misconception that this thrilling experience comes with a hefty price tag often deters potential riders.

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Navigating the market for cheap electric skateboards can be overwhelming, with a plethora of options and specifications to consider. This comprehensive guide simplifies your search, highlighting key features to look for and pitfalls to avoid.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, this article will guide you in finding the exact budget electric skateboard that aligns with your financial constraints and suits your riding style.

Understanding Electric Skateboard Basics

Before diving into the world of affordable electric skateboards, it's crucial to understand the basics of what constitutes a budget electric skateboard. Best electric skateboard typically consists of a deck, wheels, motor, battery, and a remote control for navigation.

The quality of these components, especially in budget electric skateboards, can vary significantly, impacting the skateboard's performance, durability, and safety.

The motor is the heart of an electric skateboard, determining its speed and power. When looking for a budget-friendly option, consider the motor's wattage and type. While a higher wattage motor offers more power, it can also increase the price. Balancing power with affordability is key.

Battery life is another critical factor. A longer battery life means more time riding and less time charging. However, high-capacity batteries can be expensive. Look for a skateboard that offers a reasonable range per charge, keeping in mind your typical usage and commuting needs.

Key Features to Consider in a Cheap Electric Skateboard

When looking for the perfect electric skateboard, there are several key factors to consider to ensure a great ride and maximum safety.

We will not only cover the main aspects to look for but also highlight some of the best electric skateboards on the market to help you make an informed decision.

Deck Material and Design

The deck is a fundamental aspect in determining the best electric skateboards. It's important to choose one made from durable materials, such as maple and bamboo, which are popular for electric skateboards due to their balance of strength and flexibility.

Maple is known for its hardness and shock absorption, while bamboo is lightweight and provides a smooth ride. The design of the deck also plays a role in the riding experience.

Longer decks offer more stability, while shorter decks are more maneuverable. The shape of the deck can also affect your riding style. For example, a concave deck provides a more locked-in feel, while a flat deck is more forgiving.

In addition to the material and design of the deck, you should also consider the size of the deck when choosing an electric skateboard. The size of the deck should be appropriate for your height and weight. A deck that is too small will be unstable, while a deck that is too large will be difficult to control.

Wheel Quality

The wheels on your electric skateboard are responsible for providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The quality of the wheels can make a big difference in your riding experience. Cheap wheels are often made from hard plastic that can make for a harsh ride.

They can also be more prone to flat tires. Higher quality wheels are typically made from softer materials, such as polyurethane, which provides a smoother ride and better traction.

In addition to the material of the wheels, you should also consider the size of the wheels. Larger wheels will provide a smoother ride and better roll-over bumps.

However, they will also make the skateboard heavier and more difficult to maneuver. Smaller wheels will make the skateboard lighter and more maneuverable, but they will also provide a harsher ride.

Speed and Range

Electric skateboards can reach speeds of up to 30 mph, but most budget models will have a top speed of around 15 mph. This is still plenty of speed for most people, but if you are looking for a faster skateboard, you may need to spend more money.

The range of an electric skateboard is the distance it can travel on a single charge. the best Budget electric skateboard models will typically have a range of around 5-10 miles.

This is enough for most people to get around town, but if you need to travel longer distances, you may need to look for a skateboard with a longer range.

Safety Features

Safety is always important when riding an electric skateboard, so it's important to choose one that has the right safety features. All electric skateboards should have a reliable braking system.

Some best electric skateboards also have features like a remote control kill switch, which can be used to stop the skateboard immediately in case of an emergency.

In addition to the safety features of the skateboard itself, you should also wear safety gear when riding. This includes a helmet, gloves, and knee pads. You should also avoid riding in traffic or on crowded sidewalks.

The Best Cheap Electric Skateboards on the Market

To help you in your search, we've scoured the market for the best cheap electric skateboards. Our top picks, sourced from Board Blazers, offer a fantastic blend of quality, performance, and value. Here are some standout options:

Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard with Remote Control Electric Skateboard $169.99

Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard with Remote Control Electric Skateboard,350W Hub-Motor,12.4 MPH Top Speed,5.2 Miles Range,3 Speeds Adjustment,12 Months Warranty

The JKing Electric Skateboard Longboard is a zippy little number that's all about adding a jolt of fun to your daily commutes or leisurely rides.

With its UL 2272 certified 29.4v 2000mAh lithium battery, this board is not just a pretty face – it can zoom up to a top speed of 12.4 mph, making it perfect for skaters aged 12 and up who are ready to kick it up a notch.

Here's the JKing Electric Skateboard Longboard's features:

  • Top Speed: 12.4mph with a 29.4v 2000mAh lithium battery.

  • Range: Up to 5.2 miles on a full charge.

  • Weight & Load: Weighs 8.8lbs, supports up to 160lbs.

  • Material: Durable, waterproof PP deck with non-slip surface.

  • Hub Motor: Reliable 350W brushless hub-motor.

  • Remote Control: For easy speed and direction adjustments. This device comes with a wireless remote control, enabling you to make these changes conveniently from a distance without any physical connection.

  • No Assembly Needed: Ready to use out of the box.

  • Suitable for Ages 12+: Ideal for both teens and adults.

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote $199.99

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote, E-Skateboard Max Speed 12.4 mph, Range 6-9 Miles, 350W Motor Eskateboard for Adults Teens (Upgraded Version)

Experience a sleek ride with the Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard. Designed for ease of use and fun, this board is perfect for city travel and school commutes. With an upgraded 25V 4Ah (4000mAh) lithium battery, you'll enjoy up to 9 miles of range on a single charge.

  • Go Fast and Far: Equipped with a potent 350W hub motor, the S11 delivers a smooth experience with a top speed of 12.4mph. Its raised chassis enhances rideability by 40%, effortlessly handling potholes.

  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted from 7 layers of Canadian A-grade maple, the Hiboy S11 is robust yet lightweight at 8 lbs, supporting a maximum load of 220 lbs. The deck features a non-slip, frosted surface and ABEC-7 solid trucks for stability during acceleration and turns.

  • Wireless Remote Control: Experience enhanced comfort and convenience with the ergonomic, rechargeable wireless remote control of the S11.

    Effortlessly manage your speed with this intuitive device, uniquely designed for Hiboy electric skateboards. The S11 features 4 ride modes and 4 brake modes, offering a customized and responsive riding experience.

  • FUN & Best Gift: The S11 is beginner-friendly, giving riders confidence regardless of skill level. It makes an ideal gift for kids, adults, and college students for Christmas or birthdays.

Base Camp Boards F11 Mini Electric Skateboard and Pennyboard $219.00

Base Camp Boards F11 Mini Electric Skateboard and Pennyboard

This skateboard is designed for the discerning rider seeking to navigate busy streets, commute with ease, or enjoy a relaxed journey.

  • Scoot Over, Dull Commutes: Make way for the Base Camp Boards F11 Mini Electric Skateboard! This nifty little board is all about adding some zip to your trip. Designed for the urban adventurer, the F11 Mini is your new sidekick for weaving through the concrete jungle with style and sass.

  • Built Tough, Like Your Favorite Jeans: With an 8-layer maple deck, this board is tough enough to handle your daily grind while keeping things smooth underfoot. And let’s talk power - its 300W hub motor has more kick than a double espresso, getting you to a breezy 10 MPH without breaking a sweat.

  • Be the Remote Controller You Always Wanted to Be: Comes with a wireless remote control that's so intuitive, you’ll feel like a street-surfing wizard. And guess what? The F11 Mini is eco-friendlier than your average bear, thanks to regenerative braking that’s like giving the planet a high-five.

  • Unbox and Go: Everything you need is packed in - a power adapter, charger, and the ever-handy T wrench for your tweaking pleasure. It’s like Christmas, but better, because you get to ride away on it!

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard - FFP $223.06

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard - FFP

This little power-packed board delivers the thrill of the ride with electric zest. Perfect for anyone 9 or older, ready to carve up the streets at 10 mph. It's not just a skateboard; it's 40 minutes of pure, uninterrupted cruising joy.

  • Zoom with a Vroom: Fancy yourself a smooth rider with a need for eco-friendly speed? The RazorX Cruiser is your new best bud. With a 125-watt motor purring under the deck, you'll be cruising at up to 10 mph.

    That's right, hair-tousling speeds without breaking a sweat, for up to 40 whole minutes – long enough to make your neighbors green with envy.

  • Compact Carver: At 29.7 inches of premium 5-ply Maple, this deck is the skateboard equivalent of a sports car – light, zippy, and oh-so-responsive. It's the skateboard you can bring to a fancy dinner and it’ll still get compliments.

  • Command with a Click: The wireless remote is like the magic wand of skateboarding. With a flick of the wrist (and a strap to keep it from flying off to Neverland), you're in charge of the carve-and-turn extravaganza.

  • Roll with Soul: We're talking high-grip wheels that stick to the pavement like gossip in a small town, and custom reverse kingpin trucks for stability that would make a tightrope walker jealous.

  • All Are Welcome: If you're 9 or 90 and under 220 pounds, hop on! This board doesn't discriminate; it's an equal-opportunity thrill provider.

AEBoard Solo Electric Drive Kit Soul Mates - Electric Skateboard Converter Kit $239.00

AEBoard	Solo Electric Drive Kit Soul Mates - Electric Skateboard Converter Kit

The AEBoard Solo Electric Drive Kit is your magic carpet to the electrified realm of skateboarding. Convert your trusty board into a lightning-fast ride and turn every street into your playground.

Here's a more concise feature list for the AEBoard SOLO ELECTRIC DRIVE KIT:

  • Upgrade Your Ride: Convert your regular skateboard into an electric version with ease.

  • High-Quality Components: Built with precision and durability for a top-notch riding experience.

  • Electrify Your Skateboard: Add electric power to your board for an exhilarating ride.

  • Effortless Installation: Quick and easy setup to get you on the road faster.

  • Complete Kit: Includes electric drive unit, battery, remote control, and installation tools.

  • Non-Waterproof: Keep the kit dry for optimal performance.

  • No App Connectivity: Focus on the ride without digital distractions.

  • Reliable Battery: Lithium-ion battery provides lasting power.

  • Decent Range: Travel 7-10 kilometers on a single charge.

  • Fast Charging: Quick recharge time to resume your adventures.

AEBoard Wanderer Electric Land Skateboard Electric Surfskate S7 Truck $269.99

AEBoard	Wanderer Electric Land Skateboard Electric Surfskate S7 Truck

The AEboard Wanderer Electric Land Skateboard is an innovative fusion of skateboarding and surfing, designed to provide an exhilarating street surfing experience. Here's a quick rundown of its key features:

  • Street Surfing Excellence: Equipped with high-quality street wheels, this skateboard is tailored for street terrains, offering a surfing-like glide and exceptional carving capability.

  • High-Quality Deck: Constructed from 7-ply Canadian Maple, this skateboard not only ensures durability but also provides a comfortable ride due to its smooth handling.

  • Efficient 250W Motor: Delivers a balanced blend of speed and stability.

  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighs only 5.5 kg (12 lbs), ideal for travel and easy to carry.

  • Innovative S7 Trucks: For an unmatched carving experience, mimicking the dynamics of surfing.

  • Wireless Controller: Provides precise control over acceleration, braking, and ride modes.

  • Regenerative Braking System: Enhances control while conserving energy.

  • Complete Package: Comes with a power adapter, charger, and wireless remote.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Precision-made in the US and China for top-notch performance.

maxfind Entry-Level Electric Skateboards with Remote $279.00

maxfind Entry-Level Electric Skateboards with Remote for Kids Teens Youth 15MPH Top Speed Lightweight 27 Inch MAX ONE

The Maxfind MAX ONE Electric Skateboard is a top pick for kids and beginners, blending style, safety, and performance. Here are its standout features:

  • Seamless Integrated Design: Offers a sleek, stylish construction that merges form and function.

  • Hidden Battery Technology: Features a concealed battery for improved aesthetics and balanced weight distribution.

  • Safety & Stability Focused: Equipped with a high-quality 350W motor for smooth acceleration and precise control, tailored for kids and novice riders.

  • Ideal for Kids & Beginners: Specifically designed for children aged 9 and above, this skateboard is perfect for learning and fun.

  • Exceptional Performance & Portability: Reaches up to 15 mph with an 11-mile range on a single charge. The 27-inch deck is crafted for comfort and flexibility.

  • Durable Battery Life: Uses imported batteries that maintain over 80% performance after 18 months, compared to 75% for domestic batteries.

  • Top Controller Suppliers: Ensures maximum safety through collaboration with leading industry suppliers.

  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Utilizes environmentally friendly, recyclable composite panels, saving maple and bamboo trees.

  • Encourages Outdoor Play: Aims to get children active and outdoors, promoting bravery, independence, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

isinwheel V6 Electric Skateboard $289.99

isinwheel V6 Electric Skateboard, 450W Peak Power, 10 Miles Max Range, 12 MPH Top Speed, 8 Layers Maple E-Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control, 3 Speed Adjustment, 264Lbs Max Load

The isinwheel V6 Electric Skateboard is a versatile and fun entry-level e-skateboard, suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Here's a summary of its features:

  • Compact and Fun: Ideal for personal use or for children, it's easy to store and carry.

  • Optimal Speed and Range: Features a top speed of 12 mph and a range of 8-10 miles, perfect for city commuting and school trips.

  • Wireless Remote Control: Offers easy speed modulation and convenient cruising with a wireless remote control featuring a simple push-button brake system.

  • Durable Construction: Made with 8-ply maple wood, supporting up to 264 pounds, ensuring stability and durability.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Offers an eco-friendly mode of transportation, reducing traffic congestion and promoting mental health.

  • Ideal Gift Option: Great for those looking to explore the fun of e skateboarding.

  • Reliable Premium Brand and Support: isinwheel provides 365 days of quality assurance and efficient customer service for any issues related to the motor, battery, or accessories.

Raldey K2 Electric Skateboard and Pennyboard $299.00

Raldey K2 Electric Skateboard and Pennyboard

The Raldey K2 Electric Skateboard and Pennyboard is a top-notch, budget-friendly option for those new to e skateboarding or seeking a high quality board with, affordable board. Here's a quick look at its features:

  • Comfortable Speed: Hits up to 16 MPH (25 km/h), perfect for city cruising.

  • Classic Maple Deck: Constructed with 7-ply Maple for a solid yet flexible ride.

  • Powerful Dual Motors: Features two 480W motors, supporting riders up to 240 lbs.

  • Hill Climbing Capability: Boasts a 25% hill climb rate, handling mild slopes with ease.

  • Affordable Price: Priced at $299.00, offering great value without compromising quality.

  • Compact and Portable: Measures 29.5 x 9.8 inches, making it easy to carry and maneuver.

  • Street-Ready Wheels: Equipped with 80mm wheels suited for urban surfaces.

  • Decent Battery Range: Offers up to 9 miles range per charge, varying with road conditions and rider weight.

  • Beginner-Friendly: Designed for simplicity, ideal for those new to e-skating.

  • Stylish Design: Available in classic black, blending style with functionality.

Exway Ripple Electric Skateboard $349.00

Exway Ripple Electric Skateboard

The Exway Ripple Electric Skateboard is an urban rider's dream, combining sleek design with high performance. Here's an overview of its features:

  • Urban Prowess: Specially crafted for navigating city landscapes effortlessly.

  • Superior Flex Deck: Made from a combination of bamboo, maple, and fiberglass, ensuring resilience and a responsive feel.

  • Powerful Dual Hub Motors: Comes with 672W dual motors, providing a robust and powerful riding experience.

  • Compact and Agile: Measures 30.7 inches in length and 10.8 inches in width, perfect for agility and easy portability.

  • Fast and Efficient: Reaches a top speed of 16 mph, ideal for smooth urban cruising.

  • Advanced Remote Control: Includes the LYR Remote Control for precise and effortless management of your ride's features.

  • Regenerative Braking: Offers a safer ride while enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Strong Weight Support: Can handle a weight capacity of up to 264 lbs.

  • Hill Climbing Capability: This terrain electric skateboard effortlessly manages a 25% hill grade, making it highly suitable for varied urban terrains.

  • Quick Charging: Fast charge option available, taking only about 1 hour.

  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: Boasts IP55 waterproofing and robust Trist 7" RKP trucks.

  • No App Required: Comes with all necessary accessories including a power adapter, charger, and LYR remote.

Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Electric Skateboard: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

Best electric skateboards have revolutionized personal transportation, offering a fun and eco-friendly way to get around. However, like any electronic device, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Free Professional craftsman polishing wooden detail with electric tool Stock Photo

Neglecting your electric skateboard can lead to premature wear and tear, costly repairs, and ultimately a shorter lifespan. To maximize the enjoyment and value of your electric skateboard, it's essential to adopt a proactive maintenance approach.

1. Battery Care: The Heart of Your Electric Skateboard

The battery is the lifeblood of your electric skateboard, powering the motor and providing the necessary energy for smooth operation and long range. Proper battery care is paramount to extending its lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.

Avoid overcharging, a common practice that can damage the battery cells and drastically reduce its capacity. Instead, follow the manufacturer's recommended charging guidelines and unplug the charger once the battery reaches full capacity.

Storage conditions also play a significant role in battery health. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can harm battery cells and shorten their lifespan. Store your electric skateboard in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, avoid letting the battery completely deplete, as this can also damage the cells. Regular charging, even when not in frequent use, will maintain the battery's health and prevent deep discharge issues.

2. Regular Cleaning: Preventing Dirt and Debris Build-up

Dirt, debris, and grime can accumulate on various components of your electric skateboard, affecting its performance and longevity. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain your electric board is in top condition and prevent premature wear and tear.

Gather a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild soap solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage delicate components.

Start by cleaning the deck, wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. Be careful not to get water into the electronic components, as this could lead to malfunction or damage. Next, remove the wheels and clean them thoroughly with warm, soapy water.

Pay close attention to the bearings, ensuring they are free of dirt or debris that could hinder their rotation. Once everything is clean, dry it completely with a soft cloth. Avoid using direct heat or leaving the board in direct sunlight to dry.

3. Checking for Wear and Tear: Staying Ahead of Issues

Regular inspections are essential to identify and address any signs of wear and tear before they escalate into major problems. Check the deck for cracks or damage, the wheels for excessive wear, and the bearings for smooth operation.

Inspect the belts for signs of wear, tear, or cracks, and tighten them if necessary. Look for any loose screws, nuts, or bolts and tighten them securely to prevent further damage.

4. Firmware Updates: Staying Current with Technology

Electric skateboard manufacturers often release firmware updates to address bugs, improve performance, and introduce new features. Regularly check for updates and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure a smooth and successful update process.

Firmware updates can enhance your electric skateboard's overall functionality and provide a more enjoyable riding experience.

Making the Most of Your Electric Skateboarding Experience

Free Man Jumps over Skateboard Stock Photo

Owning a cheap electric skateboard is just the beginning. To truly enjoy the experience, consider the following:

  • Safety First: Always wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Safety should never be compromised, regardless of your skill level.

  • Learn and Practice: If you're new to electric skateboarding, take the time to learn and practice. Start with basic maneuvers and gradually progress to more advanced techniques.

  • Join a Community: Connect with other best electric skateboard enthusiasts. Joining a community can provide valuable tips, support, and opportunities to ride together.

  • Explore and Have Fun: Use your best electric skateboard to explore new areas. Enjoy the freedom and excitement it brings, and always ride responsibly.


Electric skateboarding doesn't have to be a luxury. With the right knowledge and a bit of research, finding a high-quality, cheap electric skateboard is entirely possible. Remember to prioritize safety, understand your needs, and maintain your skateboard properly. Embrace the world of e skateboarding and enjoy the thrill of the ride with the best electric skateboard, ensuring you don't overspend. Happy skating!


Can I fly with an electric skateboard?

Whether or not you can fly with an electric skateboard depends on the airline you are flying with and the battery capacity of your skateboard. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has regulations that restrict the transportation of lithium-ion batteries on airplanes. These regulations are in place to prevent fires and explosions, which can occur if the batteries are damaged or malfunction.

Generally, you can carry on an electric board with a battery capacity of less than 100 watt-hours (Wh). However, some airlines may have stricter restrictions and may only allow batteries with a capacity of less than 25 Wh. If your electric skateboard has a battery capacity of more than 100 Wh, you will need to check it in as baggage.

Can I make a skateboard electric?

Yes, you can make a skateboard electric by adding a motor and battery, and numerous kits are available online for this purpose. However, it's important to recognize that converting a skateboard into an electric one is not a simple task and requires mechanical skills and knowledge of electrical wiring.

If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, or if you're seeking a more cost-efficient alternative, consider exploring budget electric skateboards. These pre-assembled options provide an accessible entry point for those new to e skateboarding or those mindful of their spending.

Can electric skateboards slow down?

Yes, electric skateboards have brakes that allow you to slow down and come to a stop. Most electric skateboards have regenerative brakes, which means that they convert the energy from braking back into electricity to power the battery. This can help to extend the range of your skateboard.

Can you start with an electric skateboard?

Yes, electric skateboards are relatively easy to learn how to ride, even if you have never ridden a skateboard before. The motor makes it easier to get up to speed, and the brakes make it easy to stop. However, it is still important to practice in a safe area before you take your electric skateboard out onto the streets.

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