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    GIEMIT Kids Knee Pads Elbow Pads Ages 3-7 Toddler Boys Girls Kids, 6 in 1 Protective Gear Safety Set with Wrist Guard for Skating Cycling Scooter Bike Ski Skateboard Riding Sports
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    Brand: GIEMITColor: Light GreenFeatures: 【Strong Protection】- Giemit kids knee pads and elbow pads set are made of high grade durable fabrics, wit...

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    Original price $ 9.99 - Original price $ 9.99
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Kids Knee Pads

Parents, brace yourselves! When your little daredevil decides to take on the world, it's vital to equip them with the right protection. Whether they're trying out new stunts in the driveway, zooming in the park, or just generally being their adventurous selves, those tiny knees need guarding.

If you're a parent-newbie shopping for your first kids knee pad, you might want to digest this piece thoroughly. Mull over their favorite activities, and see how our specially curated knee pads can elevate their fun (and your peace of mind). If these don't tickle your fancy, perhaps our article on 'Best Skateboard Knee Pads' might.

Navigating the world of children's protective gear can be as confusing as understanding their latest slang. But fear not! We're here to discuss the crème de la crème of knee pads and how they can protect your little one's adventurous spirit.


From superhero-themed knee shields to light up ones, Board Blazer's knee pad collection spans various designs, sizes, and functionalities. Crafted from premium materials, they ensure maximum protection coupled with style that even you might envy. Let's delve into some of our top picks:


Want to spot your child from a mile away during those late evening playtimes? The Board Blazers' LED knee pad set is your answer. With adjustable light modes, they're not just protective gear; they're a fashion statement. (COMING SOON)

The popular Board Blazers Light Up Knee Pads allows kiddos to switch between pulsating neon lights and steady glows. It's all fun and games until everyone in the neighborhood wants one. 


Remember the good ol' days when all that mattered was the color? Our classic range might seem simple, but they're powerful knee defenders. Ideal for newbie knee pad wearers, they’re easy to strap on and provide optimum protection. The Classic UltraGuard Kiddo is a favorite, offering rainbow color options and zero complications. If your child can tie their shoelaces, they can wear these. For the non-fancy days, check out:

  • Starry Night Knee Pad
  • Neon Rush Knee Pad
  • Ultimate Beginner's Guardian

The most valuable accessories for these include adjustable straps for growing legs, and a soft inner lining for maximum comfort. And for those tiny artists, there's the DIY Doodle Pad, where they can design their knee pad art!


For the young souls who want their knee pads to tell a story. Dive into an array of designs from Dinosaurs for the aspiring paleontologist to Unicorns for the fantasy enthusiast. Board Blazers' range is designed to keep every child's unique personality in mind. And the cherry on top? Matching elbow pads and wrist guardsfor a complete look.

Regardless of your choice, Board Blazers promises quality and style. But the key is to pick one that aligns with your child's activities and preferences.


With Board Blazers' range from classic protectors to LED light up pads, there's something for every little explorer. 

Selecting the perfect knee pad is crucial, especially for the young ones. They need to feel confident and protected as they explore and learn. It's like choosing the right skateboard; mastering the basics on a tricycle won't prepare them for mountain biking.

The best knee pads will fuel their imagination and not hinder it. It's about blending safety with fun, pushing boundaries while ensuring those precious knees stay scratch-free. So, when picking a pad, think about their journey, their growth, and most importantly, their smiles. And always remember, the adventure is just beginning!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At what age should kids start wearing knee pads?

As soon as they start any activity where there's potential for tumbles – like skateboarding, biking, or roller skating. This can be as young as 2 or 3 years old. Better safe than sorry!

How do I pick the right size of knee pads for my child?

Measure around your child's knee using a soft measuring tape and compare it to the size chart provided for each product. Remember, it's essential that the knee pad fits snugly but without restricting movement.

Are there different knee pads for different activities?

Yes! While the primary function is protection, some knee pads offer more flexibility for activities like dancing, while others might be more robust for sports like skateboarding. Check the product description to ensure you're getting the right one.

Can knee pads be worn over pants? 

Absolutely! However, ensure that wearing them over pants doesn't make the fit too tight or restrict movement.

How often should I replace my child's knee pads?

Check the knee pads regularly for wear and tear. If you notice the padding thinning or the straps losing elasticity, it's time for a new pair. Also, as your child grows, you'll need to size up.

Do the knee pads come in pairs or are they sold individually?

Typically, knee pads come in pairs, but always check the product description to be sure. In fact, most of the ones we sell on our site come with 2 knee pads, 2 elbow pads and 2 wrist guards as well!

Are there any special care instructions for maintaining the knee pads?

Most knee pads can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Some are machine-washable, but always check the care label or product description. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight as it can wear out the material faster.

Can my child wear these knee pads for indoor activities?

Certainly! Whether it's indoor roller skating, dance rehearsals, or just some indoor fun, knee pads can protect those precious knees from unexpected tumbles.

Why are there so many different designs and colors?

At Board Blazers, we understand that every child has their unique style. So, we offer a range of designs and colors to make sure your kiddo not only stays safe but also looks cool doing it!

If the knee pads don't fit or my child doesn't like them, can I return them?

Of course! Please refer to our return policy for details on returns and exchanges.

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