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Exway Flex Pro Electric Skateboard

Original price $ 949.00 - Original price $ 1,182.00
Original price $ 949.00
$ 949.00
$ 949.00 - $ 1,182.00
Current price $ 949.00

Exway Flex Pro Electric Skateboard: The Professional's Choice for Urban Mobility

  • 🛹 Street Specialist: Optimized for street riding, the Exway Flex Pro combines speed and agility for the ultimate urban experience.
  • 🌳 Eco-Friendly Deck: A flexy composite of bamboo, maple, and fiberglass offers an eco-conscious and smooth ride.
  • ⚡ Dynamic Belt Motors: Unleash the full potential of belt-driven motors to cruise at high speeds with remarkable torque.
  • 🔝 Peak Performance: Reach up to 31 mph and climb hills with a 40% grade effortlessly.

Redefine your skateboarding standards with the Exway Flex Pro, the board designed for those who demand more from their ride. Every detail, from the 38.2-inch deck length to the strategic 12.2-inch width, is engineered for performance and comfort.

With Exway's next-gen ESC 3.0, riders experience unprecedented control and responsiveness. The ExSkate APP and R3 Remote put the power of customization and precision in your hands, making every journey uniquely yours.

Despite its power, the Exway Flex Pro is about more than just performance; it's about sustainability. The regenerative braking system extends your ride and the board's life. IP55 waterproofing and a robust build mean you can take on the city in any weather. And with a range of 25 miles, you have the freedom to explore further and faster. After your adventure, a quick 2.3-hour charge time ensures your Exway Flex Pro is always ready for the next journey. Make every street your playground with the Exway Flex Pro Electric Skateboard.

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