Board Blazers: Skateboard Underglow Lights Gift Set

  • Includes 3 Sets: 1 of each of our signature colors: Crazy Color-Changing, Lightning Lime, & Wild White. 
  • Perfect Skateboarding Gift: Ready to roll in a stylish gift box with bow. No wrapping needed! (Pro tip: ship it directly to your skater)
  • Style & Safety: Instantly blaze any board with this skateboard underglow gift set! Batteries included so you're ready to go instantly!


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  • Each Skateboard Gift Set includes 3 sets: Crazy Color Changing, Lightning Lime, and Wild White. Each set is packaged separately so you can give them as a gift to 1 person or split them up for multiple people. Small & easy to attach to any skateboard or scooter these underglow lights will transform your board. Increase visibility as it gets dark with these unique skateboard gifts.

    Skateboard Gift Box: Colors Included

    skateboard gift box To choose each color, we asked all of our customers what were their favorite colors. Overwhelmingly these were the most popular responses. If you're unsure if your child will like the color, we accept full returns/exchanges to choose a different color.

A Great Skateboard Gift for Kids!

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