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Back to School Guide for Skaters

Updated Feb. 27, 2023

It’s that time again! The smell of freshly sharpened pencils is in the air, and the last vestiges of summer freedom are passing away - it’s Back To School Season! It’s easy to get stressed and stymied with back to school shopping, so we’re here today to help you check off your list from the comfort of your seat. This one-stop shop for skaters going back to school should have you prepped and ready to shred (and study)! We’ve compiled all of our favorite gear to set your skater up for schoolyard and classroom success. From safety gear to clothing, book covers and pencil cases to tech accessories – we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and check off your back to school shopping list one click at a time!

You can’t go to school without a way to carry your books AND your board! Of course we are biased, but we just released a killer backpack that will not only tote your school books but your skateboard too. Introducing the Board Blazers Skateboard Backpack. Man, this bag is such a workhorse! Known for quality, and sleek modern design, you straight can’t go wrong with this bag. With a little care, it could serve you for a few years – it’s built to last! 

For more details, check out our Skateboard backpack collection here!

Skateboarding is crazy fun, but you've got to be prepared with the correct safety gear. If your student is skating to school (can't decide if they’re ready? We can help!), you're going to need something to keep that noggin safe! We always recommend the JBM Skateboard Helmet for its high customer satisfaction, availability of colors and styles, and long-term durability. It’s a classic look that will carry your skater through many years of school. Looks fresh, great investment, win-win! Similarly, a fly pair of knee pads (yes, they can be cool!) will keep those knees so fresh and so clean (clean). We’re digging the 187 Killer Pads. The white on black contrast is a statement maker. If you’re going to cover their knees, they might as well look sick doing it, and the 187s are a sure fire way to do it!

You can’t back to school shop without picking up some sick duds for your skater. And while we probably can’t save you from that dreaded (or maybe enjoyable?) trip to Target or Old Navy, we can help you out with a few items. Any skater who is anyone has a legit HUF hoodie, and this one is CLASSIC. Your skater will earn instant street cred with his crew when he sports this HUF box logo hoodie. Stay warm and look sick! And no skater should be without a pair of classic Thrasher skate socks. If you’ve got a skater in the house, then you’re probably already familiar with the mid-calf socks so iconic to the sport. But if you haven’t yet done so, spring for at least a two pack of the real deal. Thrasher socks are indispensable style statements in the skating world. Give your skater a leg up with his crew for under $20. You'll be glad you did.

Got a skater with a smartphone? Skip the overtly “skateboardy” phone covers and go for this understated phone case made of recycled skate decks. Each one is unique, and while it can’t keep your student from texting in class, it will keep him on the edge of style!

Now, what would a Back To School guide be without school supplies? Look no further, folks! First up we have this ultra-rad set of 2 pocket folders. With many schools now requiring you to purchase your own classroom supplies, keep your shredder stocked in skateboard style with TEN 2 pocket folders for each subject. You can’t be over prepared! Need composition notebooks? Why settle for the old black and white marbled pattern, when you could have black on blue skater silhouettes! Most classes will require a notebook or journal of some kind, and these will set your skater apart. With 100 pages of lined paper, students can fill the pages with brain food, while still repping their love of the shred. Have a kiddo who is tough on the textbooks? Keep their school gear in mint condition with The Original Book Sox in skateboard motif! These stretchy nylon book covers will expand to fit textbooks of nearly any size, keeping them from bumps and bruises and they travel from locker to classroom to home and back again. And for even further customization of school supplies, we recommend this 100 pack of skateboard stickers. They aren’t just for boards! Your student can customize their supplies with these rad stickers, covering their notebooks, binders, pencil cases – you name it!


Speaking of pencils and cases, here are a few that we dig! The Inkology pencil pouch will fit snugly inside a three-ring binder and keep all those writing implements corralled... until they disappear as they always do. If your skater isn’t much for binders, the skateboard pencil case stows easily inside a backpack. With a slim design and a sweet skateboarding design, it’s sure to please. Preempt the running-out-of-eraser problem by picking up a few of these super fun two-pack of rubber skateboard erasers. They’ll never peeve their teacher by scratching out an answer when they should have erased, and they’ll enjoy erasing that much more when they’re reminded of their favorite pastime. And how cool is this design? These little skateboard erasers actually roll! 


All work and no play makes Johnny a dull (and miserable) boy. While you’re grabbing school supplies, why not nab a few small things to keep the summer fun alive while taking those needed study breaks? For lunchtime at school or a homework break, The People’s Republic fingerboard will let them enjoy skateboarding, but with no need for the full sized board! Mastering the art of the skate fingerboard will entertain for hours and remind them of their love of the real deal. Once the sun has set, and the homework is packed away for the night, head out for a fun shred session with a new set of Board Blazers! These LED underglow lights attach easily to the underside of your skate deck and provide hours of skateboarding fun in style and safety. Keep their shred sessions LIT with board Blazers!

But what if it’s time for a new board entirely? A new set of wheels doesn’t just mean a car, you know! If you’re looking for a new all-inclusive skateboard package, the Minority 32 inch maple board is a great option. With sick deck artwork and a solid setup, your skater will be glad to have this in his arsenal. Want to help your skater branch out? Consider a Penny Board! These short boards (a solid 10+ inches shorter than a standard board) are entirely acrylic, come in WILD colors, and will give your skater something new to master! Shortboards are easier to tote and will make certain tricks and flips easier to accomplish. At a super accessible price point, a Penny board will give your skater a new challenge. If shortboards aren’t their style, consider a longboard! This Ten Toes Bamboo Longboard will introduce them to the wide world of longboarding. Cruising, dancing, downhill, the forms of longboarding are endless and will provide your skater with access to an entirely new sector of the sport. Longboards are also ideal for commuting since skaters don’t have to pump their feet as often to maintain speed. For extra points and portability, consider investing in a Board Up Foldable Longboard! It folds in half when not in use and will easily slip into a backpack or locker. If you have a student who plans on skating to school, this will make a killer surprise!

Back to school doesn’t have to be stressful for you and lame for your student. This skate gear will remind them that while school feels long, they can head home to their favorite hobby as soon as that last bell rings. Now go out, complete your school supply shopping and get back home to those last summer shred sessions!

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