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Best Gifts For Skateboarders

Clueless as to what to buy your skater? Don’t know an ollie from a 360 flip? No worries! Whether its holiday gifts, birthday presents, or just a little something from you to say, “YEAH, DUDE! SICK!,” Board Blazers has you covered. Read on to browse our comprehensive gift guide for skaters everywhere!


1. SAFETY GEAR - You knew our top pick had to be safety related. You can’t skateboard without your noggin, so protect that head! Pick up this durable skating helmet for adults, or this rad head protection for the wee ones. An enormous amount of would-be serious head injuries are avoidable if your skater is wearing a properly fitted helmet. Don’t be without it! And while we’re at it, pick up some knee and elbow pads to soften the blows to their joints. We dig this sweet set with gloves for kids and adults (always check sizing charts for accuracy, or head to your local skate shop to make sure items fit correctly for maximum safety!).


2. SKATE LIGHTS - We aren’t going to make you as safe as a helmet, but a little more visibility never hurt anyone, plus you’ll look sick doing it! We’re biased, but we’ll go ahead and say they’re the best out there. Grab some Board Blazers right here.

3. SKATE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION - If you can’t be out riding all the time, you can at least read about it, am I right?! While there are loads of choices out there for this one, luckily for you, we've created a handy guide for choosing the best skate magazine based on your skater. Check it out here!

4. SKATE SOCKS - This is an easy slam dunk, and awesome add-on or stocking stuffer. Socks won’t break the bank but will make your skater feel like they just took their ride to the next level. We always dig the classic Thrasher socks, but here is another awesome choice!

5. SKATEBOARD STAND – Tired of multiple boards rolling haphazardly around your garage? Problem solved. The Parking Block is like a portable parking space for your board that can travel with you wherever the shred session takes you. We love it!

6. GO PRO – Want to make your skater’s whole life? If you’ve got the cash to drop, a GoPro is definitely an incredible way to go. This lightweight, durable camera is the choice of action sports lovers everywhere for documenting their adventures. Your skater is sure to give you a big, “Thanks, brah!” for this one!

7. SKATEBOARD – There are SO many choices out there for skaters! Longboard, penny board, skateboard, you name it. If you’re not sure which to pick, feel free to peruse our handy guide to buying an inexpensive skateboard online.

8. UPCYCLED SKATE GEAR – is going green your thing? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. There are incredible options out there now for anything (seriously, anything) upcycled from skateboard decks. These phone cases are super sick, and every skater we know would dig these sunglasses! You could even pick up a sick skateboard shelf for your shredder to store their boards, helmets, and gear.

9. BUILD-AT-HOME RAMP – Is your skater more adventurous? Perhaps a budding engineer? Why not plan to spend some quality time together and grab one of these build-at-home ramp setups? You’ll get some one-on-one time, the chance to use tools, and at the end of the afternoon, your skater will have his or her very own ramp to work on their tricks! No worries about their safety because you’ve already got them in a helmet & safety pads, right (see #1 and #2)?

And while there are endless gift ideas for your skater, we think that these 9 round out a pretty stellar list.

Looking for even more options? Our friends at SkateboardersHQ compiled a list of 20 Awesome and 10 Terrible Skateboarding Gifts. Head on over there for even more inspiration!

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices! Happy gifting!

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