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Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane? A Comprehensive Guide to Air Travel with Boards (2024)

Ready for an epic adventure? If you've ever wondered about taking your skateboard on a plane, this is your guide. Strap in as we dive into the world of flying with skateboards. Whether you're a seasoned skater or just love the thrill, we've got you covered with all the tips and tricks for a smooth journey.

We've sorted through airport rules and airline policies to give you the ultimate lowdown on traveling with your board. From the unspoken rules to essential pointers, we've got it all covered. So get ready to roll with confidence on your next flying adventure – Plane and Simple style! And remember, no matter the challenges, just carry on and skate on!

Unpacking the Facts: Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane?

Good news! You can bring your skateboard on a plane, but there are important things to know. Start by checking your airline's policies, especially if you're flying with budget airlines, as rules can vary just like they do at different skateparks. Some airlines allow skateboards as a carry-on bag or in checked baggage, while others require them to be stored in the cargo hold. Don't assume – familiarize yourself with the airline's rules before your trip.

Size matters, too. While most skateboards breeze through security, oversized ones might not. Airlines have specific dimensions for acceptable skateboards, so ensure your deck isn't mistaken for an ancient artifact. Remember to consult the airline's guidelines to avoid surprises.

Stay tuned for tips on breezing through security and stowing your skateboard correctly. We're here to guide you through the airport terrain, minimizing stress and maximizing your trick time. Let go of worries and get ready for a smooth ride – it's time to carry on luggage and take off!

TSA Skateboard Rules & Regulations

Hold on tight as we explore airport security's X-ray insight and redefine "routine check." While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lacks a full skateboard carry on policy or ramp, skateboard-carrying travelers must mind their rules.

Approaching the security checkpoint with your skateboard as a "carry on", expect it to roll through the X-ray. Transportation Security Administration agents are trained to spot anomalies, and a skateboard can seem intriguing.


Relax – unless your deck hides compartments (boarding passes under grip tape are passé), you're good.

For owners of skateboards with detachable wheels, listen up. While trucks usually pass, loose wheels might raise eyebrows. They could briefly join your shoes in a bin to avoid confusion over their nature.

Bringing A Skateboard In Carry On Baggage

Imagine this: you're at the airport, deck in hand, gearing up for an adventure that promises new skate spots and horizons. But how do you fit your board into your carry on luggage? Fear not, we're here to help you pack your skateboard without turning your carry on bag into a Rubik's Cube.

Start by making your skateboard compact. Loosen the trucks to shrink it down – it's like a finely-tuned trick. Then, place it deck-down at the bag's bottom and surround it with clothes, creating a cushioned cocoon that keeps your board snug.

Just remember, your carry on luggage must still fit airline size rules. Pack smart, skate on, and let your board enjoy its carry-on adventure. Carry on with your journey and make the most of every moment!

Bringing A Skateboard In Checked Luggage - Overweight and Oversize Baggage

First things first, safeguard your skateboard as it embarks on its checked baggage adventure. Begin by disassembling it – removing trucks and detachable parts – making it compact for carry on luggage. Wrap the components in clothes or padding to cushion them, preventing jolts during transit; imagine a bubble-wrapped skateboard wheels a haven for your gear.

Now, onto luggage. If you're considering placing your skateboard in your carry on luggage, ensure it fits the airline's size and weight restrictions. Otherwise, before you proceed with packing, find a snug spot amid your bag of belongings for your skateboard puzzle.

A center position among clothes acts as a buffer against turbulence. Envelop your board with clothes, towels, or socks, securing it against movement in the plane's hold.

List of Airlines & Their Rules Regarding Skateboards

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has a clear skateboard policy, permitting them only as checked baggage.

But wait, there's more! They are also cool with you checking in your skateboard. Safeguard it in a durable travel carry on bag or case to shield it from any turbulence in the checked baggage maze. 

Whether you're a skate pro or casual rider, Alaska Airlines is your skate companion, ready to handle bag fees and lift your deck with a grin. For bags weighing up to 50 lb and with a maximum dimension of 62" (linear), the first bag costs $30, while the second bag is priced at $40.

American Airlines

Well, well, well, American Airlines playing hard to get with skateboards! Officially, they're giving the cold shoulder to skateboards as carry-ons. Their sports equipment policy, in all its glory, states skateboards must bow to the "standard checked bag fees for your destination, up to 50lbs (23kgs) and a grand total of 126in (320cm) in dimensions.

And if your board's been indulging in too many wheels, American Airlines overweight fees kick in between 51lbs (23kgs) and 70lbs (32kgs). Now, some daredevil travelers have whispered on social media about sneaking their skateboards onboard. But, let's be real, it's probably up to whether the flight attendant had their morning coffee or not.

Fancy a game of airline roulette? Your call! Oh, and just a heads up, American Airlines will happily take $30 off your hands for the first checked bag, unless you've got one of those fancy tickets with baggage included. Need the nitty-gritty info about American Airlines policy? Check here.


Ready to roll with your skateboard on Allegiant Airlines? Think again! Allegiant draws a clear line when it comes to electric skateboards, balance gliders, hoverboards, and any self-balancing boards juiced up by lithium metal or lithium ion batteries.

Whether you're thinking of stashing it in your checked luggage or sneaking it into your carry-on, Allegiant's not having any of it. The reason? Those pesky hazardous materials restrictions.

So, before you dream of carving up new terrains on your next trip, make sure your board isn't powered by the forbidden batteries. Safety first, thrill-seekers! Glide over here.

Air Canada

When you're flying with Air Canada, they've got a pretty chill policy for your ride. If you've got a board or even a snazzy bag filled with all your boarding gear, that's just one piece of baggage. But remember, size does matter!

Keep it under 158 cm (62 in) in total dimensions and under a weight of 23 kg (50 lb). Got a board that's more beast than beauty? No sweat! Air Canada Cargo will handle those big boys. Just a heads up, if your board or its container is stretching beyond 158 cm or packing more than 23 kg, you might face some extra fees.

And don't forget, the usual baggage rules are still in play. So pack smart, and keep riding in style!

Delta Airlines

Planning to jet off with your sports gear? Awesome sauce! Delta's got you covered. Just remember, while they're all for you bringing your sports equipment, the usual baggage fees still apply. It's all based on where you're seated, where you're headed, and how many bags you're checking in.

Keep your gear under 50 lbs to avoid the "you-packed-too-much" fee, and make sure it doesn't stretch beyond 115 inches in total. If you're feeling a bit extra and go overboard, be ready to shell out a bit more for those additional, overweight, and "that's-huge" baggage fees.

Need more deets about Delta Airlines policy? Check it out here. Oh, and one last thing: make sure your gear is snug in a container made just for it. Safety first, sporty!

Frontier Airlines

Got a skateboard with a haz-mat sticker? Sorry, buddy, Frontier's just not that into it. When it comes to baggage fees, it's all about the fare option purchased. So, choose wisely! If your bag's been hitting the gym too hard or had a growth spurt, there might be some extra charges for being overweight or oversized.

And just so you know, you can check your skateboard in, but no sneaking it into the cabin as a carry-on. Keep it cool and roll with it! For the nitty-gritty details about Frontier Airlines policy, check here.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines extends a warm aloha to your skateboard. Skateboards will be accepted as checked baggage subject to the baggage conditions and fees set forth in Sections (A) and (B) of this Rule 18.

As part of your carry-on baggage allowance, just remember, similar to carving through a perfect pipe, size is essential. Confirm your skateboard fits within the airline's carry-on dimensions for swift security and a smooth seat.

With them, your skateboard embraces the aloha spirit, primed to explore new horizons on your island getaway. Whether you're a casual cruiser or half-pipe aficionado, they ensure your skateboard's voyage is as extraordinary as your skills.

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue's skateboard policy is pretty rad for all you skateboarders out there. If your board is under 22 inches, you're in luck – it can ride with you as a carry-on. If it's a bit bigger, no worries, you can still check it in with JetBlue Airways. But here's the catch: it'll be tagged as a "conditionally checked" item once you're at the airport.

And just a heads up, if your board faces any damage or goes MIA, JetBlue won't be picking up the tab. So, make sure you pack it right and get ready to cruise the skies! For all the nitty-gritty details, check it out here.

Ryanair (EU)

With Ryanair, you can bring along your favorite sports equipment, including that rad skateboard, as long as it snuggly fits within your cabin bag allowance. Got something bigger, like a surfboard or a giant foam finger? No worries! You can book an extra seat for it. Just use "EXTRA" as the first name and "ITEM SEAT" as the surname when booking.

If your gear doesn't quite fit as cabin baggage and you're not feeling the extra seat vibe, you can always check it in. Just be ready to pay the fee that matches your equipment type. Curious about the costs? Dive into our Table of Fees.

Oh, and if yours is on the heavier side (over 20kg, but bikes get a generous 30kg), you'll be charged a bit extra per kilo. For all the details, check it out here. Safe travels and game on!

Southwest Airlines

Whether it's manual or non-electric, Southwest Airlines is pretty chill about it. You can swap it out for a carry-on or even a checked bag. If your board's slim enough to slide under the seat, you're golden! Just make sure those wheels are facing up – we wouldn't want it going on a solo adventure mid-flight.

Now, if you're thinking of popping it into the overhead bin, there's a tiny catch. Those wheels need to be facing up, and you've got to either bag it or cover those wheels. Don't stress; even a trash bag will do the trick. It's all about keeping everyone's stuff nice and neat.

For the full lowdown details, give this a peek.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is like, "Bring on the boards!" As long as it's not motorized or battery-operated, your skateboard can cruise onboard as a carry-on or personal item. Just make sure it fits within Spirit Airlines' size dimensions and parks it with wheels up – we don't want any runaway boards!

However, e-skateboards and hoverboards? Nah, they're a no-go due to some Hazardous Materials buzzkill.

For the full deets of Spirit Airlines' policy, give this a peek.

United Airlines

Guess what? United Airlines is totally on board with you bringing your skateboard as carry-on baggage. Want the deets? Dive into their sports equipment policy. But here's the gist: skateboards are cool as part of your baggage allowance.

But, if you're thinking of sneaking in an extra bag along with your board, brace yourself for a baggage fee. Their official word? "We're all in for non-powered roller skates, rollerblades, and skateboards, either as checked or carry-on bags.

But watch out for those service charges for the first or second checked bags. And if your skating gear's over the limit? That'll be an extra fee, buddy." So, in short, United Airlines is totally down for your skateboard to fly high as carry-on baggage. Rock on!


At WestJet, you can bring along your trusty skateboard or that nifty fold-up scooter (as long as it's not motorized). And don't forget your helmet – safety first! Thinking of carrying it on?

Just make sure it fits the size bill. Pack everything up nice and snug to avoid any oopsies. And heads up, if your gear's a bit on the chunky side or you've got an extra piece sporting equipment, there might be some additional fees.

Want the full scoop? Roll on over here.

Practical Tips When Bringing A Skateboard on a Plane

Ready to take your skateboard on an airborne adventure? Follow this quick guide to ensure your deck's journey is as smooth as executing a flawless trick. Start by checking your chosen airline's skateboard policy beforehand to avoid surprises and give your deck the VIP treatment.

When packing, size is crucial. If your skateboard is large, consider loosening or temporarily removing the trucks and cushioning them with cloth or bubble wrap to protect them during the flight.

Investing in a sturdy skateboard bag or case safeguards your deck from rough handling in the cargo hold, making sure it's ready to hit the streets upon arrival. Remember weight limits, and get ready for some curious looks – your skateboard might become the airport's rad ambassador.

Dealing with Connecting Flights Abroad

When navigating connecting flights abroad with your skateboard in tow, remember to review the skateboard policies of most airlines involved to ensure a smooth journey. It's essential to know whether you can bring a skateboard on board or if there are any specific restrictions.

Allow ample layover time between flights to clear customs and security, making sure you have enough time to glide through the airport while avoiding last-minute rushes.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with local regulations in the connecting country, ensuring your skateboard doesn't hit any unexpected roadblocks along the way.

How to Pack a Skateboard for Air Travel

Begin by giving your skateboard a bit of TLC. Loosen your trucks slightly to conserve space and relieve pressure on your deck. It's akin to tuning your setup for the perfect ride – a little adjustment goes a long way.

Airport hustle and bustle can be tough, but your deck doesn't have to suffer. Wrap your skateboard in a protective layer using a towel, cloth, or bubble wrap. This defensive shield guards against scratches and cushions any impacts, ensuring your deck arrives looking as good as new.

Just like nailing a complex trick sequence, packing your checked baggage needs strategy. Slide your wrapped skateboard deck-down into your bag, creating a stable base. Arrange your clothes and soft items around it, crafting a buffer that keeps your deck safe and snug during the journey.

Disassemble Your Skateboard and Bend the Rules

Much like building your skateboard from scratch, consider disassembling it for travel. Remove the trucks, wheels, and even the grip tape if possible. This can significantly reduce the overall size, making it easier to fit within the airline's carry-on dimensions and potentially avoiding an "oversize fee".

Don't forget about your other luggage. Distribute some of your heavier items like clothes or shoes into a trash bag or your skateboard bag. This not only maximizes space but also keeps your skateboard company in the same overhead bin space or under the seat in front of you.

If the airline's rules allow, think of your skateboard as a personal item rather than a separate piece of carry on luggage. Stash it in a backpack or bag that meets the airline's size restrictions for personal items. Just like mastering a new trick, this maneuver requires some finesse but can pay off big time.

Electric Skateboards on a Plane

Before your departure, get acquainted with your electric skateboard's battery specifications. Most use lithium-ion batteries, which airlines regulate due to energy content. Check the battery's watt-hour (Wh) rating – most airlines have limits for safety reasons. If your battery exceeds these limits, you might need clearance or a different battery.

Just as you'd connect with fellow skaters, communicate with your airline. Reach out beforehand to grasp their rules for e skateboards. Some allow them as carry-ons, while others may require checking due to battery concerns. Being informed reduces stress at the airport.

Like wearing safety gear, secure your battery. If possible, detach it before travel to prevent accidental activation and damage. When planning to bring a skateboard, keep it in a protective case or bag to avoid mishaps.

Most Skateboard-Friendly Airline

Southwest Airlines stands out as a leader in catering to skateboarders' needs. With a welcoming attitude towards both traditional and e skateboards, they ensure that skaters can take their decks on board without hitting a roadblock. Their policies, which accommodate skateboards as carry-on items, demonstrate a commitment to understanding the needs of the skateboarding community.

Apart from their lenient policies, they goes the extra mile in terms of customer service. Their staff is often well-versed in the nuances of transporting skateboards, offering guidance and support throughout the journey. This skater-friendly approach creates an environment where your deck isn't just a piece of luggage – it's a respected travel companion, deserving of the same care and attention you'd give it on the streets.

Choosing Southwest Airlines for your skateboarding travels ensures a hassle-free experience from check-in to touchdown. As you embark on your next skatecation, rest assured that they are there to make sure your skateboard adventure is as smooth as landing your favorite trick.

Alternate Transport: Can You Take Your Skateboard on a Train or Bus? 

Skaters have the world as their playground, including public transportation like trains and buses. But before you hop on with your skateboard, it's essential to grasp the policies and etiquette. While rules differ by location and provider, many train and bus services are skateboard-friendly.

Trains and buses can be handy for exploring new skate spots, but each network has its own approach to skateboards. Some cities permit them during specific hours or require storage in designated areas. Before bringing your deck, check with your local transit authority.

Remember, even if skateboards are allowed, respect fellow passengers. Securely hold your skateboard, keep it out of the way, and be ready to accommodate others. For safety, don't ride within the vehicle. By knowing the rules and showing consideration, you can seamlessly combine public transport with your skating passion. If any "limited liability release form" is required, ensure you have it signed before boarding.

Airline Policies: Know Before You Go

Embarking on a skateboard journey demands not just your deck, but also a grasp of airline rules. While flying with skateboards has become more feasible, knowing each airline's policies is vital to ensure a smooth ride.

Begin by visiting the airline's official website. Seek out their guidelines on carrying skateboards – some treat them as regular items, while others have size limits requiring check-in. Note weight limits too, as exceeding them could lead to charges.

Electric skateboard owners should prioritize battery rules. Airlines often restrict lithium-ion batteries for safety. Verify your battery's watt-hour (Wh) rating against airline limits. When in doubt, contact customer service for clarity on skateboard policies.

Good Etiquette: Be a Respectful Skateboarder

Skateboarding goes beyond tricks – it's about building community and respect. This extends to how you handle your skateboard during air travel. Practicing etiquette ensures a smooth journey and reflects well on skateboarders as a whole.

As you move through airports, planes, and transportation, remember your skateboard represents your skater identity. Be mindful of space, holding it securely and making room for others. If you decide to bring it as a checked bag, ensure it's properly packed safely. These actions embody the consideration central to skate culture.

At security, treat your skateboard like any luggage. On the plane, stow it properly. Being polite and friendly showcases not just you, but the positivity of the skateboarding community.


Got questions about bringing your skateboard on a plane? We've got answers. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the skies with your deck in tow.

Can I bring my skateboard as a spirit's carry on move-on item?

Yes, many airlines allow skateboards as carry-on items. However, it's essential to check the specific size restrictions of the airline you're flying with. Some carriers may require you to check in your skateboard as a "checked bag" if it doesn't meet their criteria.

Can I travel with an electric skateboard?

Absolutely, but there are a few extra considerations. E-skateboards typically use lithium-ion batteries, which are subject to airline regulations due to their energy content. Make sure your battery's watt-hour (Wh) rating aligns with the airline's baggage limit and other policies. Also, remember to remove the battery and securely store it during your journey.

Can I skate through airport security?

While airport security may feel like an open skatepark, skateboarding through security checkpoints isn't permitted. Place your skateboard on the X-ray conveyor belt for inspection, just like any other item of luggage. If a manual check is required, cooperate with security personnel for a smooth process.

What if my skateboard doesn't fit in the overhead bin?

If you want to bring your skateboard on the plane and it doesn't fit in the overhead bin, it might need to be checked in. Some airlines have size restrictions and standard checked baggage fees. If your deck exceeds them, it could result in an excess baggage fee or having to leave it behind.

Can I skate at the airport while waiting for my flight?

Airports are bustling with activity, but skating within the terminal isn't recommended. It could be a safety hazard and may not be allowed by airport authorities. Instead, find a safe spot to sit and wait or take this time to catch up on the latest skateboarding videos.

By knowing the ins and outs of traveling with your skateboard, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience both in the air and on the ground. Remember, whether you're a seasoned skater or a newbie, these FAQs are here to help you cruise through your travel doubts.


As you've discovered, the world of traveling with your skateboard is full of twists, turns, and tricks. From navigating airline policies to mastering the art of packing, you're now equipped with the knowledge to make your skateboard a trusty travel companion.

Remember, just as you approach a new skate spot with excitement and determination, approach air travel with the same spirit. And always be prepared when bringing your skateboard on the plane.

Whether you're jetting off to explore international skate scenes or simply taking your deck on a local getaway, the key is preparation. Know the rules of the airlines you're flying with, especially regarding a checked bag, respect fellow passengers and airport staff, and handle your skateboard with care when placing it on the plane.

Just as you've honed your skills on the streets and at the skatepark, apply that same focus to your travel journey.

So, roll on, skaters! From the security check in counter and checkpoint to the plane cabin, and all the way to the baggage claim at your final destination, embrace the adventure of traveling with your skateboard on the plane. With the right mindset and a dash of savvy, your skateboard can soar through the skies, turning every airport into your own personal skatepark. Bon voyage and happy shredding!


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