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How To Enter A Skateboard Competition

You’re flying down the ramp at the X games – picking up speed as you shoot off the top of the ramp, spinning, twisting and whirling in the air. Time has stopped, it’s just you, your board, the open air, and the cheering crowd. Before you know it you’re hitting the concrete, you stick the landing, roll away like a boss, and the crowd goes wild! Just another killer event under your belt as a professional skater. Sound like a dream life? Maybe that dream isn’t so far away! One of the first steps you can make toward a lifetime career in skating is to enter a skateboarding competition. But how? Do you just sign up? Do you need sponsorships? A support staff? Groupies? Getting into competitive skating isn’t as tough as it sounds if you have a passion for the shred. Today we’re laying out exactly how to enroll yourself in skateboarding competitions – and maybe even win a few!
Perhaps this should go without saying, but if you want to compete, you’ve got to be willing to put in the time and effort. People love to go and watch skateboarding competitions because they’re entertaining. If you aren’t willing or able to skate in a way that’s visually interesting, try stepping up your game. Spend a few hours each week practicing new tricks or perfecting old ones with intention. Set up a few unique and challenging skate runs at your local park and run them until you can do it in your sleep. You don’t have to be Tony Hawk to compete, but you should be able to skate with confidence and land a few simple tricks. If you’re at a loss, try reading our article on five skateboarding tricks you can learn in one day! You’ll be rolling in no time.

Once you’ve solidified your skills, it’s time to head down to your local skate shop. While it would be sick to get discovered by Van’s pro tour, it's highly unlikely. But by being proactive in your community, you can increase your chances to see and be seen. Your local skateboard shop is a hub for all things skate, including competitions – they may even sponsor a few! Ask for info and requirements to enter. You may have to pay a small fee, but what're a few bucks for a shot at greatness?! Your local skate store will be the best resource for regional competitions.
Let’s not forget about the internet! Join local facebook groups for skateboarders and watch for announcements of skate competitions in your area. Ask people at your local skatepark if they know what’s up. Use your network!
Are you traveling sometime soon? Why not check out area skate stores around your destination and see if you can work a skate competition into your schedule! Destination competitions are a great way to build not only your confidence but your following. If you lay down some killer runs, people will want your name and social media handles, so be ready!

A word about your skate reputation: HAVE ONE. If you aren’t on social media, get on Instagram at the very least (follow us here for crazy sick shred pics!). Post photos and videos of yourself skating. Like and comment on other skaters you dig. Build out a presence so that when you go to competitions, people know who you are and want to follow you to see more awesome skating!
If you’re ready to level-up from local competitions, there are a few vetted amateur competitions out there from which to choose. Zumiez Best Foot Forward, Volcom’s Wild in the Park Series, and The Boardr Am Series are all killer touring skateboard competitions, but you don’t have to join the full tour or even be a sponsored skater to compete. You will have to pay to register (usually under $20), but you’ll get a professional skateboard competition experience, and you might even stand to win some prize money! Competitions like these are another great way to get noticed by companies looking to sponsor skaters. Keep snapping those pics at these competitions and putting them on Instagram – your following will grow and so will the opportunities! Check out the tour dates and locations. If there’s one near you, why not try it?

The most official amateur competitions are mostly pro competitions with a small amateur set available to a select few. And while you probably won’t be ready for these until you’re blowing up the local and touring events, it’s a great goal to set! The X Games and the Dew Tour regularly announce events for non-pros, and they clearly lay out your entrance requirements so that you don’t have to guess. Give them a careful read and set some goals for yourself for the coming months and years. You might be ready sooner than you think!
You're armed with all the knowledge you need to go out and compete for fame and glory. Don't waste another day - hit the streets to practice and hit the skate shop to register. And by all means, tag us @BoardBlazers so we can cheer you on!

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