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    Meepo MINI 5 Electric Mini Skateboard and Pennyboard
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    Meepo Mini 5 Electric Skateboard: Unleash Your Urban Adventure 🚀 Urban Thrills: Conquer the city streets in style with the Meepo Mini 5, design...

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    Original price $ 499.00 - Original price $ 739.00
    Original price $ 499.00 - Original price $ 739.00
    Original price $ 499.00
    $ 379.00 - $ 519.00
    $ 379.00 - $ 519.00
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Electric Penny Board


Alright, folks, let's paint a picture: You're gliding through the concrete jungle on an electric penny board, a sleek, pocket-sized powerhouse that's like the Tony Stark of skateboards.

It's got all the style and maneuverability of your classic penny board, but with a zesty electric twist. These little bad boys have turned mundane commutes into epic adventures.

So, what exactly is an electric penny board? Well, it's essentially your trusty board from back in the day, but with a futuristic upgrade that would make Marty McFly jealous.

We're talking about a deck with a built-in electric motor, capable of zipping you around town at speeds that'll have you grinning like the Cheshire Cat. And why is it all the rage, you ask?


Electric penny boards, or as we the kids like to call 'em, the "12/10 thrill machines," are the lovechild of old-school charm and futuristic tech wizardry. They've got the hub motors to give you a turbo boost whenever you fancy, and they come in more riding styles than you've got socks in your drawer.

But why pick an electric penny board over other electric skateboards and electric longboards? Ah, my friends, that's the million-dollar question we're here to answer. And trust me, there's a difference between how a penny board and how electric skateboards work.

So, hang on tight, because we're about to take a nimble ride through the history of these pint-sized speedsters, explore what makes them tick, and find out why they're the bee's knees for riders of all stripes. Get ready to charge up top speed on your day because things are about to get electrifying!

The Evolution of the Penny Board

Alright, hop in our time-traveling skateboard and set the dial to retro mode because it's time to talk about the evolution of riding style on the penny board! We're not just taking you on a trip down memory lane; we're rocketing back to the days when skateboards were simpler, and hairstyles were...well, let's not talk about those.

So, what's the deal with the evolution of these rad little planks? It's like going from black and white TV to 4K ultra-HD with Dolby surround sound, only on a skateboard.

We've witnessed the transition from traditional penny boards to their now, electric skateboard and electric shortboard counterparts, and boy, is it a story for the ages. Strap on your vintage helmet, because we're about to ride through the annals of electric skateboarding history in riding style.

Once upon a time, in a land without smartphones or TikTok dances, there were penny boards—small, nimble, and perfect for cruising the neighborhood. But these weren't just any boards; they were a symbol of freedom, a means of transportation, and a ticket to countless scraped knees and unforgettable memories.

But who could have guessed that these humble planks, once priced like a kid's pocket money, would one day get a jolt of electricity and turn into the high modern marvels we know today?

But wait, folks, don't hop back into your DeLorean just yet! Our journey through the history of the penny board is just the beginning. We've arrived at a crossroads where tradition meets innovation.

Now, it's time to answer the burning question: "Why Choose an Electric Penny Board?" So, tighten your helmet and adjust your flux capacitor because we're about to dive into the electrifying world of these modern-day wonders.

Why Choose a Electric Penny Board?

Alright, now that we've teased you with the awesome idea of a reliable electric penny board, it's time to answer the million-dollar question: Why should you choose one? Well, hold onto your helmets because we're about to break down the top reasons.


Picture this: You're late for class or a meeting, and you need to cover a short distance pronto. Lugging around a full-sized skateboard or a clunky e-scooter isn't exactly convenient. Enter the electric penny board, small enough to fit in a backpack, and nimble enough to zip through crowds. Say goodbye to the hassle of parking or finding a spot to lock up your agile ride.

Speed and Agility

You might think that bigger is better when it comes to electric skateboards, but that's not always the case. Electric penny boards might be small, but they're quick, light, and nimble. Don't be surprised when you leave your friends on bulky powerful board in the dust during your next race.

Perfect for Short Commutes

Short commutes, quick errands, or just a joyride around the block – electric penny boards are tailor-made for these scenarios. No more waiting for public transportation or paying for gas. Hop on your electric penny board, and you're good to go, anytime and anywhere.

Key Features to Look for in an Electric Penny Board

Now that we've convinced you of the wonders of electric penny boards, it's time to go shopping. But before you do, let's talk about the key features you should be on the lookout for.

Battery Life and Range

Picture this: You're zipping through the city streets, wind in your hair, and an electric penny board humming beneath your feet. Life is good. But suddenly, the dreaded low battery warning blinks like a neon sign on your board. Panic mode engaged. That's the point where battery life and range come into play.

You see, not all electric penny boards are created equal when it comes to staying juiced up. Some can go the distance, while others fizzle out faster than a sparkler on the Fourth of July. It's essential to consider how far you can really go on a single charge because nobody wants to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, pushing their board like it's a Flintstone mobile.

Motor Power

Now, let's talk about the motor—the heart and soul of your electric penny board. Sure, these boards may be small, but that doesn't mean they can't pack a punch. The motor's power is like the secret sauce that takes you from ho-hum to "hold on tight!" So, while size doesn't always matter (we're looking at you, pint-sized boards), power certainly does.

You want a quality motor that can tackle hills like it's conquering a mountain, accelerate with the force of a thousand cheetahs (okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea), and keep a consistent speed that makes you feel like you're riding on an electric cloud. We'll help you decode the details of the motor and performance specs, so you'll know your board's got the muscle to take you places.

Wheel Quality and Ride Comfort

Picture this: You're on a romantic moonlit ride through the park with your electric penny board. It's a match made in heaven. But suddenly, you hit a rough patch of terrain, and it feels like you're riding over a bag of marbles. Romance, over. That's where wheel quality and ride comfort swoop in to save the day.

The wheels on your electric penny board go round and round, but not all wheels are created equal. Some are built to glide over rough terrain with the grace of a ballet dancer, while others will have you feeling like you're doing the Harlem Shake on wheels. We'll help you decipher the wheel specs and ensure your rides are always as smooth as silk.

Durability and Build Quality

You're not just buying an amazing ride; you're investing money in a high-performance companion for your urban adventures. Your electric penny board will be your partner-in-crime as you weave through city streets, dodge traffic, and embrace the hustle and bustle. But, my friend, the concrete jungle can be a harsh mistress, and not all boards are built to withstand the weight of her relentless demands.

That's one example of why you need to pay close attention to durability and quality. You want a board that's tough as nails, ready to take a beating (figuratively, of course) and still come out looking fly.

We'll help you separate the sturdy stallions from the delicate daisies, ensuring your board can handle the daily grind (literally) without breaking a sweat. Because who needs a delicate daisy when you can have a rugged, dependable steed equipped with glass fiber for your urban adventures?

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of what makes an electric penny board tick, it's time to ensure you stay in one piece while riding the electrifying wave. So, put on your safety gear and strap in because we're about to drop some essential "Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Penny Board" that will have you navigating the concrete jungle like a pro.

Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Penny Board

Safety first, folks! Since electric hub motors and penny boards are zippier and more agile, we've got some essential safety tips to keep you out of the emergency room, such as wearing protective gear like helmets, knee pads, and wrist guards to minimize the risk of injury.

Gear Up Like a Sci-Fi Hero

No, seriously, we're not kidding. Think of yourself as Tony Stark suiting up in Iron Man armor. Get yourself a proper helmet, elbow and knee pads, and gloves. You might not have superpowers, but looking the part is half the fun.

Buddy System – It's Not Just for Kindergartners

You might be a lone wolf, but when you're riding an electric penny board, consider having a buddy or two along for the ride. It's like your very own mini superhero team-up. Plus, if something goes wrong, you'll have witnesses to confirm your epic beginner skateboard tricks!

Don't Go Full Throttle on Day One

We get it; the need for top speeds, especially in the world of electric skateboarding, is real. But here's the deal: mastering electric penny boards isn't a walk (or ride) in the park. Start slow, get a grip on those controls, and then, only then, crank it up to warp speed. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your electric skateboarding prowess.

Mind the Pavement, Grasshopper

It's tempting to tackle every terrain like a pro, but stick to smooth, paved surfaces until you've mastered the art of balancing your weight on this mini-rocket. Grass, gravel, and uneven terrain are your kryptonite until further notice.

Dodge Those Potholes Like a Pro Dodgeball Player

Potholes, rocks, and cracks in the pavement aren't just nuisances; they're potential disaster zones for your precious bones. Keep your eyes peeled and your reflexes sharp. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge – just like the pros in dodgeball!

Charge Up Your Ride (and Yourself)

Ensure your electric penny board's battery is juiced up before you set off on your adventures. Running out of power mid-ride is like a superhero losing their superpowers at a good amount distance from the finish line. No one wants that.

Mind the Pedestrians and Traffic Lights

Now, I hate to burst your bubble, but you're not the traffic conductor of destiny. So, instead of attempting a one-person parade, let's give pedestrians the red carpet treatment they deserve and follow those traffic lights like they're the latest celebrity fashion trend. Remember, being a traffic rule-abiding superstar is the real ticket to fame in this city!

Keep Your Cool Under Pressure

When the wind's in your hair, and the road is your canvas, it's easy to get carried away. But remember, showboating like a rock star can lead to wipeouts like a rock-bottom concert. Keep your cool and save the stunts for when you're truly ready.

Now that we've armed you with the wisdom to conquer the concrete jungle safely, let's transition from our superhero safety mode to the red carpet of electric penny boarding. Yes, it's time to explore the glamorous world of "Popular Brands and Models."

Popular Brands and Models

It's time for the juicy bit – the rundown of the brands in the electric penny board market. These aren't your grandma's skateboards; these are the top dogs, the cream of the crop, the "if Batman were a skater, this is what he'd ride" kind of boards.

Buckle up (or maybe strap on a helmet for safety, we won't judge), because we're about to introduce you to the rock stars of electric skateboarding and penny boarding!

  1. Penny Skateboards

    • Original Penny 22": The OG of plastic skateboard brands with all the features to make you swoon. It's like the iPhone 4 of skateboards – small, sleek, and everyone had one at some point. Perfect for those who like to zip around town pretending they're in a 90s music video.

    • Penny Nickel 27": Think of it as the "big brother" who ate a bit too much during the holidays. More foot space, more stability, and more room for those funky dance moves.

    • Penny Electric Longboard 36": The limousine of Penny boards. Why walk the red carpet when you can glide?

  2. Ridge Skateboards

    • Ridge 22" Mini Cruiser: The "I'm not a Penny, but I'm just as cool" board. It's like wearing off-brand sneakers that still look and feel great.

    • Ridge Big Brother 27": Because sometimes, size does matter. Especially when you want that extra wiggle room.

  3. Skatro

    • Skatro Mini Cruiser: This board's got the "Skatro Flexy Technology," which sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. It's all about that bend and snap!

  4. D Street

    • D Street Polyprop Cruiser: If Penny boards went to college, earned a degree, and wore glasses for fun, they'd be D Street. They've got all the "features" of a smart, sleek, and always up-for-a-good-time skateboard.

  5. Playshion

    • Playshion Mini Cruiser 22": The board that screams, "I'm here for a good time, not a long time." Perfect for kids, teens, and adults who refuse to grow up.

  6. Retrospec

    • Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5" & 27": The hipster of skateboards. Probably listens to vinyl records and drinks oat milk lattes. But hey, it rides smooth, so who's judging?

  7. Dinghy by Landyachtz

    • Not plastic, but wood. It's like swapping your regular latte for an almond milk one. Different, but oh-so-delicious.

  8. Cal 7 Mini Cruiser

    • The board that's always up for a party, features funky designs, making it the disco ball of skateboards.

  9. MoBoard

    • MoBoard Classic 22": Mo' colors, mo' fun! It's the board that says, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

  10. Sunset Skateboards

  • The rave party on wheels. Decked out with best penny accessories – including LED light-up wheel accessories – it's all about that glow-up. Perfect for those who believe life's too short to be dull and too fabulous not to accessorize!


Well, well, well, folks, it's time to wrap up our mini whirlwind tour of the whole electric skateboards penny board universe. Let's take a moment to bask in the glory of these pocket-sized wonders. They're not just skateboards; they're the James Bond of personal preference of transportation – stylish, sleek, and always up for an adventure. And let's not forget those stealthy hub motors, giving you that silent yet powerful boost, just like Bond's secret gadgets.

Whether you're an electric skateboards aficionado, looking to add a dash of pizzazz to your riding style, or a greenhorn itching to carve your own electrifying path, electric penny boards have got the practical for you. It's like riding the lightning, but without the hair-raising speeds and risks.

So, what's the holdup? Grab one of these awesome electrifying gadgets, hit the pavement, and dive headfirst into the future of cruising. With every twist and turn, you'll uncover a world of excitement, and you'll quickly realize that electric penny boards are the secret sauce for those who refuse to settle for the mundane. Time to embark on your own electrifying journey, one cheeky mile at a time! Happy riding aficionados!

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