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10 Best Skateboarding Apps

If you’re a skater, you’ve probably got a smartphone, and the typical apps installed: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat… all the usual apps for skating are great. But to get the very most out of each skate session, we’re bringing you the best ten skateboarding apps you’ve never heard of! From games to tracking apps, to education to skate spot locators, it’s all here! All of these apps are available for both apple and android devices; some are free, and others charge a minimal fee. Let’s get going!


First things first – you’ve got to know where you’re headed to shred. Everyone has their favorite spots, but this app uses crowdsourcing to share the skate knowledge with everyone! As a user, you can view and add geo-tagged skating locations – everything from skate parks to a rad curb you love can be shared with all of the apps users. Skatespots is super helpful especially when you’re traveling, or have moved to a new place. Instant skater knowledge at your fingertips! For best results, use the map feature to zoom in to your desired area, hit “reload” and watch the locations populate in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to add your favorite spots to the app so that other users can find and enjoy them too!


Shreddit: Skateboarding

Another way to find a sick skate locale is to use Shreddit, the skaters' version of Facebook. While it’s not as intuitive when it comes to locating potential skate spots (if that’s your only use for an app, go with Skatespots), but it gets the job done. Plus it’s a killer online gathering community for all things skateboarding. You can follow skater friends and celebrities, plus watch skateboarding tutorials and lessons if you’re trying to master that next trick. This app covers a board spectrum of needs for every skateboarder, plus it’s just fun to hang with your online crew.

Riders Skateboarding

If you’re looking to learn or perfect you trick skateboarding game, this is a must-have app. Covering a broad swath of extreme sports (skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, etc.), make sure you download the app specifically for skateboarding when you’re getting started. You’ll be able to view instructional narrated video lessons, watch user clips of others performing the trick, and eventually upload your video once you have something to share. And if you’re new to skate speak, hit up the dictionary function – it’ll keep you up to date on all the must-know lingo, bro.

Skatematic Skateboard Videos

While we’re on the subject of videos, check out this app that has anything and everything related to skateboarding in video format. It lets you watch any of the videos from You’ll never again be without your inspiration from Thrasher, Transworld, Huf, and many more! It’s like Hellaclips in app form; unlimited access to any skateboarding video at any time. Sick.



With Electric skateboarding quickly growing in popularity, the Ride app has burst onto the scene at the perfect time. Allowing you to connect your Eskateboard to your mobile device wirelessly, you can now track you ride! Taking down every detail from route to speed, Ride will give you all the data you could ever need and more. You can share your rides with other users and track your progress over time. It’s an incredible tool for growth in the sport, but also fun when you just want to kick it and fly down the pavement.

Skate Dice

If trick skating is more your jam, enter SkateDice. The four spinners (think slot machine style) will randomly select tricks for you to perform. If you think you’ve mastered it all – think again! SkateDice will keep you on your toes with new trick combos as often as you tap your finger. The four spinners represent stance, frontside/backside, spin, and kickflip/heelflip. Each combo of four is challenging and fun to attempt. If you’re looking for a rad Saturday at the skatepark, look no further! And if you’re into the game of S.K.A.T.E., adding this to your game would be…a game changer (see what we did there?)! Try rolling different combos and see who gets to S.K.A.T.E. first!


Often people assume that you need expensive and complicated software to edit photos and videos – not true! Quick is an example of an easy to learn, easy to use, and low-cost video editor that no skater should be without. It can take raw GoPro footage and turn it into professional looking content in minutes. If you want to level up your Instagram or YouTube game, you NEED this. While it might not have every single option that the expensive software would, it does have all the tools you need to make your vids look rad, and you can do it all from your mobile device!


Similar to Quik, Colorstory is like photoshop light for your mobile phone. The worst picture can come out looking magazine-quality in seconds. All of the standard photo editing features are here and more. The one-touch curve editor alone is outstanding. Plus it comes preloaded with piles of amazing filters, and the ability to choose their intensity. Ever sat on Instagram trying to make your shot look sick and thought of a tool you’d love to have? It’s in this app, we promise. No pro photography skills needed – snap a pick, and a few clicks later it’s looking like skateboarding gold.

Skate Nerd

So you're into gaming? While this app won’t have you digitally skateboarding in dream locations (but keep reading, we’ve got you covered there!), you will grow your nerd quotient for skate knowledge! Like the Jeopardy of skateboarding, this app has trivia from the entirety of skateboard history. If you’re new to the sport and looking to learn, or an old pro who thinks he knows it all, try it out and test your skills. How many levels can you master?


Touchgrind Skate 2

We have to have a mobile skateboarding game, and this is far and away the very best. The game is fingerboard based, and you control the board by tapping and sliding your fingers across the screen. You can skate in a variety of dream locations and compete against yourself, the computer, and other users. And don’t worry about the hokey computer game music – you can play your own iTunes, Pandora station or Spotify playlist while you digitally shred.

While there are tons of apps for skateboarders out there, these are our top pics for quality and usefulness. We hope they take you to places you’ve never been and help you master the trick you’ve been after for ages. So what are you waiting for? Download an app and get out there!

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10 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks (featuring VLSkate!)

10 easy beginner skateboard tricks

If you've ever Googled "beginner skateboard tricks," you know how much garbage is out there. Articles that try and pass off a turn or a stop as a "beginner trick" are a dime a dozen, as are articles that claim kickflips or rail grinds are beginner-level. 

Enter Vilias Left, of VLSkate. Self-described as a skateboarder from Southern California, he makes an ongoing series of "how to" videos that all skaters could benefit from.

One of these awesome videos is his "10 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks" video, which hits the nail on the head--10 tricks that are easy to do, but look impressive, and make beginner skaters feel like they're progressing. (Which gives you the confidence to keep skating and get bolder!)

Without further ado, here, gif'd and essentially transcribed for your benefit, are these 10 easy skateboard tricks. Enjoy and skate!

1. Chinese Nollie

easy beginner skateboard trick chinese nollie

 To pull off the Chinese nollie, "all you have to do is give the board a little push forward to bounce the front wheel off a crack," says VLSkate. "This will cause the board to pop up off the ground." The best thing about this trick is that you just need to know how to do a little hop on the nose of your board to pull it off. "Just keep in mind," VLSkate adds, "that you're not hitting the nose on the ground--you're just barely lifting the back wheels up, and the rest is just staying on top of the board."

2. Biebelheimer

easy beginner skateboard trick biebelheimer

Next up--the biebelheimer. Not so much a trick as a cool way to get on your board, but it certainly is that! VLSkate explains it: "All you have to do is grab the board with the nose and your fingers on the opposite side. Then, turn the board around 180 degrees so that the grip tape would hit the ground--and the most important part is to make sure it's slightly angled when you throw it down. That causes the flip over."

How to practice? Stand still and practice getting the board to flip over. Also, to make this trick work, you don't need to scrape the tail on the ground.

3. Nollie Shove It

easy beginner skateboard trick nollie shove it

For the Nollie Shove It, "You barely have to put your foot on the nose, and you don't even have to pop it. All it takes is the smallest shot motion with your feet and the tiniest little hop. That's all you need." The gif makes it clear, and VLSkate also has a more in-depth explanation in his pop shove it video.

4. Boneless

easy beginner skateboard trick boneless

The boneless is also less about popping your board, and more about jumping off your foot. "All it really takes is setting your feet up in a position where your front foot can easily come off the side and onto the ground," says VLSkate. "You just leave your back foot on and grab with the hand, jump off your foot and jump back on the board."

5. Fakie Frontside 180

easy beginner skateboard trick fake frontside 180

Can you ride fakie? Can you pop your board? Then with the fakie frontside 180, "your momentum does the rest of the work." VL Skate describes the secrets; "Just pop, twist your body, and land back on the board. If you are having any trouble with the regular front-side 180 I would recommend this one instead."

6. Hippie Jump

easy beginner skateboard trick hippie jump

"[The hippie jump] is so easy, because all you need to know how to do is jump," VLSkate says. "The main important factors are that when you jump you don't accidentally press on the tail or the nose--and when you come down, don't land on the tail or the nose. Just stand above the bolts the entire time."

How to practice this one? "Just practice jumping a whole bunch. It can be scary, but the great thing is that you can start small and work your way up."

7. Rail Stand

easy beginner skateboard trick rail stand

For the rail stand, "All you have to do is set your feet up so your front foot will be pushing down the side in order to flip it over." It's kind of a four-step process:

  1. Give it enough pressure until it flips.
  2. When that happens, your back foot hangs on the back wheel, and as the board turns, you step over and on top of it.
  3. After that, you bring your front foot back and you're standing on your rail.
  4. Then, all it takes is a slight push forward, and you're right back on top of the board.

The best way to practice? "It's best to learn this trick while holding onto something, but it only takes a few times and you start getting the feeling of it," VLSkate says. 

8. Fakie Casper Flop

easy beginner skateboard trick fakie casper flop

This trick uses the same pressure mechanic in the rail stand, to flip the board over onto its back--and then you place your back foot on the tail and flip the board over. "It's a lot easier than it sounds," says VLSkate, "and all it really takes is practicing while standing still a few times. Just practice flipping the board over by pressing down and off to the side, and then practice flipping it back over with both your feet--then put both together and you have it." He adds, "It's kinda stupid, but I like it."

9. 180 No Comply

easy beginner skateboard trick 180 no comply

For the 180 no comply, "Just like with the boneless, you want the front foot to be in a location where it can easily step off the board, and your back foot should be slightly on the tail so that you can get some spin out of it. You just press down and scoop the tail around."

How to best practice? "You can practice standing still, and the same with the back foot scooping motion, and eventually just put them together and make sure that you jump back on the board."

10. Nose Pickup

easy beginner skateboard trick nose pickup

"If you master picking up your board the normal way and you even got the little fancy way where you kick it up with your foot, this is the opposite version of that," says VLSkate, adding that it can be done a lot quicker if you're cruising fast. "And it looks cool. While you're rolling, you situate your front foot onto the nose, and you pop straight down with your toes and reach down and grab the board."

How to practice? "There's not too much other than practicing popping the nose down. You just want to make sure you are not stopping down on the nose, because that's going to make the board fly up."


In VLSkate's opinion, these tricks "are the perfect combination of easy but stylish, and I think that it's important to stay motivated: you feel like you are improving. Progress is progress, and even the easy tricks can be added to make you a better overall skater." 

Loved these tricks? Go be friends with VLSkate on YouTube or Instagram.

And let us know which trick is your favorite. (I'm a fan of the Hippie Jump--Greg prefers Boneless.)

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How To Enter A Skateboard Competition

You’re flying down the ramp at the X games – picking up speed as you shoot off the top of the ramp, spinning, twisting and whirling in the air. Time has stopped, it’s just you, your board, the open air, and the cheering crowd. Before you know it you’re hitting the concrete, you stick the landing, roll away like a boss, and the crowd goes wild! Just another killer event under your belt as a professional skater. Sound like a dream life? Maybe that dream isn’t so far away! One of the first steps you can make toward a lifetime career in skating is to enter a skateboarding competition. But how? Do you just sign up? Do you need sponsorships? A support staff? Groupies? Getting into competitive skating isn’t as tough as it sounds if you have a passion for the shred. Today we’re laying out exactly how to enroll yourself in skateboarding competitions – and maybe even win a few!
Perhaps this should go without saying, but if you want to compete, you’ve got to be willing to put in the time and effort. People love to go and watch skateboarding competitions because they’re entertaining. If you aren’t willing or able to skate in a way that’s visually interesting, try stepping up your game. Spend a few hours each week practicing new tricks or perfecting old ones with intention. Set up a few unique and challenging skate runs at your local park and run them until you can do it in your sleep. You don’t have to be Tony Hawk to compete, but you should be able to skate with confidence and land a few simple tricks. If you’re at a loss, try reading our article on five skateboarding tricks you can learn in one day! You’ll be rolling in no time.

Once you’ve solidified your skills, it’s time to head down to your local skate shop. While it would be sick to get discovered by Van’s pro tour, it's highly unlikely. But by being proactive in your community, you can increase your chances to see and be seen. Your local skateboard shop is a hub for all things skate, including competitions – they may even sponsor a few! Ask for info and requirements to enter. You may have to pay a small fee, but what're a few bucks for a shot at greatness?! Your local skate store will be the best resource for regional competitions.
Let’s not forget about the internet! Join local facebook groups for skateboarders and watch for announcements of skate competitions in your area. Ask people at your local skatepark if they know what’s up. Use your network!
Are you traveling sometime soon? Why not check out area skate stores around your destination and see if you can work a skate competition into your schedule! Destination competitions are a great way to build not only your confidence but your following. If you lay down some killer runs, people will want your name and social media handles, so be ready!

A word about your skate reputation: HAVE ONE. If you aren’t on social media, get on Instagram at the very least (follow us here for crazy sick shred pics!). Post photos and videos of yourself skating. Like and comment on other skaters you dig. Build out a presence so that when you go to competitions, people know who you are and want to follow you to see more awesome skating!
If you’re ready to level-up from local competitions, there are a few vetted amateur competitions out there from which to choose. Zumiez Best Foot Forward, Volcom’s Wild in the Park Series, and The Boardr Am Series are all killer touring skateboard competitions, but you don’t have to join the full tour or even be a sponsored skater to compete. You will have to pay to register (usually under $20), but you’ll get a professional skateboard competition experience, and you might even stand to win some prize money! Competitions like these are another great way to get noticed by companies looking to sponsor skaters. Keep snapping those pics at these competitions and putting them on Instagram – your following will grow and so will the opportunities! Check out the tour dates and locations. If there’s one near you, why not try it?

The most official amateur competitions are mostly pro competitions with a small amateur set available to a select few. And while you probably won’t be ready for these until you’re blowing up the local and touring events, it’s a great goal to set! The X Games and the Dew Tour regularly announce events for non-pros, and they clearly lay out your entrance requirements so that you don’t have to guess. Give them a careful read and set some goals for yourself for the coming months and years. You might be ready sooner than you think!
You're armed with all the knowledge you need to go out and compete for fame and glory. Don't waste another day - hit the streets to practice and hit the skate shop to register. And by all means, tag us @BoardBlazers so we can cheer you on!

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Back to School Guide for Skaters

It’s that time again! The smell of freshly sharpened pencils is in the air, and the last vestiges of summer freedom are passing away - it’s Back To School Season! It’s easy to get stressed and stymied with back to school shopping, so we’re here today to help you check off your list from the comfort of your seat. This one-stop shop for skaters going back to school should have you prepped and ready to shred (and study)! We’ve compiled all of our favorite gear to set your skater up for schoolyard and classroom success. From safety gear to clothing, book covers and pencil cases to tech accessories – we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and check off your back to school shopping list one click at a time!

You can’t go to school without a way to carry your books AND your board! Two of our very favorite brands have killer backpacks that will not only tote your school books but your skateboard too. First up, our all-time favorite skate backpack, the Dakine Atlas. Man, this bag is such a workhorse! Known for quality, and sleek modern design, you straight can’t go wrong with this bag. With a little care, it could serve you for a few years – it’s built to last! But lately, we’ve been rather taken with this second option, the Vans Jetter Carry All. The pop of red and the slightly larger size have us rethinking our backpack loyalties. Either of these bags is an excellent choice and will serve your skater well!

Skateboarding is crazy fun, but you've got to be prepared with the correct safety gear. If your student is skating to school (can't decide if they’re ready? We can help!), you're going to need something to keep that noggin safe! We always recommend the JBM Skateboard Helmet for its high customer satisfaction, availability of colors and styles, and long-term durability. It’s a classic look that will carry your skater through many years of school. Looks fresh, great investment, win-win! Similarly, a fly pair of knee pads (yes, they can be cool!) will keep those knees so fresh and so clean (clean). We’re digging the 187 Killer Pads. The white on black contrast is a statement maker. If you’re going to cover their knees, they might as well look sick doing it, and the 187s are a sure fire way to do it!

You can’t back to school shop without picking up some sick duds for your skater. And while we probably can’t save you from that dreaded (or maybe enjoyable?) trip to Target or Old Navy, we can help you out with a few items. Any skater who is anyone has a legit HUF hoodie, and this one is CLASSIC. Your skater will earn instant street cred with his crew when he sports this HUF box logo hoodie. Stay warm and look sick! And no skater should be without a pair of classic Thrasher skate socks. If you’ve got a skater in the house, then you’re probably already familiar with the mid-calf socks so iconic to the sport. But if you haven’t yet done so, spring for at least a two pack of the real deal. Thrasher socks are indispensable style statements in the skating world. Give your skater a leg up with his crew for under $20. You'll be glad you did.

Got a skater with a smartphone? Skip the overtly “skateboardy” phone covers and go for this understated phone case made of recycled skate decks. Each one is unique, and while it can’t keep your student from texting in class, it will keep him on the edge of style!

Now, what would a Back To School guide be without school supplies? Look no further, folks! First up we have this ultra-rad set of 2 pocket folders. With many schools now requiring you to purchase your own classroom supplies, keep your shredder stocked in skateboard style with TEN 2 pocket folders for each subject. You can’t be over prepared! Need composition notebooks? Why settle for the old black and white marbled pattern, when you could have black on blue skater silhouettes! Most classes will require a notebook or journal of some kind, and these will set your skater apart. With 100 pages of lined paper, students can fill the pages with brain food, while still repping their love of the shred. Have a kiddo who is tough on the textbooks? Keep their school gear in mint condition with The Original Book Sox in skateboard motif! These stretchy nylon book covers will expand to fit textbooks of nearly any size, keeping them from bumps and bruises and they travel from locker to classroom to home and back again. And for even further customization of school supplies, we recommend this 100 pack of skateboard stickers. They aren’t just for boards! Your student can customize their supplies with these rad stickers, covering their notebooks, binders, pencil cases – you name it!


Speaking of pencils and cases, here are a few that we dig! The Inkology pencil pouch will fit snugly inside a three-ring binder and keep all those writing implements corralled... until they disappear as they always do. If your skater isn’t much for binders, the navy blue BHRETI pencil case stows easily inside a backpack. With a slim design and a sweet skateboarding patch attached, it’s sure to please. Preempt the running-out-of-eraser problem by picking up a few of these super fun two-pack of rubber skateboard erasers. They’ll never peeve their teacher by scratching out an answer when they should have erased, and they’ll enjoy erasing that much more when they’re reminded of their favorite pastime. And how cool is this design? These little skateboard erasers actually roll! 


All work and no play makes Johnny a dull (and miserable) boy. While you’re grabbing school supplies, why not nab a few small things to keep the summer fun alive while taking those needed study breaks? For lunchtime at school or a homework break, The People’s Republic fingerboard will let them enjoy skateboarding, but with no need for the full sized board! Mastering the art of the skate fingerboard will entertain for hours and remind them of their love of the real deal. Once the sun has set, and the homework is packed away for the night, head out for a fun shred session with a new set of Board Blazers! These LED underglow lights attach easily to the underside of your skate deck and provide hours of skateboarding fun in style and safety. Keep their shred sessions LIT with board Blazers!

But what if it’s time for a new board entirely? A new set of wheels doesn’t just mean a car, you know! If you’re looking for a new all-inclusive skateboard package, the Minority 32 inch maple board is a great option. With sick deck artwork and a solid setup, your skater will be glad to have this in his arsenal. Want to help your skater branch out? Consider a Penny Board! These short boards (a solid 10+ inches shorter than a standard board) are entirely acrylic, come in WILD colors, and will give your skater something new to master! Shortboards are easier to tote and will make certain tricks and flips easier to accomplish. At a super accessible price point, a Penny board will give your skater a new challenge. If shortboards aren’t their style, consider a longboard! This Ten Toes Bamboo Longboard will introduce them to the wide world of longboarding. Cruising, dancing, downhill, the forms of longboarding are endless and will provide your skater with access to an entirely new sector of the sport. Longboards are also ideal for commuting since skaters don’t have to pump their feet as often to maintain speed. For extra points and portability, consider investing in a Board Up Foldable Longboard! It folds in half when not in use and will easily slip into a backpack or locker. If you have a student who plans on skating to school, this will make a killer surprise!

Back to school doesn’t have to be stressful for you and lame for your student. This skate gear will remind them that while school feels long, they can head home to their favorite hobby as soon as that last bell rings. Now go out, complete your school supply shopping and get back home to those last summer shred sessions!

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Skateboarding to School

You’ve seen plenty of kids biking and walking to school, so why not skateboard? Alternative forms of transportation are great for the environment, and they get the heart pumping! But before you ditch the car or the bus, there are a few things to consider. Is your child ready to ride all the way to school? This question is especially fraught if your kiddo’s commute to the classroom is solo. Allowing your child to go anywhere unsupervised is an enormous decision, and deeply personal. But today we hope to help ease that decision-making burden and shed some light on how to tell if and when your child is ready to ride their skateboard to school and potentially alone. As is always the case with matters of safety, we urge you to listen to your gut and use common sense to make the safest decision for your family. Now let’s jump right in…

Skateboarding to school brings many advantages over biking. One of the largest is that the opportunity for theft diminishes significantly since your child can likely bring his or her board into their classroom or store the board in their locker. On the whole, bikes are far more likely to be stolen than skateboards, so choosing to opt for the board better protects your investment! Not just a sound investment, skateboards can also increase your student's style amongst their peers (all the cool kids are doing it, mom!), especially when their board is outfitted with the sickest accessories! And ultimately, concerning safety, many parents prefer skateboards to bikes for school transportation since bikes are relegated to the street, and skateboards are better for the sidewalks. This increases the distance from car traffic to your child, making them inherently safer.

And while we are all thrilled about skateboarding being safer, there are still many factors to consider when deciding on a commute. How can you know when a child is ready to use a board to commute to school? If the child is traveling with you, your main concerns will be the child listening to you, and whether the child is physically capable of pushing the board all the way to and from school while wearing his or her backpack. Try taking a few practice walks together. Does your kiddo quickly tire of the board and ask to walk or be carried? Do they listen when you ask them to stop or slow down? A child who is ready to board to school should enjoy longer jaunts on their skateboard and listen attentively when they are given instructions, particularly when car and pedestrian traffic is involved.

But what about determining when your child is ready to commute to school alone? As we mentioned, this is highly personal, and this article isn’t meant to be prescriptive. But we will offer you a few strategies to help your family make the best decision. First, you should be sure that your child knows the necessary traffic and safety rules. Looking both ways before you cross the street is a great start, but traffic safety is much more complicated. Your child should be well versed in the standard hand signals (turning left, turning right, stopping, slowing down, etc.) as well as knowledge of traffic patterns. Skaters should always ride with traffic – never against it! Anyone who walks or rides on a heavily trafficked street should also have respect for vehicle traffic and always assume a vehicle will not be looking for them on the sidewalk. A child who is cavalier about car traffic is not ready for this freedom.

You will also want to determine the best and safest route for your child to travel while commuting. Just because the route is shortest does not make it the best. When choosing their route you should consider the following:

  • How many times will your child cross a minor or major street? 
  • How heavily trafficked are the streets along the route? 
  • Are crossing guards are available?
  • Is the sidewalk wide enough and in decent condition?
  • What is the total distance your child will travel?
  • Should your child become hurt or afraid, are there ample resources around for help?

Finally, you will want to asses your child’s personal level of responsibility. This is inherently hard to quantify, but when your child travels alone, he or she should have a healthy respect for and skepticism of unknown people and situations. You may want to use the following questions as a guideline for determining responsibility and safety readiness (often called the Test of Twelve):

1. Does your child know how to honor his feelings? If someone makes him uncomfortable, that's an important signal.
2. Are you as the parent strong enough to hear about any experience your child has had, no matter how unpleasant?
3. Does your child know it's okay to rebuff and defy adults?
4. Does your child know it's okay to be assertive?
5. Does your child know how to ask for assistance or help?
6. Does your child know how to choose who to ask? For example, he should look for a woman with children to help him.
7. Does your child know how to describe his peril?
8. Does your child know it's okay to strike, even to injure, someone if he believes he is in danger, and that you'll support any action he takes as a result of feeling uncomfortable or afraid?
9. Does your child know it's okay to make noise, to scream, to yell, to run?
10. Does your child know that if someone ever tries to force him to go somewhere, what he yells should include, ''This is not my father''? Onlookers seeing a child yell or even struggle are likely to assume the adult is a parent.
11. Does your child know that if someone says, ''Don't yell,'' the thing to do is yell? The corollary is if someone says, ''Don't tell,'' the thing to do is tell.
12. Does your child know to fully resist ever going anywhere out of public view with someone he doesn't know, and particularly to resist going anywhere with someone who tries to persuade him?

While these are decidedly unpleasant things to dwell upon, they are essential qualities to assess. While your child will hopefully not encounter anything sinister on their commute, readiness is necessary in case the situation ever arises.

Whenever you determine that your child is capable of commuting to school solo, we always recommend a cell phone, if only for emergencies. If you live close to your child’s school in a heavily residential area, you may be able to send them to school solo at a younger age versus a dense urban area. Whatever the case, take the time to make an informed decision that fits your particular family.

Skateboarding to school brings incredible freedom and fun for your child! Suddenly meeting up with friends before or after school becomes more accessible. Commuting becomes less like a chore and something to actually look forward to. Whenever your child is ready, we can’t recommend it highly enough! If you find yourself needing recommendations for skate gear (think safety, moms and dads!) head over here for our very top picks!

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